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Your Questions About How To Discover New Books

Mandy asks…

How did the early astronomers view the sky or the Universe or identify new stars?

How did the early astronomers view the sky or the Universe or discover new stars? Did they have sophisticated telescope back then? When they discovered new stars, what did they do so their work was recognized? Did they write a book to say about it? How did they get recognized?
ozzy4, I mean early astronomers such as Galileo, or Newton, or Immanuel Kant, or Kepler, or some other astronomers who first discovered the sky and stars.

New Niche Finder answers:

The early astronomers recognized the new planet by observing the sky in good weather and environment.Sometimes they need the proper time frame also,like when one scientist wanted to search about the passing of the Venus through the sun,he needed the the dawn time and the proper place.

Lizzie asks…

Dan Brown lost symbol new book?

In the new book of Dan Brown, “The lost symbol”, how many hours does the character Robert Langdon, to discover all the mysteries?

6, 12 or 8?

New Niche Finder answers:


Susan asks…

Scientists keep discovering new planets and universes in these times?

which goes to prove that the emptiness of the universe is so vast our minds can never even comprehend it.

If Holy books were guided by divine hands then why did they never know how vast the outer universe is?

New Niche Finder answers:

God knew, of course. But the men who wrote and compiled the Bible didn’t know, of course. Some of them might have intuited it, though, but who knows?

Maria asks…

This is my new book, read the first bit and tell me if you like it! be nice! :) Its a murder tho…?

Zara stood, her eyes fixed on that same spot, gazing up at the misty, moonlit sky. November the Fifth–Bonfire Night. Every year the Youth Centre celebrated the occasion. Of course, until that night. This time she would find out the terrifying truth of how her beloved uncle was brutally murdered, by I fearsome creature unknown to mankind. This was It. She was the only one who had the courage to face this extra-terrestrial murderer. She was risking her life-her families life, but most importantly, she was doing it for her uncle, a loving man who was wanted for whatever reason. She shuffled forward…

Zara picked up the crumpled piece of brown paper, not sure what she was actually planning on doing next. As she cautiously unfolded it, she discovered what had just opened a new light, of the Michael Castilliano, unsolved, murder.
Zara-May-Monahou Castilliano. That was Zara’s full name, but she preferred to be just called Zara-May.

New Niche Finder answers:

I am a published writer with 1 book in print and another will be out this year (And not by a vanity press). I have a college degree and have taken numerous writing classes and a Rice University Novel Writing Program, so I speak with a bit of authority on the subject.

You piece shows promise but not polish. Polish can be learned while promise cannot. A secret to really good writing is in the passions it arouses. I am not talking of lusts and love. I am talking about the myriad of human emotions a good writer touches in the reader.

Write, read good writing, write some more, read god books on writing and read some more. In other words, acquire more of the tools a good writer needs. And, keep writing.

You may have noticed that there are very few successful good young writers. I believe this is because the more real-life experiences you have, the more accuracy and depth you will be able to put into your work.

Good writing is more than grabbing the reader’s interest in the first paragraph. It is about engaging the reader in the story.

Sci-fi is a tempting genre because of the expanse of possibilities and lack of conventional boundaries encountered in other genres. It takes an extraordinary talent to craft sci-fi in a way that stirs human emotions. It is difficult to fashion situations and characters the reader will care about.

I suggest you start with the things you are familiar with, at least in the beginning. Write about family, school and work. A good practice project is to take a mundane event in your life and say, “what if…” What if my mom ran over the neighbor’s kid and broke his leg or some tragic event nearer to you than aliens and outer space. Write about the drama that could emerge from the things you know and soon you will be able to craft honest emotions for situations you only can imagine.

Best wishes and may God bless you..

Richard asks…

Help with my new book, pretty please?

Okay. New idea, new novel which means, I am requesting your help, ideas and opinion.

Basically, this novel is about a nineteen year old girl named Paige, who drops out of school to become a ghost investigator with her older friends and her boyfriend but even though her father accepts her decision, her step-mother don’t agree so she convinces her husband to throw her out of the house and family. But when Paige’s father is murdered, her step-mother (who she CAN’T stand by the way) asks her for her help because the house is now being haunted by Paige’s angry father. When her team investigates, they discover that her father was murdered by a man who has an affair with her step-mother and he wants revenge.


Okay so, I’ll give you the personalities of each character and hopefully, you guys can help me name them;

a) Paige [she needs a last name]: she’s a spunky girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind- if there’s spinach in your teeth, she’ll tell you straight up. Even though she isn’t fond of her step-mother, she treats her step-brother as if he’s actually her own sibling; meaning she’s very protective and caring towards him. She respects her father greatly since her mother died but not his decision to marry that ‘Witch’ from Hell. Paige is also the kind of person who will jump up and volunteer for any ridiculous plan or job. She’s absolutely brave and fearless.

b) 2nd Main Character: he’s the Paige’s nearly twenty-one year old boyfriend. He and Paige met each other in their sophomore year and have been together since. Even though he introduced Paige into investigating the paranormal, he still believes that she should stay in school; even if he supports her decision to drop out. He’s very caring and compassionate when it comes to investigating and Paige and will do his best to protect her from any angry spirits. Also, he is the co-founder of the investigation team.

c) Supporting Character: she’s Paige’s horrid step-mother. She loves having the constant attention of not only Paige’s father but the rest of the grown men population in the town. Since she married Page’s father, she has seduced and manipulated him into believing that she knew ‘what was best’ for Paige even though she only wanted her out of the family.

d) 2nd Supporting Character: Paige’s father. He loves his daughter greatly but unfortunately, he slowly pushed her away since he married his new wife. Now, he constantly agrees with her and the decisions she convinces him that are the ‘right’ ones. Only when he’s dead, does he see how wrong he was about his new wife.

e) Minor Character: he’s Paige’s almost thirteen year old step-brother. He’s sweet, affectionate and constantly cheerful. He has many guy friends but when it comes to girls…he’s totally clueless. He’s fairly intelligent for a boy his age and he strictly believes in scientific explanations; which allows Paige and her team of investigators to ask for his assistant to help figure out if any of their evidence could be explained with simple logic.

f) 2nd Minor Character: he’s Paige’s boyfriend’s best friend. He’s very loyal to his friends and devoted to the investigation team since he was the one who began it due to his fascination with the paranormal.

g) 3rd Minor Character: he’s the most shy and quietest member of the team, at twenty-three but also the most empathic to the spirts that they investigate which means that he can tell and feel if a spirt is with them and how they feel. He may be good with spirits but he isn’t good with girls since he can’t tell that Paige’s best friend has the hugest crush on him.

h) 4th Minor Character: she is the investigation team’s technical manager and also Paige’s twenty year old best friend. In the team, she analyzes the evidence that the team catches on their equipment before they ask Paige’s step-brother for the scientific angle. She’s so bright with technology that she can put a computer system unit together without a glitch. She may be the smartest member of the team but she is also probably the most violent for she will kick any body’s butt if they offend; her, her friends or her work. She also dresses kind of in her own style; a cross between a punk and a goth with her hair in hair pig-tails with even smaller pig-tails until there isn’t enough hair to continue.

i) 5th Minor Character: he’s the 4th Main Character’s older brother and he is the eldest of the group at twenty-five. He’s prankster and joker out of the others; but he mostly pull pranks on the two girls in the team.


New Niche Finder answers:

I think you have something really good here, I just think that to make it a little more believable you should have Paige be into something a nineteen year old would be passionate about. What would a rebellious teen be into?… Starting a rock band maybe? For last names, how about Anderson, Walker, Scott, or Alexander?

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