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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Ken asks…

What song(s) and/or artist(s) have you discovered through Pandora?

As someone in his mid-40s begrudgingly moving toward old fartdom, it’s nice to find music that’s new to me–both new and old songs and artists. I think that may be the thing I appreciate most about Pandora: I find new musicians that I wouldn’t have found on the radio or through my equally unhip 40-year old friends.

Mathew Sweet’s “Morning Song” off “Kimi Ga Suki – Raifu” made me think of this question, but it’s just one of many songs I’ve found since listening.
Jon–I don’t mind finding new music. You should just say that it’s your band, though, instead of promoting it as if it wasn’t you. Good luck; I realize it’s a tough business.

New Niche Finder answers:

I discovered artists like “Beta To The Max” “Copy” “Bit Shifter” and “Anamanaguchi”. They’re AWESOME! Thanks Pandora!

George asks…

Visiting a museum may help an artist discover others visual values, not their own.?

true or false

New Niche Finder answers:

This is not such an easy question. You have to determine the purpose of the artist.

If you want to discover your own creative signature, it’s ok to skip art history untill after you find your style. The funny thing is that you will rediscover existing styles separately form other work. From this perspective all styles are bound to repeat themselves so there is no harm.

No if you were to dive in and absorb others styles, and then get caught up trying to do work in that manner, you will become self fulfilled but not commercially or historically unique.

The lucky part is that there is probably an infinite amount of variation, so lucky for us. There is no harm in a museum unless your weak willed.

False for strong minded artists
True for weak minded artists

Ruth asks…

Lancôme makeup artist question?

Does someone know bio/background of lancome artist Robert Cook?

New Niche Finder answers:

You can go here to look for more detail or research about him more. Http://www.lancome-usa.com/discover-makeup-artists-robert-cook/discover-makeup-artists-robert-cook,default,sc.html

Chris asks…

What sites do you use to discover new artists?

Right now I use DJ Booth. Any other recommendations for listening to independent artists please?

New Niche Finder answers:

Redtube has a subsection that tells that lists a bunch of performers. I jus go w/ dat

Lizzie asks…

What is an Artist?

Am i an artist?
Can i indeficate myself “creator”? is this same ?
Once i discover in galery in Chelsea a big(6×2.5 m) canvas with the dead rat on it.

New Niche Finder answers:

An artist is an individual who can express emotion and intellect into the physical world. Art is when something intangible is made perceptable by the senses.

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