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Your Questions About How To Discover New Books

Mandy asks…

What books can i read about military studies?

im only 16 but i want to become an officer in the military. what books can i start to read, i wana get a head start.

New Niche Finder answers:

Roger Trinquier’s treatise Modern Warfare: A French View on Counter-insurgency

Read about Napoleon’s campaigns in Sardinia in 1805-07

Mao Zedung’s theories on insurgencies, or Nygen Giap’s, or maybe Che’ Gueverra’s pr any of Sun Tzu’s work.

These people are lay the groundwork for the kind of people you’ll be fighting. Some of it’s pretty dry. Some maybe a little scary. But it’s ALL about what’s going on in their heads

They won’t teach you much about the US military. But they can help you understand the enemy and probably help to keep you alive.

There’s tons of stuff to read… Really… But they aren’t popular. You have to search them out. History will give you some idea about the tradition in the military, but reading how the enemy thinks is vital. If you want to learn how to get along in the military, there are manuals and texts for that too. But none of that knowledge will do you much good when the bullets start flying. Besides, you’ll get more than you’ll probably ever need of that stuff in boot camp or OCS.

Somebody suggested math. I enlisted with a BA in Math in 1960. Math teaches you to think logically, objectively, and quickly. It teaches you to think outside the box way more than any other discipline — or so-called discipline. When it was time for me to extend for my E-6. Somebody discovered my degree and recommended me for OCS. I spent a total of 25 years in the military. Some of that was in planning and policy.

Know your enemy. If you can stand in his shoes, you stand a better chance of defeating him.

I believe this is one of the problems in the Middle East. We have civilians trying to run the military. They don’t even understand our military. How can they have any idea what the enemy’s doing? The military is on the ground. They see the enemy. While some don’t seem cogent enough to understand him — especially the some of the younger troops and officers, they know him far better than can a mere civilian.

Perhaps some of the older soldiers should be pulled out of retirement to advise some of these younger soldiers. These younger soldiers need to spend less time doing videos for the internet and more time studying their enemy. I know a soldier who’s going to Defense Language School where he’s learning an interesting list of Middle Eastern languages. He’ll be able to read enemy communiques and understand overheard enemy conversations as readily as they can.

Maybe that’s another important thing to study to prepare for the military — languages. Learning a foreign language (specifically that — or those — of the enemy) helps you learn to think in their terms.

Lizzie asks…

Can anyone tell me about any books that are about unexplained mass disappearances?

I’m interested in a book or books detailing the disappearance of the Mayans, the Lost colony of Roanoke, the Eskimos of Lake Anjikuni, and so forth. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

The Mary Celeste is the biggest Anglo-American mystery you could hope for. It was a British ship built in the 1800’s that sailed out of New York, and just a month later was discovered floating on the sea with no sign of its crew or passengers. The link is to a highly recommended book which, although fictional, sticks to the facts. Other than that, you will find plenty of literature on this bizarre occurrence with ease.

I know its not exactly what you were looking for, but i didn’t read your question all the way through 1st time lol. My bad! You may well enjoy it anyway. Good reading.

Steven asks…

What are some really informative books about New Age teachings?

I’m interested in expanding my collection of a few basic New Age writings. Is there any books that you consider of importance for understanding the whole range of New Age thought? Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

New Age thought/philosophy is a broad topic, but here are my suggestions.

This one is expensive (67.00) but it’s a great overview. Very in depth. “Historical Dictionary of New Age Movements (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies and Movements)” by Michael York


I would read a biography of Edgar Cayce. Often considered to be the father of several new age movements, his story is both fascinating and informative. Tons of bios exist, but I would suggest: “The Edgar Cayce Primer” or “Edgar Cayce: Modern Prophet”


Jung is another name that is often heard in New Age discussions. David Tacey’s “Jung and the New Age” is a great book (29.07).


There are lots of other New Age books, but if I had to rebuild my library, these are where I would start.

Donna asks…

How do you read a book on GoodReads?

I downloaded the app on my android and I heard you can read books on it for free. But I don’t know how to read a book on the app like the book won’t show up! Someone help!

New Niche Finder answers:

Whoever told you that was mistaken or lying. Goodreads is for keeping track of which books you’ve read and are going to read, talking about books with other members of the site, and discovering new books, based on what you’ve told the site you like. Actually getting hold of the books to read is your responsibility.

Michael asks…

What to stay away from when writing a book and wanting to be original?

I’m writing a book. I want my idea to be original, but I want to stay in the paranormalish (ghosts… NOT vampires) romance section. I have an idea, but what should I stay away from if I want to be original?
I mix ideas together. I don’t use like the same characters, all I use is the idea of a ghost and a demon, but it’s totally different story line. I try my best to make it original. It’s like impossible to do it now adays.

New Niche Finder answers:

Give your ghost a history! WHy is he or she a ghost? How did it happen? Make the reader FEEL for him or her and think or him or her as when they were living! I would work on the ghosts story first!

What he did when he was alive. His family and family life. Girlfriend or boyfriend. Friends who he associated with daily and maybe not so daily.

His job and what he did in his spare time. What years he lived and his home. WHY is he still here?

What does he want?

Thennnn bring him as a ghost to modern times. HAve someone else live in his house or maybe work where he did. AN old glove factory or brick yard. An old shipyard. Or maybe an art studio. He loved paiting soooooo much he didnt want to stop painting.

Find paintings HIS painting all over the place but have NO ONE know HE painted them. Discover them and put them alll together into a museum.

A villian can be the old geezer who broke up his painting collection and NOW ur hero has to reassemble it so the ghost can rest in peace

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