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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

David asks…

World History Please Help Hurry!!!?

7. Which is the correct description of chasquis?
(Points : 3)
trained runners who carried news throughout the Inca Empire
colored strings used to keep records in the Inca Empire
clan groups used for taxation in the Inca Empire
summer dwellings used by the rulers of the Inca Empire

8. Which two events weakened the Inca Empire prior to the Spanish conquest?
(Points : 3)
civil war and disease

decline in trade and an uprising among neighboring people

a devastating earthquake and tidal wave

drought and famine

9. Which best describes the Renaissance? (Points : 3)
rebirth of interest in classical civilization, which led to enterprise and creativity in Europe
renewal of wars against Turks in the Holy Land to open trade with the East
creation of a new style of diplomacy that originated in Italy
reopening of the Silk Road to China

10. Which is the best explanation for why the Renaissance began in Italy?
(Points : 3)
Only Italian merchants were allowed access to China, where they discovered new ideas.

Italian artists were the first to break with the traditions of Greece and Rome.

Trade and conflict brought Byzantine and Muslim ideas to wealthy Italian city-states.

Italy was a unified and powerful country, where new ideas could take hold free of outside influence.

11. In which city did the Renaissance begin?
(Points : 3)




12. How did the Medici family influence the Renaissance?
(Points : 3)
They discovered ancient texts containing long-forgotten knowledge.

They supported the unification of all Italian states.

They reopened trade with India and China.

They were patrons of art and learning.

13. Baldassare Castiglione is remembered for which work?
(Points : 3)
The Book of the Courtier


The Divine Comedy

Birth of Venus

14. In The Prince, Machiavelli says: “It is safer to be feared than to be loved.” Which best describes what he means? (Points : 3)
Rulers will succeed only if they make their subjects feel frightened.
Rulers should constantly watch out for traitors.
Rulers should only treat their own people with kindness; all others should live in fear.
Rulers will have more success by demonstrating power rather than goodwill.

15. The ideas of the Renaissance spread from Italy to northern Europe. Which is the best explanation of why this happened?
(Points : 3)
Italian merchants traded with prosperous cities to the north.

Traders from the Byzantine Empire arrived in European cities.

Artists and thinkers fled Italy because of war and disease.

Italian armies conquered large areas of Europe.

16. Why is the printing press considered one of the world’s most significant inventions?
(Points : 3)
It increased trade between European cities.

It gave more people access to manuscripts.

It led to the Gutenberg Bible.

It spread knowledge and spurred literacy.

17. Name the Renaissance artist who covered the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with masterful frescoes of religious scenes.
(Points : 3)
Sandro Botticelli
Leonardo da Vinci

18. Which Renaissance artist produced detailed engravings that became famous throughout Europe?
(Points : 3)
Albrecht Dürer
Hans Holbein the Younger
El Greco
Jan van Eyck

19. Which masterful Renaissance artist was also a brilliant sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist, and philosopher who filled notebooks with backward writing?
(Points : 3)
Leonardo da Vinci
Sandro Botticelli

20. Elizabethan England is most famous for which art form?
(Points : 3)
epic poetry

New Niche Finder answers:

7. B)
8. A)
9. A)
10 c)
11. D)
12. D)
13. A)
14. D)
15. A)
16. C) (could probably be all of them though)
17. B)
18. A)
19. A)
20. C)

Hope these are right though not sure about number 14:)

Mary asks…

I need some FREE albums that i can get online?

Well i was seeing Breaking NYC on youtube and I noticed how he always has free albums by new artists and i want to know where i can get more.

So is there like a website that gives free album downloads from new artists?
im not asking for downloading illegal free albums but for albums that were put up by the artists as free just so they can be discovered or something like that..

so yeah…websites and straight download links would be helpful..

New Niche Finder answers:


Listen to Thrash.

William asks…

how can i get involved in the music industry without becoming a artist?

i dnt want 2 sing or rap just want to manage or maybe discover new talent and work with old ones! would love to bring old groups like h-town or even jodeci back!

New Niche Finder answers:


Daniel asks…

How can somebody become a manager in a recording studio?

I’d like to get involved with music either as a manager for music artists or some sort of job in a recording studio where i could travel alot and hear music and discover new talents but i have no knowledge of that kind of thing so someone who knows about it please tell me how u get into a recording studio, what colleges u would go to, etc…

New Niche Finder answers:

If you work for a recording studio in a managerial capacity, it is very unlikely that you would get the opportunity to travel at all. Studio work is very intensive and you can expect to put in consistently long hours, often for little reward. You will however get to hear new bands most of the time.

If you do wish to pursue the management thing, either in a studio setting or as a manager for artists, you can take various business courses to equip you with the appropriate knowledge. You could also intern with an established management company which would give you some great hands-on experience.

If you wish to enter the recording industry in studios specifically, then there are many colleges which offer recording courses. However, only a few are really worth taking and they are all expensive. So do your research carefully! It is *very* important that you go with a really reputable college or school because the industry can’t support huge amounts of new talent each year and therefore having some respectable and well-known “backup” on your resume will give you an edge.

There is a useful article about becoming a recording engineer here: http://www.highvoltagerecording.com/HVR/Article-003.htm

Hope this helps, and I wish you all the best with your future career. :-)

Thomas asks…

Ingnorance……RHH Collab(Mag-Num, Dane, & Scientist)?

Me and some of the other lyricist got together and made a collab. What do you think?

Dear Hip hop, I got, a couple questions
Like what’s happened to your essence
your message, it’s left us, in evanescence
no more lyrical lessons, I know we gotta spiritual connection
but you gon in habitual directions, of physical flexin’
it’s like you gotta have beef like delicatessens’
or keep watching how the next fella’s dressin’
gotta mimic it quick, all about the images you pick
the gimmicks and tricks, to cover for limited wit
I wonder if repentance exist for those sentences spit
it’s just, I attack a track, rap and abuse it
so how should I react, to plat plaques for snap music
these fools hit, mainstream, I’m wishin I could drown them in it
it’s all the same things, pissed caused the sounds diminished
everybody wanna claim king, but their crowns are rented
I know these muthafuckas can smell defeat, so my nouns are scented
real hip hop I’m proud to represent it, but I’m allowed resentment
for the dark cloud that torments it, ever since
B.I.G. was ready to die and then they actually capped him
Pun’s habits had him trapped in and Big L proved casualties happen,
back to when, Pac would wonder if he’d die tonight, try as I might
I can’t listen to these new artists blunders, they supply no insight
see hip hop’s alive, just brain dead, so let’s not rejoice
until we realize it takes more to be an artist than a hot chorus and a robot voice

Everyday I have to turn the radio down
Because no one knows how to flow now
Drugs, sex, and money is all they know now
Mainstream seems to have killed rap and buried it six feet
But in underground it’s blood flows and heart I feel it’s beat
I scream it’s still alive but no one listens they think it’s just snap music
To all the idiotic mainstream rappers God gave you a brain now use it
People don’t understand what rap is, it’s not about drugs and girls
Rappers aren’t thugs with jewels, this delusion of rap bugs my world
Rap’s main meaning was lyrics to help the brain for one’s learning
Now no one seems to care at all about real rap no one’s concerning
Now rap’s declining, with that contract to your soul your signing
Talking about grinding, platinum records seems to be blinding
The public’s mind and, now mainstream rap finally unwinding
People do not understand, this wasn’t always about gangs and guns
When this actually began, we actually had good rappers like Big Pun
Back before we had Cds, computers to make beats and MP3s
We actually had good emcees, producers and real rap on MTV
Now people just think that rappers want to make a million
And all the songs they make is music that only sounds appealing
Unlike real emcees that spill there soul, they’re making a killing
Ignorance floods rap listeners minds, the so called best is a villain
Killing rap not killing rhymes, but listen underground rap is healing

[The Scientist]
Dont judge a book by its cover,
open it up and its wonders you’ll discover
but there are those, who are too blinded to read
Its like the book is locked, and they have the key
You see they are either fascinated or displeased
by the projection of the first page out of literally infinity
Im gunna sit down and explain the book for those who are too scared to look
Lets start, by explaining the title hip hop
“Various life force flowin from brain to the heart
heart to the veins veins to power the arms
to hold the mic to express life on a stage”
If you are still following along lets turn to the first page
What you see is unfamiliar, kind of peculiar
an image of a man without a gun in his hand
no money in his pockets to buy his own land
yet he sticks to himself, who is a knowledgeful man,
loves rhymin because it eases the adrenal glands
his topics of choice are social and cultural disasters
whats his name you may ask? its a “concious rapper”
On the next page is a picture filled with darkness and rage
dont be afraid, he is just a brother livin on the streets
Seen close ones killed over colors since he was thirteen
Livin, an illegal life just to maintain
only thing keepin him sane is a paper and a pen
talent of makin audible pictures with trees and ink
to him, ears are the church hes just repentin his sins
he’s respected in the streets, and its all that matters
whats his name you may ask? its a “hardcore rapper”
I can go on for ages, like i said, theres literally infinity pages
so im gunna end off with a summarization of my thoughts
i cant believe what i see on MTV and BET
its children dressed up in dickies and new era caps
audience is blinded by the rented jewlery and cadillacs
wack raps makin platinum wax and thats a fact
it hurts me cuz the youth is the victim to this tragedy
force fed ignorant bullshit splittin apart my family
hip hop is supposed to be knowledge of the canopys
street teachers, teachin street philosophy
me magnum and great dane are here to spoil the fame

New Niche Finder answers:

A bit of my verse cut off at the end here it is:

“here to kill the negatism protrayed on the television
Breakin thru the imprisonment of the minds that are locked
exposing and killin the ignorance of hip hop”

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