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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Lizzie asks…

Are there any artists you consider yourself lucky to have discovered?

And how did you discover them?

Q2: Did anybody know AZ was dropping a new album?

New Niche Finder answers:

Wow actually a very interesting question

i thought i was lucky to have discovered binary star. I was actually on gamefaqs.com looking for help on Banjo Kazooie and there was a topic about misconceptions of rap for some reason, and there was this guy who posted a link to “honest expression”

binary star got me off of mainstream, so i guess thats good.

Q2) i dont really care, but no i didnt know

William asks…

How Many Musical “Phases” Have You Gone Through?

How old were you during each, and what were your favorite artists during each

Mine for example:

11: Mainstream phase (Dr. Dre, Eminem, Beanie Sigel, M.O.P., Mobb Deep)
12: Positive/conscious phase (KRS-One, E-Roc)
13: Underground/old school phase (Gangstarr, EPMD, OC, The Roots, Jedi Mind Tricks, 7L & Esoteric)
13-14: “Lyrical” phase (Aesop Rock, Jedi Mind Tricks, Swollen Members, Busdriver & Radioinactive)
14-16: Other music [Rock, Blues, Folk, World, Jazz] phase (Minutemen, Operation Ivy, John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Gary Davis, Keith Jarrett, Ali Farka Toure)
17-20: Re-discovering rap phase (Same favorites from 11-13 minus a few from the lyrical phase and plus new artists I wasn’t familiar with back then i.e. Brother Ali, Common Market, Cymarshall Law, Masta Ace)

Yours doesn’t need to be as detailed as mine if you don’t want

RHH2: Which artists that used to be your favorites do you hate now.
Mine: Aesop Rock

New Niche Finder answers:

I went through a lot of phases in my teens.

-Old School Phase: Age 8 and younger, I was listening to the music my older brother listened to which was everything from the very beginning of rap up until Run DMC, etc.

-Class Of 87-88-89: From ages 8-9, I fell in love with rap because of artists like KRS One, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, Gangstarr, NWA, etc. Rap was at another level, and it was funny because my brother hated the newer stuff, and I wasn’t crazy about the older stuff, but it eventually grew on both of us.

-Native Tongues Phase: From about ages 10-12, I started getting into ATCQ, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, etc.

-Hardcore Rap: My taste for hardcore/gangsta rap pretty much started at ages 13-15, and stuck with me for the rest of my life, which is why I love BCC, Wu Tang and DITC so much. They all had a distinct sound that really appealed to me. At the same time, the West Coast was sick with Cypress Hill, Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, etc. This was probably my favorite era of music. Originality was at an all time high, and each group could have easily had its own sub-genre, because it was all about bringing something new to the table back then. You couldn’t come out and sound like someone else. It just didn’t happen. There was a certain level of respect artists had for each other, and record labels were making money off of quality music so everyone was happy.

-Mainstream/Underground Phase: From ages 15-17, I listened to a lot of mainstream and underground which may seem weird, but I really started digging deeper back then for all types of music, while I appreciated almost everything that was getting radioplay. Mainstream wasn’t bad back then, and you could watch Yo! MTV Raps, Rap City, and The Box, and catch a Biggie video followed by an Artifacts video. Or a Tupac video followed by a Killarmy video. And the really really commercial artists were all pretty much one hit wonders so I didn’t even mind a catchy tune here and there as long as it was in small doses.

-From then on, I’ve listened to a healthy mixture of everything and I’m turning 29 this year. I haven’t really had many phases since then, but each year, I’ve gradually leaned more towards the underground. Also, a lot of my phases back then overlapped, but my phases were more clear back then than they have been over the last decade or so.

Helen asks…

Parents, when was the last time you *discovered* a new band or singer that you loved?

Almost everything new I listen to comes from stuff my teenager finds. I did find a band on my own this week, though, and I’m excited to add their stuff to my ipod! lol (The black keys)

how about you? and what is the band or artist?
A friend of mine got me hooked on mumford and sons a few months back, too. she loves them and it rubbed off on me. :)

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t discover music. That’s my husband’s forte. He spends all day in a truck driving, so he has plenty of time to play around with the radio, and he often downloads music to our iTunes account, and I listen. He found Midway State and the song Atlantic, which I love. But mostly, he finds alternative indie stuff from Quebec (I don’t know.. They produce weird music out there, lol). I like most of it actually.

Ken asks…

Tokio Hotel Family: You Know You’re A TH Fan When…?

I saw this on Facebook! It’s so funny and SO SO SO true! It sort of made feel warm inside b/c we all (the family) do and thing the same things pretty much xD

• You would not be like Les afghans on tour
• You know all the band members full names
• You know that Bill is in fact a guy, and a sexy one at that
• You don’t like it when someone says Bill’s a girl and or gay
• You Don’t like Leah Miller,katy Perry and Perez Hilton
• You know that Tom is not a pervert , he’s just Tom.
• You know that tom is 10 minutes older than bill
• You know who Saki is
• You know what “R,S,G” is without thinking
• If you hate it when people Photoshop “Twincest” pictures (under discussion)
• You don’t consider Tokio Hotel an “Emo” group
• You Randomly speak German
• You have the power to turn all conversations into Tokio Hotel subjects
• You know who Jumbie is
• You say “Danke Brauni” when the persons name is not Brauni
• You’re non fan friends get annoyed that you talk about them so much
• Its hard to choose your favorite band member
• You watch THTV every Wednesday
• Saying “sexy” is just to plain , you have to say “Sexy Hexy”
• You have seen Tom sing “Sweet home Alabama”
• If someone says “ Bill, Tom,Georg or Gustav” your thoughts immediately go to Tokio Hotel
• You think Gustav isn’t quiet, just thinking about life.
• When Gustav does talk, its amazing
• You know how the name “Tokio Hotel” was established
• You know that in German Tokyo is actually spelt with an “I”
• If you have been to a concert, it was the best moment in your life.
• you love Bill’s dancing no matter what people say.
• You know the Star Search story
• You know that every one in the band has amazing hair including Gustav’s hat
• Watching Tokio Hotel videos on YouTube is the best part of your day
• Its hard to Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t discover Tokio Hotel, in fact you don’t want to think about it
• You know that Tom has over 70 caps
• You love all of them unconditionally
• You know that Georg’s hair always has to be perfect
• You have a wall in your room dedicated to them
• You know that GEORG is not George
• You know it’s “Euhm…” and not “umm….”
• You now love everything German
• You know the twins cant cook but can make “sauce”
• You convert people to Tokio hotel-ism
• You randomly laugh when you think of the funny things the boys have said
• When you step out side you say “Vat beautiful wetha , nice nice nice” no matter what the weathers like
• You know all the lyrics in English and German
• You have cried or almost cried to a Tokio hotel song
• When watching “spring nicht” you beg bill not to jump
• You love male Tokio Hotel fans
• You defend Tokio hotel to no end from no life haters
• You’re totally convinced Tokio hotel is made up of some kind of gods
• You LOVE bill’s Goldene kamera speech
• The Tokio hotel sign is EVERYWERE thanks to you
• You got excited when you found out they named a tropical storm Gustav and now Bill
• You make Tokio Hotel references without noticing
• Everything is a Monsoon. Even if its only windy
• In the middle of conversations you zone out, then say a random Tokio Hotel fact
• You have thought about or have put David Hasselhoff on you’re iPod or MP3 just for Georg
• You have put or thought about putting Nena on you’re iPod or MP3 just for Bill
• You have put or thought about putting Sammy Deluxe on you’re iPod or MP3 just for Tom
• You have put or thought about putting Foo Fighters on you’re iPod or MP3 just for Gustav
• You almost, wanted to, or even cried when Tokio Hotel won “best new artist” at the VMA’s
• You can recognize Bill’s voice any were and in any language
•You follow the guy’s advice on food
• You have named something Georg, Tom, Bill or Gustav
• You find it annoying when interviewers ask the same questions.
• You have heard those questions so many times you could answer them the same way the guys would
• When they smile you can’t help but to smile too
• When you try and do homework you get side tracked with Tokio Hotel stuff
• You can differentiate between Georg & Tom’s voices when they sing.
• You believed Bill when he said that Super Mario was real
• You know that even though Tom cuts small slices of cake, he’s “the master of cutting”
• If you had to buy Georg toilette paper, it would be Charmin Extra Strong
• You know/wonder how they made the “Rette Mich” music video
• You know that Bill is allergic to apples and mosquito’s
• You never thought you would, but you disagreed with Bill when he said that Georg was ugly.
when TH’s new CD comes out
•Tom’s abs=Life
•You discovered a new artist that you think is awesome, thanks to their amazing taste in music
• Random people at school try to piss you off by saying Tokio Hotel sucks
• You have sleepovers just to watch Schrei live DVD, or listen to their music
• you add/accept facebook requests from TH fans all over the world.
• You’re jealous of the people that get to

New Niche Finder answers:

I love this list! It is so true! I always zone out and think of tokio hotel stuff then say, i just had a Tokhotbuz 😛
and my friends go what was it about and they pretent to care roflmao.
I got 3 people liking tokio hotel this year. But they all like tom lol :)

everything but the concert thing is true :)

Nancy asks…

do you know any record studios that accept sent in demos?

You may have seen my questions around before, asking for some cute, unique, 4 member, all girl band names, and we’re still looking at it. But in the mean time, we’re in the studio, making our demo CD’s. I guess you can say we’re recording for the heck of it. We don’t know any record studios that accept sent in demo’s. A lot of people say the companies go looking for new artists to sign with them. Please help us out by telling us what studios in your area (i.e: arista records, jive records, etc.) accept sent in demo’s. Also, another question. We have a myspace, and we’re thinking about talking to the companies over their myspace’s, since we know that’s how Sean Kingston, Sara Barellies, (I don’t know if her last name is right) etc. got discovered. They talked to people in those companies. We want to do that, but what should we say? Please help us out! Thank you so much for taking your time to answer these questions!

New Niche Finder answers:

Most of the time….the Artist (YOU) or the Band (YOU) has to go out and aggressively find the Record Labels.
You have to go on their sites and look for their

A&R AKA “Artist and Repitiore depts”
or “Artist Relations depts”. These are the depts of the Record Labels that accept Demo Submissions from
Artists and Bands.

1. You need to FINISH YOUR CD DEMO FIRST before you do anything else. You can’t approach the Record Labels without your CD Demo in your hands or they won’t talk to you.
You’ll be wasting yours and thier time…

2. You need to put together your “BIO KIT”…which is a Black and White 8″ X 11” Photo of your band, a 2 or 3 Page Biogprahy on your Band, your CD or DVD demo if you have one and put it all together in a Presentation Folder.
That is called your “BAND BIO KIT” . THAT is what Record Labels want to see & read when you send in your CD demos to them. Trust me on this, I’ve been submitting in my Solo CD demo kits into various local Record Labels in Los Angeles, Ca since middle of 2006.

3. Enter as many local Talent Contests right where you are in your town. THAT is how you are going to get discovered by people are Record Labels. Most Record Labels send “Talent Scouts” to all those Talent shows to find new Bands and new Artists. Then those Talent Scouts go back and tell the Record Labels what they saw at the shows….Talent Scouts are basically “SPIES” for Record Labels. They don’t have the power or authorty to sign bands or Artists to Record contracts, etc.

4. Get a cheap disposable Video Camera and film your Band during your Rehearsal and Recording Sessions in the Studios. And post it
www.youtube.com . THAT is also how you can get discovered too by Record Labels.

5. Here are some local Rehearsal and Record Label links in California to check out


I do think Beta Records in Hollywood, Ca is accepting CD Demo Submissions right now. But you have to go look on their site to be 100% sure. Go look & see first to make sure.
Email them and show them where your Myspace link is.
Also, make sure you have your MP3 songs on there too cause Record Labels DO want to hear your music first before anything else.

6 . Start looking for a Band Manager too because a Band Manager is the one who books the gigs & hunts for Record Labels for you.

7. Good luck

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