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Your Questions About How To Discover New Elements

Mark asks…

How were the elements in chemistry discovered?

Someone has already asked ” how did Mendeleiv create his periodic table. Part of the answer was ” first, John Newlands looked at the atomic masses of the known elements. He noticed that elements with similar physical and chemical properties came in intervals of 8. (So the 1st, 8th and 15th element were similar.) He proposed this idea as a unifying principle of chemistry. But it didn’t work very well – not all the elements matched up.
Mendeleev’s contribution was to suggest that not all elements had been discovered yet. ”
My question is, how did he know what were the elements and what weren’t since they could not see the atom back then ( and they still cannot). How did they know oxygen and nitrogen were elements, but salt for example wasn’t, or wood wasn’t. Or phosphate was made out of many elements. And furthermore, how were they discovering new elements?

New Niche Finder answers:

Just read this and it may help…


That’s about it!

Robert asks…

If you can pick only 20 elements to form your own planet, what would it be?

f you can pick only 20 elements from the periodic table to form your own “life” sustainable planet, what would it be? And picking higher radioactive elements can lead to discovering other elements by radioactive decay.

New Niche Finder answers:

First 20

Richard asks…

What is the most recently discovered element?

And when was it discovered? also does anyone know of an article that is easy to comprehend and the topic is chemistry? thanks in advance!(:

New Niche Finder answers:

The most recently discovered element is the Ununoctium in 2006,
apparently Element 110 which is Ununoctium is hardly around long enough to do much. It decays in less than a thousandth of a second.

Michael asks…

Which of the following are products of combustion?

Which of the following are products of combustion?

a. Heat and light
b. Liquid and solid water
c. Newly discovered elements
d. Additional atoms

New Niche Finder answers:

A. Heat and light

Betty asks…

How do you make gifs from youtube videos using photoshop elements?

So, using youtube videos how do you make gifs? I have photoshop elements and all the tutorials i’ve read have been for normal photoshop. A step by step would be great, thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s not difficult to make gifs using Elements but it is time consuming.

1. You have to use File>Import>Frame From Video to capture each frame of the video. Frames will appear in the Edit workspace as individual images.

2. Determine frame #1 and then use the Move Tool to drag each frame, in order, onto #1. As you move them, you’ll see them stacking up in the Layers Panel.

3. Once all the frames are placed on the first one, right click in the bottom-most layer and click on “Layer From Background”. Click OK on the pop up. Use File>Save As and save the project as a psd file. The newer versions of Elements will no open gif animations for editing so the psd file is the only one you’re going to have if you want to make changes.

4. Use File>Save For Web. Checkmark “Animate”. If you get a message about the file size being too big, you can resize without leaving the Save For Web dialog. If you want the animation to run over and over and over again, in the “Animation” section, checkmark “Loop”. Click the Preview button (#5) in the screenshot below.

5. If the Frame Delay (speed) is too fast or too slow, use the dropdown to change it. If 0.2 is too fast but 0.5 is too slow, you can type 0.3 in the box.

A Gif Example

I stumbled on to this little program. There are 2 versions, one for XP/Vista and one for Windows 7. I used the older version with Vista and it worked fine. I can’t get the W7 version to work well with my W7 computer. I experimented and found that the older version worked fine on my new computer. Download the XP version. This little program will not work with HD videos.

Evan also has a “GIF Frame Extractor” if you’d prefer to extract and edit the frames in Elements and use File>Save For Web to create an animated GIF from them.

Additional: I just discovered today that the free-version iWisoft converter I use to convert my videos will convert to GIF animations. I tried converting a short clip and it did wonderfully well. The thing to remember when changing video to gif is that video has a full color range while gif only does 256 colors.

When selecting the Profile in the converter, scroll down to the “Flash Video and Picture”. Gif animation is the very last choice.

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