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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Sharon asks…

How has the image of the female nude been represented in modern art?

This is for my art history class that specializes in modern art. It also asks, what were the specific artistic, historical, and theoretical contexts that influenced modern artists in their approaches to the subject matter?

New Niche Finder answers:

I haven’t taken Art History, so I can’t tell you much.
But be sure, no matter what, to include HUMANISM in your answer.

In the Renaissance, the focus of the artist shifted from an image of inhuman perfection (see older illustrations of Madonna and child in illuminated manuscripts and compare them to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa) to a more realistic, human approach. Humanists looked back to Hellenistic art for inspiration. You’ll notice that, over a period of time, the focus of art shifted from religious figures to common people, and that their figures became more realistic.

It was in this period that the image of the bare human body shifted from sinful to holy. (Artists took into consideration a verse in the Bible that stated that man was created in God’s image; thus, the human body is a work of perfection.)
No longer was nudity something to be hidden, but to be celebrated.

You might also note the change in the ‘ideal beauty’ of women. Over the course of time, the image of the ideal female face and figure was transformed. It shifted from very soft and refined to sharp and powerful, while still remaining feminine. This was highly inspired by the bust of Nefertiti discovered in the 20th Century.

As uncomfortable as it is to discuss, women and men alike are usually portrayed in artistic nudity without any body hair. If I remember correctly, this detail was developed- once again- in the Renaissance era. Artists and patrons alike saw body and pubic hair as a symbol of sexuality, so it was usually omitted to keep the image artistic and not erotic.

You might also want to look up a little bit of information on the Golden Ratio in the human body.

Overall, the image of the female nude has come to represent very human qualities and concepts; fertility, innocence (or lack thereof), temptation, celebration, etc.

I’ll just throw this out there: I really can’t stand it when people call artists perverts for studying the human figure. Welcome back to Elementary school, everyone.
Just because the Western world incorrectly portrays ‘nudity’ and ‘sexuality’ as synonymous, doesn’t make artists perverts.
Artists have a tendency to see the human figure as something totally different than what everyone else sees it as. It’s something beautiful and mystifying.
Michelangelo didn’t have a hard on while he was sculpting the most beautiful and symbolic work of modern art, you dipshits.

Linda asks…

Paul mentions a couple other letters to the Corinthians aside from 1 & 2 Cor. What if they were discovered?

The letters to the Corinthians mention and “earlier” letter and an “angry” letter. Scholars think the “angry” letter is probably the last few chapters of 2 Corinthians, but it might not be. No clue on the “earlier” one. So there is at least one, possibly two letters to the Corinthians from Paul that did not make it into the New Testament and were lost.

So….manuscript discoveries happen all the time. What if those letters were discovered? How would the church today deal with it?

New Niche Finder answers:

Chances are today! That they might be a fraud
or if they are true they might be declared frauds

it depends on who is selling and who is buying!

Did you watch that movie about the ARTIST who built and forged a fake painting and the buyers conspired together to inflate the price ?
Something like that.

Who knows the allegations that the 4 gospels are “altered” hence there are no originals, and the manuscript that makes this allegation is allegedly an original. Tibetan New Testament

Richard asks…

Is it illegal to use the beats of music and add your own words?

Is it illegal to use a song from a big artist, and use the instrumental version to make your own music? Can you add it on Myspace Music?

New Niche Finder answers:

The answer is IT”s LEGAL !!
Now Metallica can’t copyright the E chord all together, though Elecktra’s lawyer’s may try but they wont win that fight.
There is only so much sound a drummer can create from a simple “Charlie Watts” style drumset.
It’s not everyone who can afford to have a full percussion set like Neil Pert (Rush) , so it’s hard to sue on beat alone.
Many a reggae star has had their samples played and ripped off by more “popular” artists, and they rarely get credit. Sean Paul is notorious for digging around and discovering good samples from unknown Caribbean artists, but one should give him kudos for giving the artists cred, and a a but of royalties as well.

If you feel you must borrow a riff from a “mega band” it’s going to be more obvious than if you copy a riff from an “underground” band.
(Example: Copying the bridge riff from “One” can be easily recognized [or even played] by a 4th grader, but copying part of the bridge riff off an old Andy Powell/Turner classic or paralleling one of Mick Box’s jams would probably go un-noticed by most listener’s ears. Now those few Wishbone Ash and Uriah Heep fans may ask some questions, but if you tell them you had an OK from the original band and sent them a copy, then the issue would end peacefully.)

The key is “successful”. If you’re a local band playing local bars and small night clubs, then your chance of being harassed is greatly reduced. If you’re on tour with a regional act or small national tour (1000-3000 venues) then you’re best to take that song off your playlist.
Once you get signed, let your lawyer get the rights taken care of, and save that song for a later release.

For lyrics – the “Seven word rule” usually applies. If you re-use seven or eight words from another song, have the courtesy of giving thanks or kudos in your credits to the original writer. If the artist is still alive, just contact them and ask their permission, and offer to send them a copy of your final recording as a courtesy for their “inspiration”. I’ve have yet to have a single artist say “no” when using that approach.

If it’s a full cover song – do your homework and give the ORIGINAL writer credit (example “Just a Gigolo” should NOT be credited to David Lee Roth, as DLR mixed two songs” Julius Brammer;s “Just a Gigolo” with Roger Graham’s “I Ain’t Got Nobody”)

Now there are those of us with pride in our fellow recording artists — and we give credit where credit’s deserved. It may be giving props in the liner notes, it may be a personal request and a “thank you” letter attached to a copy of the recording, if the artist owns their own publishing rights, When I see them in person, I’ll buy them a drink (or two) and we’ll laugh about the recording and all is done. If I ever make any real money from recording , I’ll probably share it with those artists.
(we don’t record for money … We record because it’s FUN).

Unfortunately, there are those artists who think they can “pull one over” on pop listeners, as if all music fans are absolute idiots. We are all music aficionados of various genres, and we are quick to identify what’s sounds “similar” and what’s a blatant “ripoff”. What’s worse is when the (so-called) artist denies the blatant similarity – then legal steps in with their suite – their artistic perjury will kill their fanbase, and the rest is for lawyers to make money. My advise is to ADAPT but don’t blatantly plagiarize.

(Examples ….. Let’s see ….. Vanilla Ice rips off Deacon’s bassline from “Under Pressure”, Rick Astley rips off Madonna’s “borderline” music, I can mention coldplay, or that artist’s blatant sample of Thomas Dolby,the pop star P Diddy has made a career of ripping off basslines and sounds from other artists, I could give hundreds more examples)

Now – there are some musicians don’t own their own music (publishing rights), but the record company owns the publishing rights. So even if you have the artist’s permission to record the song/sample, some wealthy record company exec may hire a lawyer.
(Examples: watch out for the first 3 Springsteen albums – Steve Appell owns the publishing rights and Bruce can’t say anything about it, and watch out for the pre-1994 Twisted Sister recordings, the record company is deluded that the records are worth millions and wont share copyright, and Dee has no say so in the matter)

Now those victimized artists have some choices. Thomas Dolby did the nicest thing – “hey – you sampled my song there. It’s pretty cool. Could you be sure to give me some credit on that album ?” .
He asked only for recognition. That’s the most noble means to handle that.
Other artists ask for some “token” royalty, and tend to give all that money to a charity. That’s an equally noble jesture.
Some artists (especially old ones who are past their prime) will try to sue for full publishing rights to a song that the neophyte artist just picked up a single phrase. Now remember these are not

Daniel asks…

Is it reasonable to double major in engineering and digital arts?

I’m really strong in math and sciences, and it would definitely be a lot more useful to society for me to become an engineer. However, I’ve just discovered a passion for digital arts, whether it’s modeling something 3-D in Maya or filming, editing, and adding effects to a video. Would it be reasonable for me to double major? Would a major in engineering and a minor in digital arts be better? Would an engineering career even be helped by training in digital arts?

New Niche Finder answers:

A lot of people go on to do different careers then what they major in so you could major in engineering and ultimately end up as digital artist but the bottom line is to major in what you want to do and what you enjoy doing regardless of the benefit to society and you can always go back to school hope this helps :)

Joseph asks…

How do I draw an anime face from different angles?

I can draw anime/ manga faces from the front with a variety of expressions but I have a lot of trouble drawing them from birds eye view or from the bottom. Usually I get confused on where the chin’s position is and how to draw it from the bottom and i don’t get how the nose looks like from different vertical angles

Please help me, I know that there are a lot of talented artists.

New Niche Finder answers:

I know, I had the same problems three years ago and I still have trouble on it now. But I’m learning and getting better. Here are some useful cites, just keep practicing and good luck :)



If you want to learn more on drawing anime you should watch Mark Crilley’s tutorials on Youtube, if you’ve never seen it, because they’ve helped me throughtout the my last three years of drawing and it’s still helping me.

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