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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Ruth asks…

How do most Music Artists get discovered?

I was curious on how most music artist get discovered? If its Youtube could you mention other ways.

New Niche Finder answers:

Youtube is honestly not the greatest way of getting discovered. You have to put your music out there more than onto the internet. You have to basically shove it down peoples throats and get them to like it. Start a facebook page, put up posters, go to schools (easy publicity), and DO NOT STOP. The biggest mistake people make is forgetting or taking a break from their group/work. The only way to show people you are the real deal is to keep going.

Ken asks…

What are suggestions for a project with a forensic anthropologist as a mentor?

I got a forensic anthropologist as my mentor, however I need to find something that my mentor can help me improve in or a project that my mentor and I can work on together. For example, if a student wanted to become an artist, a project that the student could work is mastering oil painting with the help of her mentor. So technically, the canvas artwork is her project that she is constantly trying to perfect. What kind of projects like the above example can I do? Oh, and how can I explore this topic?

New Niche Finder answers:

Wow! Now this is cool. All I got to do was dig up Indian remains and try to identify age and possible cause of death, mostly by looking at teeth and bones.

But here are some ideas:

Forensic anthropological techniques can be used to assist in the recovery of remains, assess age, sex, stature, ancestry, and analyze trauma and disease. Forensic anthropologists frequently work in conjunction with forensic pathologists, odontologists, and homicide investigators to identify a decedent, discover evidence of trauma, and determine the postmortem interval. Though they typically lack the legal authority to declare the official cause of death, their opinions are taken into consideration by the medical examiner. They may also testify in court as expert witnesses.

I prefer the homicide choice myself. That and facial reconstruction with clay.

Good luck!

Robert asks…

Un-discovered artists?

I really want an original painting, the only way to get that is to spend hundreds on one piece or someone not yet “famous” I like the Victorian gothic style, but I just prefer it to be a Victorian styled one, or a just beautiful painting. Can anyone tell me of anyone that you think might spark my interest?

New Niche Finder answers:

Thousands and thousands of “unknown artists” to choose from.

David asks…

What order did you discover kpop artists?

I was just curious if there are some trends … I started off with Super Junior and was totally obsessed with them for the first month I liked kpop. Then B2ST, then SS501, then [MAJORLY] SHINee, and now Infinite. But it seems like a lot of people do the same? When I talk to other kpop fans, lots of them say that they started with SuJu or another SM artist.

The first few artists you loved and the most recent are the ones I’m most interested in, but you can definitely tell me more than that! Just please don’t list every single artist you know, only include the ones you genuinely love and care about.

New Niche Finder answers:

In order:
1: 2NE1 (because of their song: Fire, they played it a lot on a filipino show called Wowowee, and Sandara Park too! She’s popular in the philippines…yeah im a filipino lol)
2: 4Minute (because of their song Hot Issue [i saw them on Wowowee])
3: Super Junior (because of sorry sorry)
4. SHINee!! <3 (my friend reccommended them to me)
5: BEAST!! <3 (i watch a lot of kpop variety shows, that's how i discovered them)
6: MBLAQ!! <3 ( i watch Oh My School because Minho was in it, then i learned about MBLAQ and Joon's so funny there xD)

number 1-3: year 2010 (year i discovered about them)
number 4-6: year 2011

yeah~ im a new kpop fan. XD

Mark asks…

How does an artist get discovered?

What steps do you take to get your work in a gallery?
No shit genius. Obviously I have skill if I’m asking. Effin retard.

New Niche Finder answers:

You can get “discovered” more easily if you have a gallery on the web (like at deviantART.com). People can look at your art and “fave” it, and people looking in those people’s fave galleries might look at your picture and your gallery and fave another one of your artworks and so on. It’s mostly a matter of how many people see your stuff.
Now you might be talking about a museum art gallery. I’m not an expert on that, so here are some articles I hope you can find useful in your quest for acknowledgment:


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