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Your Questions About How To Discover New Books

Ruth asks…


so i’m writing a book about a boy named Tyson King, he’s an average 12 year old living with a foster family. when he turns 13, however, strange things start happening. he is taken into another world and finds out that he is actually possessed by a dragon. that dragon is the god of lightning……… so it seems that Tyson is capable of controlling lightning himself. although he isnt perfect in it. so the story goes like he learns how to master his powers and later fights a war against an evil overlord (also possessed by a dragon) and eventually ends up victorious. oh and BTW. Its a series. meaning there’ll be more books on the topic. so i would appreciate it if you could give names with “Chronicles”, or “Saga”, or “series” in it………… no stupid answers please……….. i’m serious…….. :) thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

The Beast Within Series
Book 1: Discovering the Dragon
Book 2: Learning to Fly
Book 3: Taming the Dragon
Book 4: Dragon Master

Charles asks…

How would I discover the retail value of a used book?

I own a first American edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcer’s Stone. It is a hardcover, and Time magazine reported that a”first edition” copy of the same book recently sold for $18,000. I don’t know if a “first American edition” is different from a first edition. I know the book is one of the first, as it was given to my family as a gift several years before Harry Potter became popular. I would like an answer quickly, as the craze over the release of the seventh book tomorrow makes my book of particular value right now. Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

Try Barnes and Noble and do a used book search-they are networked with used book dealers nationwide and you can bring up a list from all parties. The book that sold for so much at auction was in the origional English title which was a limited release and then was retitled and distributed in America etc with new name. So it was rare as well as being first edition-if its the one I heard about on the news. Yours could be worth a bit too-a search on Ebay mightgive up some clues too-good luck. If its worth some but not alot-hold tight and keep it in good condition and it will go up.Don’t put it up at auction till you’ve researched prices-

William asks…

trying to remember the name of a crazy book?

its this true story about a doctor who falls In love with his patient who dies. He digs her up and keeps her at his place. She starts falling apart,so he starts using wax to hold her. Togeather. He thought her body would power an airplane or something. When the cops found it out they took the body and it eventually became a sort of a tourist attraction! I’m pretty sure this takesplace in the flordia keys

this is driving me crazy! Does anyone know what book I’m talking about?

New Niche Finder answers:

I just discovered google books. Put as many words into the search as you can on a normal google page and then when you see results click the “book” word in the upper left hand corner. It is a complete book that comes up.

Carol asks…

Question(s) about the book So You Want to Be a Wizrd by Diane Duane? VERY VERY VERY URGENT!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

what’s symbolism, irony, theme, and/or other main literary elements of that book? I really need to know…..I’m not good at analyzing those kinds of things…..if you have any idea, PLEASE TELL ME!!! I have sooooooo much to do before tomorrow and this is part of it…..it will help me sooooooooooooooooooooo much and save me tons of time. THANK YOU! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!
no, Sadie, I had NO CLUE! I just found out Monday!

New Niche Finder answers:

Nita Callahan is a thirteen-year-old girl who discovers a book titled So You Want to Be a Wizard while hiding from bullies in a library. She brings the book home with her and discovers that the book is all about the art of wizardry. She’s not completely trusting in the books claim that she too can become a wizard if she takes the Oath, but she takes it nonetheless. The next day when she is out trying to do her first spell she meets Kit Rodriguez, another wizard. After they successfully complete a spell together, Nita’s doubts are gone: she is a wizard.
Nita Callahan (age 13) is running away from bullies and takes refuge in the library. She goes to the children’s section and finds a book about magic titled, So You Want To Be a Wizard. She reads a part of it and takes it home. On the way there she is cornered by her bullies and they beat her up, taking away a space pen her uncle gave her. Nita goes home and takes the Wizard’s Oath before going to sleep. The next morning she wakes up, looks at her manual and sees her name in the wizards list.

She goes to a quiet place to make a retrieval spell for her pen and meets Christopher “Kit” Rodriguez, who is also a wizard and is making a spell; this one a power-attraction spell intended to create an aura around Kit, making him seem fearless. Combining their intentions, they create a new spell, which presents to them a vision of Manhattan city. Unlike the Manhattan they know, this city is dark and evil, being polluted, lightless, and frightening. Watching this evil city, they see something terrible, a being of what seems to be pure desire, reaching up to consume them. To escape this, they open their minds to the universe, which ends up bringing an intelligent white hole from space. The white hole’s name is, when translated into English, Khairelikoblepharehglukumeilichephriedosd’enagouni- or, more simply, “Fred”.

The next day at school Fred and Nita attempt to get Nita’s pen back from her bullies, but Fred miscalculates the gravity required to simply lift the pen from the bullies’ possession, and instead accidentally swallows it. This leads to Fred emitting objects instead of radiation and particles, a most unfortunate incident that results in the spontaneous appearance of a television, a learjet, and a blue Mercedes, among other things. To fix the problem, Nita, Kit, and Fred go to the Advisory Wizards after school. There, Fred’s problem is fixed, but Nita’s pen is not recovered. In order to retrieve it, they must link Fred to a worldgate in Grand Central Train Station of New York City and pull the pen out.

Fred also has some alarming news. According to him, a thing called the “Naming of Lights” has gone missing. The said “Naming of Lights” is a book, or takes the form of one; it is a compendium of information that describes the true Nature of everything that ever was, is, and can be. It has a shadow, “The Book Which is Not Named”, whose descriptions of the Whole are twisted out of their true patterns. If the Lone Power– the being of desire and hate sensed by Nita and Kit– would read from the shadow Book when the bright Book is not also read from, the cosmos would be irreparably skewed.

To recover Nita’s pen, the two young Wizards and the White Hole travel by train to the city. The question of how to react to the impending disaster is left unanswered, if only because Tom and Carl have not the faintest idea of what to do.

In Grand Central, Nita and Kit create a “timeslide”; a spell that would, when invoked, take them back in time so that they would not be missed at home. Finding the worldgate is another challenge, because due to construction work in the area it has been moved from the ground to the sky. Following it, the trio sneak up to the helicopter launchpad, above which the worldgate hovers. Nita invokes the air to solidify, creating a walkway between the Wizards and their goal.

Crossing the walkway, they reach the gate; but before Nita can complete the retrieval, a pack of werewolf-analogues, referred to in the text as perytons, emerge from the shadows and attack. Nita, Kit, and Fred are plunged through the worldgate itself.

On the other side, Nita’s pen is lying on the floor, but that is small comfort. They are no longer in their own world. The landscape before them is very much like New York City, but it is dark and empty; lifeless, cold, and populated only by miserable predators who wander eternally in darkness, preying on one another. Few of these are anything like Gaian predators; most resemble automobiles, while others are like fire hydrants. This outworld belongs to the Lone Power, a thing far worse than any devil and more ancient than the Earth.

Here, too, are the two Books kept; the bright Book, hidden in the railways underneath City Hall, and the dark Book, kept in an office building. Prowling the streets and tunnels are the Perytons, as well as the glowing-eyed dun mice, the batlike skinwings, the mysterious hidebehinds, the lethal thrastles, and the dragonlike fireworms. Guarding the bright Book is the Eldest of the fireworms; guarding the dark Book is the Lone Power, manifest in human form, and his grotesque secretary Akthanath.

The only way for Nita, Kit, and Fred to go home is to find the bright Book and use it; simply dueling with the Lone Power is futile. Trusting to Fred’s intuition, they find their way to the Starsnuffer’s office. On the way, Kit finds a racing car, a Lotus Esprit, lying injured beside a “dead” sedan. In killing the sedan—its prey—the Lotus accidentally trapped a piece of metal in its axle, making locomotion painful. Kit cuts this piece away, and the Lotus roars off, free.

Inside the building, Nita, Kit, and Fred eavesdrop on a ‘phone call the Lone Power is making to a character called Michael– later revealed as Saint Michael the Archangel, an avatar of the Winged Defender, who is like the Lone Power a God. Apparently Michael suspects His brother in stealing the bright Book, while the Lone Power suspects Him of sending Nita and Kit to steal it back. Nita and Kit have evidently not considered this before, but it begins to make sense.

To find the bright Book, they steal the dark Book, hoping that as they draw near to one another, they will react more fiercely. Aided by the Lotus Espirit, who has returned to show its gratitude, they proceed to the tunnels under City Hall and enter the Eldest’s lair. Jewelry Within, the Eldest lies on a vast hoard of stolen treasure. Once a small fire-breathing lizard-analogue, it has grown and is now, to all apparent purposes, a dragon. Buried amidst the mounds of gold, gems, costume , silver plate, plastic toys, drink tins, coins, tokens, and bones is the bright Book.

The Wizards approach the Dragon, and eventually come to bargain with it. In return for the bright Book, they give it the dark Book and work a spell around the lair that will make it inacessible to anyone, thereby ensuring the hoard’s security.

The Lone Power is enraged, and comes after them on the back of an eight-legged, skull-faced beast, flanked by Perytons and armed with a rod that holds the power of ruin.

They flee, ultimately leaping back through the worldgate and re-entering their homeworld. Their mission is accomplished; but the Lone Power is on their heels, and will destroy all the Universe rather than let them get away. Their only hope is to use the bright Book, preserving the Whole long enough for them to withstand the Witherer’s efforts.

Summoned by the Speech, trees and statues become animate, forming a living wall around Central Park, in the heart of which the Wizards and their white hole take refuge. Kit, and then Nita, read from the bright Book by moonlight, keeping the world and the city real while cudgeling their brains to understand the means by which to drive out the Lone Power.

Frustrated, the Lone Power covers the Sun with His shadow, extinguishing the moonlight. All seems lost; but Fred is a white hole. In one move, he unveils the power of all the forms he has taken: a star, a black hole, and everything absorbed or shone on by either. This energy brightens the Full Moon as never before, creating moonlight as clarifying as sunlight, by which the Wizards continue reading.

At the end of the passage, the Lone Power’s true name is written. As they recite it, intending to control Him, Nita makes a slight modification on the text, which provides the Lone Power with a chance to become a positive rather than a negative energy.

Renamed and vanquished, the Lone Power withdraws. Nita and Kit go home, their first task as Wizards complete.

Major Characters in “So You Want to Be a Wizard”

[edit] Nita Callahan
Juanita “Nita” Louise Callahan is one of the protagonists in this story. Nita is a lonely thirteen-year-old, without many friends. She is constantly called names such as “nerd” and bullied as she won’t fight back, failing to see the point. When she discovers a book all about wizardry, her life is completely changed. She becomes friends with Kit Rodriguez, another new wizard. Together they find themselves caught up in their wizard ordeal. Nita is gifted in working with the “living world” in wizardry.

[edit] Kit Rodriguez
Christopher “Kit” K. Rodriguez is one of the protagonists in this story. He is another wizard and partner to Nita. Small for his age and picked on for his Spanish accent, Kit discovers his wizards manual in a used bookstore. Soon after taking his Wizards Oath he meets up with Nita, and together they are thrown into their ordeal that they must complete to become full wizards. Kit is usually the more mature of the team, despite being younger than Nita. His skill is in working with mechanical objects.

[edit] Fred
Fred is a white hole that Nita and Kit accidentally bring down to Earth from space when working their first spell together. His full name when translated to English is “Khairelikoblepharehglukumeilichephriedosd’enagouni”, but he agreed to go by Fred. When he accidentally swallows Nita’s pen, he gets an unfortunate case of the “hiccups” where he emits objects such as televisions and airplanes instead of radiation and particles. Fred accompanies Nita and Kit on their ordeal, giving them useful information such as who the Lone Power is. Near the end of the story, Fred sacrifices himself in order to provide Nita and Kit with moonlight so they may continue reading from the Bright Book to save their lives, along with all the peoples on Earth.

[edit] The Lone Power
The Lone Power, also known as “The Lone One” and “Starsnuffer”, is the main antagonist in the story. Nita and Kit must defeat him in order to complete their ordeals and become full wizards; if they fail, they will most likely die. The Lone One is one of the Powers That Be, but one who went away from the path of good that was intended for the universe, and instead created death. He rules the world of the “Other Manhattan”, where Kit, Nita, and Fred have been sent. Near the end of the story he attempts to snuff out the sun (hence his name “Starsnuffer”) in order to stop Nita and Kit from reading from the bright book and redefining the world as it should be. However, he fails at this as Fred sacrifices himself to provide light for them to continue reading. When the Lone One’s entry in the bright book is read, Nita changes the phrasing to give him a chance to be a positive rather than negative energy.

[edit] Major themes
One of the major themes in So You Want to Be a Wizard is the ability to extend sympathy and understanding to anyone, even ones enemies.[1] One excellent example of this takes place in the Other Manhattan. In this world, cars are alive, and when a Lotus Esprit kills another car, its prey, a piece of metal gets stuck in it. Upon finding the injured Esprit, Kit cuts out the piece of metal and the car zooms away. Later, when Nita, Kit, and Fred are attempting to find the dark book, the Esprit returns and offers the three of them a ride. It proceeds to assist them in finding the book and in protecting them from the Lone One.

This example shows how by offering sympathy and assistance to the car, who was originally Kit’s enemy and would have attacked if it could, Kit received kindness in return.
LATER_—- I wouldn’t copy this word for word, because this is from wikipedia… I read the book, but I couldn’t squeeze all the info out of my brain.

Robert asks…

How do i publish a book?

Hi everyone!
How are you all?

I have just finished writing my first children’s book and i would love to get it published!
I will need help with the illustrations, but i am unsure how it all works?

I haven’t done much research because i don’t know where to start as this is my first book, do i need a copyright first? If so, how would i go about that?

I understand that it would not be cheap, but do i get X amount of published books and then take them to local book stores to get discovered?

If you could, please explain and give me as much detail as possible so i can publish and sell my book!

Thanks heaps,


New Niche Finder answers:

You have automatic copyright protection for anything you write. Registration is not necessary so early in the process and if you sell your book to a publisher, they will usually register the copyright for you.

It sounds like you’ve written a picture book. There aren’t all that many agents who represent picture books, and many publishing houses will look at picture books without an agent, so it’s up to you which way you want to go on that. You don’t need to have it illustrated if you’re going this route.

If you want to try to get an agent first, use agentquery.com and querytracker.net. Agents submit your manuscripts for you, negotiate contracts to get you better terms, and more–they take a 15% commission if they sell your book, but never any fees up front.

If you want to try publishers, there are a few options for finding publishers to submit to. You can go to the library and check out the most recent edition of the Children’s Writers Market, which lists publishers and guidelines (always confirm the guidelines on the publisher’s website though). You can also go to the bookstore, take a look at the picture books and write down who published them, then go home and check the guidelines online.

Never pay for your book to be published, don’t pay reading fees, critique fees, or editing fees. The publisher should pay you for your rights, you shouldn’t pay them. This site is good for helping you avoid scams: http://pred-ed.com/

If you’d rather self-publish, keep in mind that it’s going to be expensive and time-consuming, even moreso because you have to hire someone to do your illustrations. If you hire an artist, be sure to outline the terms of your agreement in a fair and clear contract to prevent problems down the road. It should go over what’s expect of each side–what the illustrator will produce for you, whether they will do any revisions to the work, how much you’ll pay them, what rights they grant you, and so on. You need to read up on this stuff yourself or talk to a lawyer (or both).

You’ll need to do your cover design yourself or hire someone to do it for you. You may want to hire a freelance editor, depending on how long your book is and your confidence in your abilities.

Next, you’ll need to find a printer or a print-on-demand service. If you want to purchase a large print run, you can get a quote from a printer. If you’d rather buy books to re-sell in smaller increments, look for a print-on-demand service (lulu.com is a popular one, since you can purchase just one copy at a time if you like).

If you’re lucky, your local bookstore might allow you to sell books there on consignment. But keep in mind that bookstores are inundated with self-published writers hoping for shelf space, so they may just say no. This is why you’ll have most luck with your local store, especially if you’re a regular customer.

Finally, since you’re new to all this, you may want to join a writing forum where you can read, learn, and ask questions. Here’s one that has a mix of new and professionally publisher writers: http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums/

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