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Your Questions About How To Discover New Books

Nancy asks…

What are some good (realistic) more modern day detective books?


So I just read the 1st and 3rd from the Henry Parker series written by Jason Pinter.

It is about a 24 year old reporter who comes to New York looking for a reporting job at the New York Gazette. It’s basically about how he get’s assigned to a story, realizes something isn’t right about it, and when he goes digging deeper he ends up getting himself into some serious trouble.

What I like about it is his methods and reasoning for how he goes about discovering things, how he analyzes situations and put clues together.

I still have to read the 2nd of the series, but once I’m done that I am going to be looking for a new book of the same type of genre to read – and that’s what brought me here.

I was at Wal-Mart and read the back of “Step on a Crack” by I think James Patterson. So I will look into that one as well, has anyone read that before and can recommend it?

Or can anyone suggest any other books that I might like? I like them to be realistic and not some far-fetched thing that throws the realities of the career out of proportion (Magnum P.I distorts/glorifies real Private Investigation – don’t want that kind of thing at all)

Thanks for any help you may have – everything is appreciated.

New Niche Finder answers:

JD Robb’s In Death series– It’s a really great series that I love to read. Here’s a link to the first in the series…


Helen asks…

Question on how books start?

All the writing advice I’ve seen has said that in order to draw readers in, the action has to start right away. But I was thinking, there are alot of famous books where they give quite alot of background before getting to the main issue. One example being “The Chronicles of Narnia”; they tell why the kids are leaving England(the bombings), then tell the train ride, then arriving and exploring the uncles(?) house all before the wardrobe and the magical land is even discovered. It makes sense in the story, but if other stories do that they say the backstory is too long. Other examples include the first Hunger Games novel and the first Harry Potter, though theirs aren’t quite as long as Chronicles of Narnia.

Why does a long backstory/set up work for those novels but not others? Do you think its possible for new books to be written with a long backstory and still be good?

New Niche Finder answers:

If the writing is good and the story engaging. It doesn’t have to start with action it just has to start well. If you can get the reader to keep reading then it does not matter how long your back story is.

Ruth asks…

I cant decide if i should go to university?

I left school after 4th year (Scotland) and went to college for a year. So i have 8 standard grades, 1 higher, and 1 intermediate 2. I know this isn’t enough to get into uni so if i wanted to go id have to go back to college for another year which is fair enough. The thing is for as long as i can remember the only job iv ever really wanted is to be a marine biologist, working on research and conservation. Realistically I don’t know if this is an achievable goal. I mean, how hard would it be to establish myself as a marine biologist? Id like to write books an discover new species etc but i know this is quite unlikely, so if i done marine biology at uni n then do nothing with it it would be a total waste of 4 years that i could have spent earning money for my own house or whatever. I cant decide what to do. Any ideas or thought on the matter would be greatly appreciated?

New Niche Finder answers:

I went to Uni over 40 years ago but didn’t complete my degree. Although I have had a successful career and retired at the age of 57 I always regretted not finishing the course and graduating. So my advice is – if you have a real burning desire to become a marine biologist then go for it. It might be hard graft in the early years and, yes, there will be some sacrifices but think forward to the satisfaction that you will have in years to come.

Good luck – I hope you make the right choice for you!

Chris asks…

I’m thinking about writting this new book, but I’m worried if its good enough?

I recently came up with the idea for a new story, but I want to know whether its good or not. This is what happens:

the main character is a cat called Somi, after the Latin word Somnium, meaning dream. I’m not sure about the storyline, but it goes a little along the lines of Somi is a lone cat living in streets of London but is accidentally murdered.
After being trapped in what she believes to be some form of paradise, she discovers that when you die your mind or ‘soul’ is trapped inside your head in a never ending dream, a place which humans have come to call heaven.
After discovering this she uses the idea to her advantage and manages to leave the imprisonment of her mind, only to find her soul trapped in another still living beings mind. At first the two aren’t properly connected and while Somi is lost amongst the dark forgotten corners of the girls mind where she accidentally discovers the other girls darkest secrets, including the fact that she laid witness to the murder of her family when their house caught on fire, and while she escaped she does not fully know what happened to the rest of her family. Finally Somi manages to make contact with the girl and discovers she is a human child, no more than fourteen and goes by the name of Rea (After the Latin word realtà meaning Reality)
While at first Rea demands Somi to leave her mind, Somi threatens Rea with the fact that she knows about Rea’s past and if she doesn’t help her find a new physical form she will announce her existence to the world and make it seem as if Rea was the one who set fire to her house.
With no other choise, Rea agree’s to help, but things start to go wrong when Somi starts to have nightmares as the impact of being trapped as nothing more than a dream starts to catch up with her, and she in turn begins to drag Rea’s soul along with her every time Rea has a dream.
Eventually this leads to Rea’s soul becoming unstable and in the middle of london accidentally faints as she is dragged into the realm of ‘Heaven’. Somi gets both of them out, but when they wake up Rea has been taken to hospital where the doctors are unable to explain how she managed to come back from the dead, but her mild publicity alerts her presence to the police who had been chasing her down ever since her families death, who once again start to track her down.
Somi and Rea go on the run while Rea attempts to prove her innocence and unlock the truth behind how her family died, and Somi is forced to help her when Rea threatens to drag both of them back into the realm of ‘Heaven’, and so she helps her out by binding her soul with both th souls of the living and dead, in order to incover the truth and both free Rea and herself.
Eventually, the two uncover that her mother was having an affair and after ditching him after discovering she was pregnant with her third child, the man bcamse crazed with jealousy and burn’t down their house. While Rea is released to live with her father and younger sister who survived the fire, Somi is torn by her new love for Rea and her new understanding that the living were never mean’t to be alongside the living, and is confused about whether she should stay with Rea or return to the realm of her dreams. Eventually Somi explains to Rea about her dilema, and whil Rea doesn’t want her to leave either, she binds Somi’s heaven with her own dreams, allowing Somi to forever remain as a part of her consciousness. In the end, it skips on a few years are Rea marries and gives birth to a young girl whom she names Somi, a girl with pale skin thats almost white, fluffy black hair. After that Rea never again saw Somi in her mind, never again sensed her in her dreams, but whenever she was around her child, she always felt as if her soul was somehow familiar…

Please say whether you think it could be a good book!

New Niche Finder answers:

Never post plots, especially ones as elaborate as this, on a public forum. It will get stolen.

Your plot doesn’t matter as much as how well you write it. If you love your idea and are willing to stick with it, then I say go ahead. Write it. You’ll have to revise, rewrite, and you’ll find plot holes. That’s just the way writing works.

If you like an idea, then write it. It doesn’t really matter what anybody else thinks.

Good Luck and Happy Writing!

Laura asks…

Please tell me what you think about my new book summary!?

My grandpa made a new publishing company and he asked me to write a book for it, so it will go into the store! So heres the stories summary. Its called Icy Water( If you come up with a better name please tell and I will give you a thanks in the book for helping me with the name.)

Icy Water-

A small-town girl named Lacey from Canada, who moves to Italy with her mother, after a harsh divorce between her parents. She had to leave her best friend, Wanda. When they move, Lacey doesn’t hear from Wanda. Lacey and her mother move to the big city Venis. Lacey gets put into an English school and grows up there. When she turned 17 her mother got sick and died, so she decided to move back to Canada. Back to her home town Bradford, Ontario. When Lacey moves back she discovers her childhood bestfriend Wanda died in a car crash just a few days after Lacey moved. Lacey launches into depressed mode, as she thinks about how her life is crashing down on her. After a few days of dealing with the pain of losing her bestfriend, Lacey gets a job in Newmarket, what is about a 10 minute drive from town. She works in a store called Wal-Mart but everyone hates her. So after working there for about 11 months she starts to think about getting a new job, or going to College. When Lacey apply’s to college she has to travel across the country to the Mount Royal College of Alberta. She has to dorm up with a girl named Isabel. The first moment Lacey saw Isabel, she saw Wanda! Lacey told Isabel she thought she died but she didn’t. But Isabel said she has never met any Wanda and has never seen Lacey before. Lacey felt rejected and had a broken heart. So she tries to dig up info about Isabel. As she starts to hang out with her new friends, Davis and Karen.

New Niche Finder answers:

First of all edit, edit, edit. I understand that was a summary but you can’t write it like that and second think about a plot, because I didn’t really see one there. At least not a whole book worth, that was more a minor obstacle that could be in the book. But what about after she searches for info on the girl then what will she do? Unless this is a short story. Other than those things it’s a pretty nice piece of drama that can definitely be added to a novel. Good Luck

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