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Your Questions About How To Discover New Elements

Mary asks…

What is The Number of Chemical Elements which are undiscovered till now and Theoretically Supposed to be ?

i know that there is Tens of Elements Known in Nature are discovered till now ,,, but what is the Physical Maximum Elements can Be Discovered and can be in the nature according to the atomic system ?

New Niche Finder answers:

Any element that is in nature has already been discovered. Elements of atomic number of Z > 100 decay so fast by alpha/beta/gamma decays that you can’t actually isolate useful quantities. These high number elements are also only synthesized in the lab and are not found naturally.

The highest number element that is stable is Lead, Pb. Z = 82. This is what many decay series end in.

George asks…

What is a creative, different, way to organize the elements? Must be different from original table.?

Such as:
-chronological order of when each was discovered
^ cant use that one, need another creative idea!
doesnt need ot give periodicity, can be really strange

New Niche Finder answers:

Alphabetically, of course, but that’s not gonna give you any periodicity.

By mass

By the number of isotopes of the element (stable, unstable or both)

Mandy asks…

How do you make a gif from a video using photoshop elements 9?

I have a video and I would like to upload a gif of my favourite part on tumblr. I can’t download photoshop cs5 because it costs too much so i have photoshop elements 9. How can I make a gif from a video i downloaded? please explain step by step and is this really time consuming?
Thank-you ^^ ~

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes, it is time consuming. I’ve done it and you have to capture each frame one by one (File>Import>Frame From Video) using a little preview window and a slider.

Here are the instructions I wrote for another Yahoo Asker.

I’ve since found 2 other ways to make gifs from videos. The first is a little, easy-to-use program.
There are two versions. One for XP/Vista and one for Windows 7. I used the XP/Vista version with no problems but, when I got my new computer a few months ago, the Windows 7 version wouldn’t work OK. Since the program is mobile (doesn’t install on a computer), it was easy to drag the W7 version to the Trashcan and download the older XP/Vista version which works fine.

I also discovered that the video converter I use, iWisoft’s free converter, has an option to “convert” a video clip into a gif animation. Of course I tried it out.
I learned that it’s easier to show how to do something than to tell how to do it. So, here’s a little video showing how to use iWisoft’s converter to make a GIF animation.

Evan’s little program is nice because you can load a video and mark the beginning and the end of the section you want to turn into an animation. If you use iWisoft, you can trim the video using Edit but I’ve always trimmed the video using another program first. Evans program also lets you resize the animation. The iWisoft converter goes looking for updates when you first open it so your browser will pop up. But it’s free and it does a good job converting so I just close the browser and continue on. I didn’t show it but you can resize the animation in the Settings window.

Maria asks…

How to get an element named after me?

What do I need to achieve to get a new element in the periodic table named after me.
Is there anything in particular that could put my name as a contender?

New Niche Finder answers:

Discover a new element is pretty much the only way to do it.

And considering that we’re talking about very unstable ones that require billions of dollars worth of equipment (particle accelerators, etc) you’re going to need to go to college, major in that field (possibly getting a double doctorate) and getting yourself attached to a major research project.

Chris asks…

What products is the element krypton found in? What do human beings(or other creatures) need for it?

Hi, im doing a project on the element Krypton…and i just need answers on those questions i put up because im having difficult researching the. So please give me as much info as you can, and please answer those questions. Oh and also if you can list me about 5 most interesting facts about the element krypton, and also the most coolest fact about it too. PLEASE AND THANKS!

New Niche Finder answers:

It doesn’t have many uses because its extraction from air is difficult and that makes it very expensive. It is used in fluorescent lamps and in photographic flash lights. Mixed with other gases it is used in luminous signs to produce a yellow green light. Krypton-86 is used to define the exact length of the metre.

Its name means hidden, it belongs to the noble gas family, was discovered in 1898 by Ramsey and Travers. One part per million of air is krypton a tiny quantity which explains why obtaining it is difficult and expensive. It has six stable (non radioactive) isotopes with krypton-84 being the most abundant.

Cool facts:

Krypton-85, one of its unstable isotopes, is produced during the fission of uranium in nuclear reactors.

Krypton liquefies at -152 degrees Celsius and freezes at -156 degrees Celsius just 4 degrees further below

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