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Your Questions About How To Discover New Books

Ruth asks…

What is a good book for beginning gardeners?

I need a book that will cover everything from flowers to herbs. It is time to start. And i need a book that covers all the information. Can any one help?

New Niche Finder answers:

Hello. I am a Certified Master Gardener. Horticulture was my major in college, and I work as a volunteer at my local university botanic gardens.

There are many, many garden books, and that is wonderful.

However, the strong basis for any plant book library, and the most useful is:


This book is affordable, easy to understand, provides a wealth of useful information, and is regularly updated, even including newly-discovered plants.

This is the book my Horticultural college professors recommended, and it is truly invaluable. Even my supervisor at the university botanic garden, who has multiple degrees in plant science, regularly references Sunset Western Garden Book.

I sincerely hope this information helps.


Carol asks…

What are some great fiction books to read?

I am bored out of my mind right now, and I have read like, all of the books at my library, so I need some suggestions! I really love Harry Potter, so I need something like that. I like fiction books, mainly about magic and adventure. Please help me!

New Niche Finder answers:

Try the “Fablehaven” series by Brandon Mull. It’s about 13yo Kendra and 11yo Seth, whose grandparents run a haven for magical creatures. The first book is called, “Fablehaven”. Lots of adventure and magic. There are 3 others after that and another coming out in 2010.

The “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series by Rick Riordan is also really amazing. It’s based on Greek mythology but set in the present day, and it starts with a 12-year old boy discovering he’s a demi-god, son of Poseidon. The first in the series is called “The Lightning Thief”. There are 5 books in the series. Have fun! :)

Linda asks…

What books should I buy before traveling to Ireland?

I am traveling to Dublin, Ireland for a month this summer to study abroad. I want to have a better understanding of the culture and the different places to visit while there.

Obviously travel guides work, but I will take any genre of book suggestions. I just want to make sure I am making the best purchase. I also have a Kindle, so if I can get a Kindle version of these books that’s even better.

New Niche Finder answers:

I was in Dublin a few weeks ago and traveled all over the Republic of Ireland. I made an itinerary of places I wanted to visit ahead of time, mostly based on internet research and a few travel books on Ireland from the library. It didn’t cost me a cent. I also read a lot about Irish culture, the language, and the different expressions used by Irish people that are generally unfamiliar to Americans.

I have to say, though, that Ireland and its people were not exactly how they were presented in some of these books. Sometimes I encountered things in Ireland that were much different than was explained in the travel guides. One thing I noticed was Ireland is a lot more American-friendly (i.e., American influence) than I led myself to believe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it kind of surprised me.

My point is, you really won’t know what’s like until you arrive there and get a first-hand feel for the country and its people. You might even re-evaluate your initial plans based on conversations with real Irish people in Ireland. I was only there a week, so I was in tourist mode with limited time. You, on the other hand, have a whole month in the summer, so the world can be your oyster.

Here are some suggestions. Again, many of these titles can be checked out at your local library:

Lonely Planet Ireland

The Rough Guide to Ireland

Culture Shock! A Survival Guide to Customs & Etiquette: Ireland

Ireland For Dummies

Discover Ireland (website):

Streetwise Dublin Laminated City Street Map

Lonely Planet Dublin (City Guide)

Wikitravel – Dublin (website w/ good summary)

Chris asks…

I want to start reading Stephen king books, what should I start with?

i heard good things about his books.
i usually dont read alot but his books seem interesting.
i heard about the stand and the shining .
any shorter good ones.?
and how long will the shining and the stand take to read .
and also mention how long the books you list will take to read.
thanks, i also like scary books that make me want to read more and more.

New Niche Finder answers:

For beginners I suggest
Night Shift – Incredible short stories
‘Salems lot – Vampire story one of his early bests
The Shining – Great story, much better than the movie
The Green Mile – This one was originally serialized released as 6 books of less than 100 pages. He was the first author to use this tactic in over 100 years!
Different Seasons- Two of these novellas were turned in to amazing films The Body – Stand by Me and Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption – The Shawshank Redemption

Once you discover you like him
The Stand his best book ever! – The original was 800 pages the restored 1200 page version is just as good.
Needful Things – Another huge book that ties together a lot of his Castle Rock stories
Insomnia-Huge but a compelling read up there with either of the two above
Four Past Midnight – More novellas including The Langoleirs and Secret Window
The Talisman [co-authored with Peter Straub] – A combination of fantasy and horror along with a son’s quest to save his dying mother.

Only if you adore him
The Dark Tower Series 7 large books. The story is fantastic but I felt cheated by the ending.

Maria asks…

Can I get some help coming up with titles for my new book series?

Hello, I am currently writing a series for young adult fantasy fans and I am having trouble coming up with titles. Here are quick summaries for each book.

Book 1: Sora Thompson is a fourteen year old Sylph, someone who can control the Element Air. She is living in Elementum, a country secretly set up in the 1600s in the US by Elementals so that they could have a safe place to live, free of discrimination. Sora has moved to the capital of the country, Caput, to attend Meritus Academy, the most exclusive private high school in the country. There she meets friends Ariel, Jasper, Harper, Heath, Elegy and Everett. Soon, her queen Adoree Razzo arrives at the school to choose her successor. Sora is chosen and must now juggle her life as a princess in a country riddled with secret terrorists from the group Contra Monarchia and her life as a high school student. (The main theme is discovering who you are)

Book 2: Sora and friends Ariel, Jasper, Heath, Elegy and Sora’s older brother Flint are given a task. Find the headquarters for Contra Monarchia in the Fire capital Ignis, record information and report back to Caput. The group will travel hundreds of miles on foot from Caput to Ignis to find the headquarters and complete the task. (The main theme is betrayal)

Book 3: Jasper has been kidnapped by Contra Monarchia and he is brought back to where he was born, Nex, the Death capital. There is a Contra Monarchia headquarters there and during the three week winter break Sora and her bodyguard Felix head out to find Jasper and bring him home. (The main theme is love is stronger than evil)

Book 4: Sora, Jasper, Elegy and new First Year Serenity are now enjoying a year that seems to start off without a hitch. Soon though, Sora begins experiencing disabling episodes of extreme nausea and weakness after she eats. Her friends are determined to find out what is wrong with her before she loses her life, and the crown. (The main theme is betrayal)

Thank you sooooo much :) 10 points for whoever can give me the best titles!
I’m not an amateur by the way. I’ve been writing for about five years and my writing ability has climbed pretty steadily since then. I just suck at titles.

New Niche Finder answers:

Often, when I am writing a story I name it a phrase that I repeated a lot in the story or if there’s a phrase in your story that sounds especially nice, use it or use part of it. Make your title catchy or something so the reader will want to know more (in other words-you want an attention-grabbing title).

Think of books that have caught your eye and ask yourself why. A title like The missing boy wouldn’t grab attention as much as a tittle like Gone Astray. Make sure the title hasn’t been used for another book already and don’t over-think it.

Here are some suggestions for the series title:

-Royalty Adventures
-Hunt For Answers
-Struggles of Sora Thompson
-Sora Thompson’s Voyage

First book:

-I am the princess
-Becoming Royalty,
-Help! I was picked as princess!


-Finding the Headquarters
-Miles on Foot
-Journey to Ignis


-I know loving you is wrong..
-Death Capital
-To be Brought home
-Finding Jasper


-About to die..
-Before She Dies
-Give me a cure!
-Strong Love
-There’s something wrong with me…

Btw- AWESOME idea! I would love to read this, isn’t cliche and is so good! I love it!

Good Luck-Happy Writing-Hoped I Helped!

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