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Your Questions About How To Discover New Artists

Richard asks…

NO NO NO No!!!!!?

NOT A PRODUCER, not the one who controls EVERYTHING, just the one who picks the songs for shows!!

What is the name of the job where you can pick songs for shows, commercials, etc.? Like those people who look and discover new bands, or look on myspace(thats just an example) for new artists or just artists in general for music on television?

discovering and putting on shows, not writing or creating.

i would love to see a site where i could find information on this career, or how to work up to it!

New Niche Finder answers:

It has to be someone from sound or music department…

Here’s the link that might be helpful, it’s IMDB Glossary. Your guy should be listed there too ))


Michael asks…

Possible music careers?

I am very interested in music and I know that i want to do something with music when i get older but i don’t know what or how. I love singing and performing but I am not very good at writing music. I also love listening to new music and I always have an opinion on it. I really love discovering new music and new artists. So what do you think would be a good music career for me and how would I go about it?

New Niche Finder answers:

There are hundreds of options, really. I mean, if you are a good performer i doesn’t matter that you cant write songs as long as you can play the songs that are provided to you :D.
Of course there are other less musical-music careers like band managing or music critics but…well you know…they are not as “flashy” so it really just depends on what you want to do overall :). Hope this helped.

Carol asks…

How can I find more great new artist to add to my ipod?

I’ve recently discovered groups like owl city and I really like them is there a way for me to find more great artist Im mostly looking for artist that really arent on the radio but who are more or less independent or undreground

New Niche Finder answers:


its a great site were based on artists you listen to and have on your ipod, it recommends similar artist.
They have a bunch of very non mainstream artists. To get the full benefits of the site its best to create an account (free) and let it examine your itunes, then you’ll get a whole bunch of recommended artists.

Sandra asks…

NRHH: How are you today?

I just got four violations all from chris soul hackers questions

BQ: Have you discovered any new artist lately?

If so post a song your getting in to
@Common Ice Cube, I didnt say anything really…..one of the questions he asked was to rate the persons avatar above you out of 10 I just said 10/10

@Chris M paul


New Niche Finder answers:

Sorry bud. I’ve been ok, nothing new.

BQ: Not really. I’ve been sticking to my roots.

Also, I’d like to say that your avatar is amazing haha.

Laura asks…

How come the New York Times tries so hard to be pro African American and culturally black?

Example: picture of doctor in an office or child in any charity event must include a black person. Another example: some how the Times discovers a new black artist that some how is the new “sensation” of the clubs of Senegal! Really? Why try so hard to be cultural? Another ex. any minority comits a crime and we all know he is guilty, but The Times refers to the thug as “Mr” lol. What a joke. I have nothing against blacks or any race, but I tend to notice trends easily.
Nonia, how can you not notice. It’s so obvious I just hate the fact that they try do hard. I mean the nightclub sensation in Africa. Really? It’s just funny. It’s how liberal thinks. I just find it really funny.
Ice Cream Man, AKA Captain Obvious thanks for the funny comment. My point is why no one points this out to the Times. Why are we so afraid to talk about color sensitive issues. TheTIMES is clearly trying to shove this fake realities down our throats. Typical liberal dogma.

New Niche Finder answers:

You see that all the time the strategically placed black man standing right next to the blonde woman the placing of blacks in tv shows as doctors and real successful people,, the latest one that is real obvious is the computer man “tyrone” escorting two white women Thur the lobby of a business setting with his lap top pc,,, having it all,, money,, white women ,,and big brains,,, what a mindfuck !!they try to portray them in such a way as to encourage them to not be the sterotypical black thug with a gun in a covieniance store,, government brainwashing at it’s finest !! They never show him with a big fat black woman which I bet really pisses the black women off as soon as tyrone gets his computor he gets his choice of white women and he can get away from his own race hhahahahahahah how ridiculos but remember these commercials are for the young they start beating that shit in your head as early as they possibly can its in all aspects of television

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