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Your Questions About How To Discover New Elements

Sandra asks…

What contribution did john dalton make to atomic theory?

A. He discovered that every atom was positively charged
B. He discovered that every element consisted of one type of atom
C. He discovered that atoms had nuclei
D. He discovered that atoms could be divided into smaller parts

New Niche Finder answers:

B, he also did research into color blindness…

Susan asks…

Main reasons behind the discovery of over 100 more elements by the early years of the 21st century?

Before the year 1604 only 12 elements had been discovered. What do you think were the main reasons behind the discovery of over 100 more elements by the early years of the 21st century?

New Niche Finder answers:

A broader array of experimental techniques, all of which were more sensitive that what was available in 1604. After each new technique, there was a burst of new elements discovered.

Three examples:

Early 1800’s – electric batteries – a whole bunch of new elements discovered (Ba, Mg, Ca, Na, K are some)

1860’s – spectroscopy – thallium and helium spring to mind. There are others, I can’t remember them.

1930’s – cyclotron and other “atom smashers” – the transuranic elements, but before them were technecium and protactinium

There was a big article on this back in the mid80’s in the Journal of Chemical Education.

Lisa asks…

Which procedure did early chemists use to determine which substances were elements?

They physically broke down the elements they discovered.

They observed the substances that made up individual atoms.

They mixed several substances together and observed the results.

They broke down mixtures by chemical means.

New Niche Finder answers:

D. They broke down mixtures by chemical means.

You can look up gravimetric analysis and volumetric analysis for the details on those procedures. These methods are still taught in undergraduate classes and may sometimes still be used when more modern techniques are not immediately available.

Steven asks…

Where can I find a websight that tells the place where The Elements were isolated/discovered, and by whom?

Wikipedia sometimes says where the elements were isolated, but I need a place where I can see the origins easily for all the elements. Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

A complete, easy-to-read list of the elements by name, who they were discovered by, and what year they were discovered.


Nancy asks…

Science homework about the periodic table and who discovered it?

I need help on my science homework which is in exact words:
-Identify a simple advantage of people working together.
-Which three scientists completed altogether led a better understanding of the elements?
-^^And suggest how they did that?
-Compare the advantages and disadvantages of John Newlands’ theory.
Please keep in mind since this is 8th grade work, nothing should be too complex.
And I need references as well. Thank you :)

New Niche Finder answers:

Look it up yourself rather than asking.

Working together as an advantage should be intuitive to you.

I’ll give you the name: Mendeleev, look him up and you should get tons of info on the development/discovery of the periodic table.

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