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Your Questions About How To Discover New Books

Michael asks…

What are some popular children’s mystery novels from the 90’s?

I liked the boxcar children, Beverly Cleary, The hardy boys, but there are a few I’m missing. I would really like to re-discover these books. Please help.

New Niche Finder answers:

This one is a little older, (but then again so are the Hardy Boys) but I read the Trixie Belden series (kind of like Nancy Drew, I guess). Also Encyclopedia Brown (short story collections).

William asks…

Are there Calypso Chronicles book available in bookstores here in the Philippines?

My first book of Calypso Chronicles I bought was the last one in the shelves of the store, after I finished the book I tried to searched for the sequels but it was really hard to find. I’m just unlucky that I discovered this book very late knowing it was published 2005 and it was already 2009 now.

New Niche Finder answers:

Go to customer care at any National Bookstore branch.

Paul asks…

What are the most popular books these days?

I’m looking for books to read. I’m a 17 years old boy who just discover my passion for books after reading the twilight saga. So what are the most popular books these days.I like books with romance and fantasy like in twilight. I already read HP series. Oh and how do people know what are the most popular book at the moment do they have a website or do you ask in the book stores. If there is a website with news on most popular books please tell me.


New Niche Finder answers:

Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld
This is an extremely good book. It’s hard to explain but it’s about the future, after mankind basically destroyed the earth (global warming, destroying forests, polluting the ocean, etc) survivors made a new society where there’s no argueing, war, etc. Everyone is considered “ugly” until they turn 16 and have this sugery that makes them “pretty” and they move to this part of town where all they do is have fun and party all day and night. Tally, the main character cant wait to turn pretty. She meets Shay who’s a rebal and convinces Tally to leave the city for a night to see what’s out in the wilderness. Tally learns all kinds of things about being pretty and the truth is.. It’s not really pretty. EXTREMELY good, and the sequals (Pretties, Specials) are even better. It’s full of adventures, cool technologies, romance, etc. There’s also a fourth book from another perspective and it’s set in Japan called Extras.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
This book is also set in the future and is extremely intense like you’re actually in the book. It’s setting is in Panem, a city that’s now in what’s left of North America (which has become smaller after global warming and melting of the ice caps). Surrounding Panem are 12 districts where each year, one boy and girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen to be in the Hunger Games where they are put into an arena and battle each other and try to survive until there’s only one left and is the winner. There’s also romance in it and gets kind of sad. I cried at one point. Haha but it’s really good. Stephanie Meyers, author of Twilight, even recommended it.

Deadly Little Secrets by Laurie Stolarz
It’s the first of it’s series and is also really good. It’s about a girl named Camelia who lives a normal life – dating, has friends, decent grades. But, one day when she was picking an earing that she dropped crossing the street, a car was coming towards her and it wasn’t stopping. Suddenly, a hot guy shoves her out of the way, saving her life. He left without her saying thank you or asking what his name was. Three months later, she’s starting her junior year in high school and there’s this rumor about a new guy named Ben who supposedly killed his girlfriend. Camelia doesn’t believe in rumors and when she sees Ben, it’s the guy who saved her life. She tries to talk to him but he ignores her at first, but later Ben begins touching her weirdly but Camilia only gets more drawn to him. She later finds out he’s not ordinary. He can know the future or past of a person by touching a person and he senses that Camelia’s in great danger. Really intense but good with a twisted love triangle.

I’ve read twilight and loved it but i thought these books were almost as good or even better.

Other books I’ve heard were good and planning to read is Need by Carrie Jones, Evernight by Claudia Gray, Lament by Maggie Stiefvater, Beastley by Alex Flinn, Old Magic by Marianne Curley, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, the Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie Stolarz, and Evermore by Alyson Noel (coming out in February)

Nancy asks…

Is there a big difference in the 2009 edition of Discovering Computers book from the 2005 edition?

A difference as in information? Some book keep coming out with new editions when they only change the pictures or a grammar error.

New Niche Finder answers:

Technology advances, new things for computers come out, 4 years is alot of time for advance, so the 2009 version would include updated + new information i imagine

John asks…

What are some really good books for young adults/ teens that you would recommend reading?

I really loved the books This Lullaby by Sarah Dessin and Sweethearts by Sara Zarr. I like the funny, romantic books that are pretty easy to relate to. I appreciate any suggestions! Oh, and for the record, I love twilight, too.

New Niche Finder answers:

Now like everyone else here I could just list a bunch of books I have read and tell you how good they are. BUT I think you NEED this site


It is the best FREE site for readers I have ever come accross. You can search your fav Authors to discover books you havent read or even just search through categories and find something that sounds awesome!

If you check it out feel free e-mail me and you can check out my shelf!! I’m so glad to hear you love twilight! I’m a fan!!

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