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Your Questions About How To Discover New Books

Lisa asks…

RELIGION-What is the difference?

What is the difference in all these religions listed below?
Religious people only need answer!

Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Jahova’s Witness, Spiritualism, Muslim,
Pagan, and Scientologist.

All worship, All has a god/goddess, All are very similar, All prey but do not recieve (no matter how devoted), All claim to know what is suppose to be unknown, All believe their god/godess will triumph over the rest, All use flyers and threats (you will be damned if you do not join or believe in our god/goddess) to gain more supporters of their cause or belief system, ALL use the people of the past (who believed rocks that fell from the sky was an act of “god”) as their proof,
All disregard the actual fact & rely solely on their ignorance,
and All have the same set of rules & beliefs for their Religion.

Where is the truth? How many new books will be discovered that supports a certain faction? Yes every religion in existance in now becoming a faction and are battling over something that may or may not exist, where is the logic in all this?

Say your religion and describe the difference between the rest, maybe you will see that there are no differences between yours and theirs.
And don’t bother damning me, I don’t believe in any form of damnation or realm of torment.
Just in case the above was replaced with this message. Most of you answered with meaningless responses.

I asked for the difference between ALL the religions that exist today!
I didn’t ask what you religion is based on, what causes what, what would happen if anyone didn’t believe in your religion, I asked for the DIFFERENCE!

Difference: What makes your religion different from all the rest, It is the same as asking the difference between a pen and a pencil!

This isn’t meant for ranting purposes, this is not meant to discourage all the religions, this is not meant to approve or disapprove, and this is not meant for those that do not understand the question “What is the difference?”.

Don’t say “Christian equals heaven & Pagan equals hell” that is an answer meant for recruiting purposes, it doesn’t make it an answer for this question.

I am Faithless, I admit, but since you know such a great deal about your religion, Please explain the Difference of yours & theirs.

New Niche Finder answers:

Think of the Truth about ultimate or divine reality as a giant, translucent crystal of many facets.

Each religion is looking at the same thing, but from its own unique angle. Because of their different perspectives, the views of the different religions will all look very different, so they will describe it ver differently. But in reality, the various religions are just different angles on the same reality.

Also, each of the facets of the crystal refract and reflect the other facets, so that there are some common or even universal religious themes and motifs, that you can find in almost any religion. Indra in Vedic religion and Thor in Norse religion have some similarities to Zeus and Jupiter in Greece and Rome.

The best way to understand religion is by taking a good course in comparative religions, so you can look at it from many angles. Anyone who only knows about one or two religions is looking at it from a very limited perspective, and cannot even begin to imagine what other dimensions religious reality can contain.

Sharon asks…

I Need Help With My New Book!?

I just started a new book and I want your in put on the first chapter:

Night was almost over when a strong hand pulled me up right shaking me from me sleep.
Blinking in the lantern’s glow, I made out the face of my brother, Nathanial.
“Nath…” I started.
“Quiet,” he said putting his hand over my mouth.
“It’s time isn’t it,” Nathanial didn’t answer, but I could tell by his face that I had guessed correct.
He led me down the back stair case and into the tunnel that lead from our kitchen to the woods outside the city walls.
“Nathanial, I…”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, I can protect myself, but you need to go, now,” he gave me a hug, then closed the trap door and I was left in a dark tunnel, with a twenty-three mile long walk ahead of me.
Each year on April 14 the soldiers round up every girl of the age 16 and every boy of the year 17 and take them back to the fortress on the East side of the city. Then ten days later on the 24 half of them would return, but the other never came back.
My brother and I had lived alone ever since his seventeenth year when our parents had been killed protecting him. After that my brother had started making plans to get me out of the city when my sixteenth year came around.
I was sure other such plans had been made for most of the other teens in the city. Every year a small group escapes and then once they are old enough they return to the city. Now I prayed that I would be able to return and find my brother.
The lantern only had enough oil for a four hour journey so I had to move fast.
I started to move, but within an hour I was existed.
I noticed a small door on my left and decided to look inside. After I tried to open it, without success I gave it a swift kick.
The door few open, in pieces. I looked cautiously inside and realizing that there was no one there, I entered.
A small table sat in the corner, with a black cloak and a leather satchel. I picked up the bag and threw on the cloak then proceeded to dim the light. After eating some dried food that I found in the satchel I decided to rest awhile then continue on. I turned the knob on the lantern and was completely submerged in the darkness.
I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up I realized it was late and I had to get moving.
The trip was long and I had to keep the light so low I could barely see my feet.
After what felt like hours later I finally arrived at the end of long tunnel where a rope latter hung limp three feet above my head. I jumped up and managed to grab hold of the rope, but it was harder to hold onto then I had thought and I fell back to the ground. I tried one more time and managed to get hold of the latter and pushed open the trap door.
The sun light burned my icy blue eyes as I emerged from the tunnel. The sun was directly over head indicating that it was noon.
I looked around hoping to find someone else who had also gotten free of the city walls, but there was no one to be seen.
Opening the pouch, Nathanial had left on the table for me, I discovered a small map that showed a smaller version of the forest I was in. In the far corner was a bright red circle around what looked like a clearing. Having no other plan I decided to head northeast towards the circle.
As the sun began to set my stomach once again started to growl, I rummaged in the bag for more food, but it was empty.
This was a stupid idea, I could be back in my house right now, well feed and warm, I thought to myself, maybe I could…
A piercing scream erupted from the trees in front of me, jerking me from my thoughts.
I ran in the direction the scream came from. I reached a small clearing, but stayed in the shadows for fear I might get caught, in front of me was a young girl, probably my age, she was lying on the ground with a city guard striking her rapidly with a club. Past her was a scene of chaos, city guards were beating young adults all around and throwing them in a huge van that was parked nearby.
I jumped when a cold hand covered my mouth and began dragging me backwards.
I twisted in my captors grasp and managed to get free, but to my surprise it wasn’t a guard who was grabbing me, but a handsome boy, or young man rather.
“What do…?”
“Quiet,” he put his finger to his lips, motioning me to follow him. I crouched low as I made my way behind him and away from the clearing.
“Who are you?” I asked once we were far enough away not to be heard.
He glanced back at me, “Blake”
“Nice to meet you, now could you tell me where we are going?” I snapped.
To the others,” he replied flatly and it was obvious he was done with this conversation.
Several minutes later we came upon a cave, Blake made his way inside and I quickly followed.
“When do you guys think Blake will be back?” I heard voices coming from further in the tunnel; I made sure my hood was securely fastened.
There is more but i dont have room, sorry

New Niche Finder answers:

Night was almost over when a strong hand pulled me up right(,) shaking me from (my) sleep.

“Nath(-)” I started.

“It’s time(,) isn’t it(?)”

Nathanial didn’t answer, but I could tell by his face that I had guessed correct. (Main character’s dialogue and this sentence should be separate.)

It really needs editing. You should do that before asking other people to read it.

Lizzie asks…

Constructive criticism on the start of my new book?

This is the start of a new book im writing. The purpose of my first chapter is to introduce the character and the place she’s in as a beautiful perfect world. The reader isnt supposed to know what’s going on just yet.
Any advice or editing would be greatly appreciated. thanks

–The morning sun was just beginning to rise over the vast sea of gold. In the midst of the field of wheat stood a single tree in which Jamie sat, eating a juicy red apple. She looked out to the snow-topped mountains in the distance and smiled to herself. This was her favorite time of day. The moon was still visible in the dim glow of the sunrise and the ground seemed to come alive in color.
Jamie had visited this tree so often that she couldnt remember when it was first discovered. As far as she knew, no one else ever came here. It was her sanctuary.
As the sun peaked over the mountains and the field dimmed to a dull yellow, Jamie finished her apple and climbed down off the bottom branch of the tree.
She considered what to do for the day. There was so many options here; the mountains, the lake by her cabin, the warm sunny beach, the beautiful city. It was hard to choose just one.
For a moment, Jamie thought of going to the forest, though she quickly changed her mind. There was something creepy and almost foreboding about that place. No one ever went in there.
Making up her mind, Jamie started north to the city. It was another perfect day. The air was warm with a slight breeze and the grass was coated with a thin layer of dew. The smell of rain mixed with dirt and flora reached Jamie’s nose and she inhaled delightfully.
It wasnt that far of a walk to town and so she arrived shortly. No matter how many times she saw the city, it never ceased to amaze her with its vintage beauty. The roads were paved in smooth black cobblestone that gleamed in the sunlight. Row upon row of buildings stretched out in front of her, each more unique and breathtaking than the one before it. Tall black poles with white and gold lanterns lined the centers of the streets.
Since it was early morning, not too many people were out and about. Jamie walked past all the stores, looking through their windows as she went. Occassionally she would spot someone setting up shop and they’d smile or wink at her and she would wave back in response. Everyone here was so nice. Sometimes it got a little weird. She could bump into someone or knock over a fruit stand on the sidewalk and yet no one would get mad. They would just simply smile and go back to what they were doing as if nothing had happened.
Jamie shook the thought out of her head. “You’re just being paranoid, that’s all.” She thought to herself. “This is normal.”
Not much was open at this hour so she sat down on one of the benches and closed her eyes, willing herself to relax.

New Niche Finder answers:

Honestly, based on what you wrote at the top, it’s GREAT. It gives you some details, but not enough where you wanna know what’s gonna happen next, but too much like you already know the story. I write to, and I am SO jealous of your skills right now. That was great. One thing though, is you might wanna describe her physically a little. That’s just me, though; I liked to give the reader a perfect picture of the person. I’d love to know what happens next.

Carol asks…

Obama Gives New Grant to ACORN; Did He Violate Federal Law?

Why is President Obama apparently defying federal law by funding ACORN?

Judicial Watch discovered that the Obama administration is flouting the will of Congress by giving federal taxpayer money to ACORN.


Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave a $79,819 grant to the largest branch of the ACORN tree, ACORN Housing Corp. (AHC). AHC filed papers last year legally changing its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA). It’s the same old organization with a brand new ACORN-free name.

Worse yet, the grant funds a political agitation and indoctrination program. Here’s HUD’s euphemistic description of the program:

Education and Outreach Initiative grants (EOI) – HUD awarded $6.8 million to organizations that educate the public and housing providers about their rights and obligations under federal, state, and local fair housing laws. Groups will also conduct fair lending workshops, community meetings, and individual counseling activities focused on homeowners at risk for discrimination.

According to HUD, the grant money came out of fiscal 2010 appropriations.

That’s a big problem.

As I reported previously, in 2009 Congress passed four separate appropriations bills that contained language blocking federal funds from flowing to ACORN during federal fiscal year 2010, which ran from Oct. 1, 2009 through Sept. 30, 2010. All four of the laws prevent ACORN and its affiliated groups from receiving federal taxpayer dollars.

The funding prohibition in Public Law 111-117 (PDF) applies specifically to HUD. It spells out in pretty clear terms that ACORN shouldn’t be getting any government funding. Let’s see just how clearly it spells it out:

Division A – Section 418. None of the funds made available under this Act or any prior Act may be provided to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or allied organizations. [p. 80 of PDF]

Division B – Section 534. None of the funds made available under this Act may be distributed to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or its subsidiaries. [p. 125 of PDF]

Division E – Section 511. None of the funds made available in this division or any other division in this Act may be distributed to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or its subsidiaries. [p. 279 of PDF]

Yet despite the ban, President Obama, who worked for ACORN as an employee and as the group’s lawyer, found it in his heart to hand over $79,819 of your money to his thug friends at ACORN.

As I warn in my new book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, ACORN is still with us, doing its best to destroy American capitalism and democracy.

The group is gearing up right now to make sure President Obama gets reelected in 2012. Its state chapters have adopted assumed names and remain active. Project Vote, ACORN’s vote manufacturing factory, continues to operate unmolested in ACORN’s Washington, D.C. office.

You’ve been warned.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your question should read: “Did he violate ANOTHER federal law?”, and the answer is a resounding YES!

He has broken several, and thinks that he does not have to follow the law.

He has even admitted to conspiracy to commit murder…a felony that I have called the DC police and prosecutors and called on them to arrest him, with irrefutable evidence from Obama himself, and they will not touch him.

Tony…That is irony. If the judges were doing their job, they would have declared that FUNDING ACORN and many other programs is unconstitutional.

Donna asks…

book thief-On what page does the narrator tell you Liesel learns how to read from her foster father?

And what was the exact quote that Liesel’s world opened up when she discovered books and that her father taught her how to read along with the page number?

New Niche Finder answers:

Page 55 is when her foster father suggests they start the midnight lessons.

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