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Your Questions About How To Discover New Elements

Ken asks…

About 2 the new elements 114 + 116?

You may have heard they just added 2 new elements to the periodic table. (118 was already there…but now there is 114 and 116 also.) I have 2 good questions and I am really interested in a GOOD answer to both. First of all…How can there be gaps??? (Missing # 113, 115, and 117) I don’t get that. – Also…is it just a coincidence that the missing ones are all odd numbers? Are the even numbered ones more easy to discover or confirm? — Please give me a detailed answer if you understand this. Thank you very much. — Go to this link for the table of elements.


New Niche Finder answers:

Firstly, 118 already exists since it is stable because of fully filled electronic configuration of its valence shell
secondly, I you have knowledge about electronic configurations, then you know that odd electron (unpaired electrons) cause instability, thats the solo reason that odd number heavy elements are generally less stable than even number heavy elements

Chris asks…

Could someone PLEASE help me with these questions?!?

I can’t find the answers to ANY of them! Here they are:

1. Describe how to test a sample of an element to see if it is a metal.
2. Compare and contrast the uses of the iron triad and the use of coinage metals.
3. Classify the following as alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition elements, or inner transitional elements: calcium, gold, iron, magnesium, plutonium, potassium, sodium, and uranium.
4. Suppose you discovered a new element with 120 protons and 2 electrons in its outer level. In what group does this new element belong? What properties would you expect it to have?

New Niche Finder answers:

1. To test for a metal, it should be shiney and lustrous and conduct electricity.

Jenny asks…

Questions about movie Iron Man 2?

*****The following questions contain spoilers from movie Iron Man 2.*****

I was confused about a few parts after watching the movie, I’ve never read the comics so I don’t know much about the big story. I have a few questions, thanks.

1. The shield that Tony used as a thing to level out that giant pipe, what is its significance? Where did it come from? how did he get it?

2. In the movie they mentioned that the suit had a security feature that would deny unauthorized operation. How did James get into the suit then?

3. When Tony’s dad discovered the new element, why did he not reveal it? Is it because at the time the technology was not advanced enough, that he wanted Tony to “re-discover” it when the time is right?

4. What exactly is the Avenger Initiative?

5. What’s that thing they found at the very end of the movie after credits? Sources told me that it’s called the Mjolnir, what is its significance? How did it end up there?

6. Why did Ivan’s dad get deported? For an argument with Tony’s dad?

7. In a cover picture of a comic, I saw Iron Man’s chest piece to be a upside down pentagon shape. I know it went from a circle to a triangle in the movie because of the new element. How did it change to the pentagon?

Thanks for answering my questions! 😀

New Niche Finder answers:

1. That was Captin Americas shield.(Or strong replica of it)
2.Tony thought he was going to die so he wanted hid best friend James to hold possession of it.
3.Tony’s father didn’t have the technology back then to actually create the new element.
4.The Avengers is a team that consists of Marvels greatest hero’s like the Justice League, which DC owns. Tony was being assessed by Black Widow.(Natasha)
5.It means Thor has landed.
6.He was trying to make money illegally of of the experiments.
Comicvine.com has everything you need to know plus more.

William asks…

Poll: Elric Alchemist new story?

I finally saw the end of Brotherhood and I feel there was so much to offer story wise.
Director Yasuhiro Irie did a good job and the story created by Hiromu Arakawa was just incredible that he created a world with vivid characters. None the less I do feel the story fell short in the end, and dare to continue it the way I envisioned it. thumbs up or thumbs down let me know what you think.The Show is Called “Elric Alchemy”.
Just after the events when they finally killed Father; the ultimate homunculi in central. Roy Mustang now the new Fuer has regain eye sight because he accepted the philosopher stone by Tim Marcoh as well as his buddy Jean Havoc who was paralyzed. Roy Mustang rebuilds central as well as help the Ishbalans return to and claim back their home land. There is finally Peace.Edward Elric now married with Winry Rockbell and has two kids. He continues along with his brother Alphonse Elric: who married Princess May Chang, to Travel all around the world to discover new Alchemy never before studied. Edward Learned everything there was to learn about Alchemy in the west, and Al learned everything there was to learn about the East, both have wild adventures.
The Elric Brothers combined their knowledge to be the best Alchemists in the world. Roy Mustang recognized their new power of alchemy and he decides to perhaps share their knowledge to the world for a better future. Ed and Al accept and create a new academy called “Elric Alchemist”.
Now with new knowledge Ed would teach the new students while Al would Demonstrate. Elric Alchemy was the most advanced form of combining elements of equal exchange using extremely unique and complex forms of transmutations. Years progressed and Central became more advanced with buildings, skyscrapers, Cars were more powerful, computer tech is dominating, radio is being used more often and gives birth to cell phones, and flying air crafts are the new way to travel. the world around them becomes more modern and a new age Alchemy Rise’s.Retired Ed now and old man request his brother NOT to make him young he wants to die and meet Winry on the otherside. Al has used and advanced form of alchemy that was never shared to the world alkahestry that can heal 100% (Cancer, Sickness, lost limbs… etc. etc. etc. except the Head) the human body… it has been keeping AL looking young and healthy for many, many years. Ed refuses to use it because he wants to die old and finally meet Winry who already died recently. But Ed pushes AL to keep going to keep understanding Alchemy and a new theory of where exactly Alchemy comes from. The Origin of Alchemy itself. Al refuses at first but understands now what Ed wants him to do. After all Alphonse always loved alchemy more then ED ever did and is now being asked to pursue the ultimate question. A little more years pass and Edward Elric has finally passed away. Alphonse is retired and has pledged never to teach alchemy again while Ed’s 2 kids join him on his Adventure for truth. The world is now changed Alphonse can gather just the right amount of certain types of elements together to combine his Alchemy so that he can make a flying plane. It’s very common in fact to create cell phones, cars, computers, pretty much anything that Elric Alchemy lets you to do.. it can make body suits -like the ones used in James Cameron’s Avatar- and many many things. what really pushed Elric Alchemy forward was the world of quantum physics and the ability to look at an element under a micro scope to understand it how it works. Alphonse goes deep into his Discoveries and tracks little by little secrets never explained before.
He winds up south of the planet under cold weather hoping to find a mysterious cave with signs and paintings on the walls. he goes deeper in the cave that has never ever been researched or explored before.. he finds excellent fossils and good history, stuff that really got him excited. after studying the cave for several hours he discovers a hollow wall… Alphonse breaks it using his Alchemy and the Cave just became more mysterious. As he enters more it starts to show signs of intelligence life that once was there. He lights it up with fire to see clearly and then he see’s somethings that has never discovered before a small boy no older then 8 inside a frozen glass pod that was on the wall. It seems as though the Boy was preserved in ice Alphonse uses his hands to dust off any more ice to see the boy clearly and see’s the he’s wearing an amulet over the neck. Carefully Alphonse uses his alchemy to clean off every thing on the pod. It was odd but a pot centuries old still had familiar language on the command buttons. he press a certain button that opens the hatch and it immediately begins to melt and resurrect the boy.The Boy wakes up says “where am I”. Alphonse quickly see’s the boy is harmless and says “your safe”. AL not only discovered a mysterious boy but a
Sorry for making it long.

New Niche Finder answers:

Oh hey I remember you.

1. Tl;dr
2. How is this a poll?
3. Lol

Steven asks…

Create your own element! SCIENCE project !! Angelium 10 points!!!?

OK well my science teacher wanted us to create an element made up and it has to be human , like use for humans. I named mine, Angelium, due to the fact that it was discovered in Los Angeles

so here’s the directions on my paper for it..

“you are a chemist who has discovered a new element that has practical uses for humanity.

I also have to give the physical and chemical properties or the element (explain how the atoms structure influences them)

A discussion of all atomic particles, oxidation state, symbol

Practical uses for the element ( should relate to it’s properties)

is it a metal, non metal or mettaloide.
The state of matter your element is most likely found at room temperature.

and how can I make a model diagram of it.





New Niche Finder answers:

I agree Megan

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