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Your Questions About How To Discover New Elements

Mark asks…

What would be a good costume to wear to represent Marie Curie?

Hi, I am doing a science project where I have to pick a famous scientist. I picked Marie Curie and for my project I have to do research on her and I have to wear a creative costume but the costume cannot be how she looks like regular clothing. The costume has to be something creative. The costume can be one of her discoveries. She discovered radioactivity and 2 elements so I cannot think of a creative costume to represent any of those discoveries. Also, if you know another famous scientist and a creative costume to match that scientist then please feel free to suggest ideas as I am thinking about changing my scientist. Any famous scientist will do and a costume to represent them. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks for your help!

New Niche Finder answers:

Wear a wig or have your hair up in a bun

wear a grey old fashion dress, you cold maybe find one in a costume store

wear some black non rainy boots

and maybe have your face a bit pale

Chris asks…

What (specific) date was the element potassium discovered?

I know it was discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphrey Davy in Britain. I just need to know the date – and a reference source that’s not Wikipedia.

New Niche Finder answers:

August 7th.

Robert asks…

I need to make up a story about how i discovered an element dealing with pirates?

or basically an eventful story dealing with pirates, and in honor of it i named an element after it…

New Niche Finder answers:

You could consider a tale about a ship utilizing cunning and stealth to maneuver into a superior battle position and then ramming a cargo ship in the middle of a moonless night.

The element could be named for a unique metal which was utilized to strengthen the battering ram.

Joseph asks…

What is the cost of one gram of the element lithium?

hello, i’m doing a chemsistry research project on the elements, and one of my questions is how much my element costs. i can’t seem to find it on google, or ask, because the search is too wide ranged. Does any one have any ideas??

New Niche Finder answers:

Atomic Number: 3
Atomic Symbol: Li
Atomic Weight: 6.941
Electron Configuration: 2-1

(Gr. Lithos, stone) Discovered by Arfvedson in 1817. Lithium is the lightest of all metals, with a density only about half that of water.
It does not occur free in nature; combined it is found in small units in nearly all igneous rocks and in the waters of many mineral springs. Lepidolite, spodumeme, petalite, and amblygonite are the more important minerals containing it.
Lithium is presently being recovered from brines of Searles Lake, in California, and from those in Nevada. Large deposits of quadramene are found in North Carolina. The metal is produced electrolytically from the fused chloride. Lithium is silvery in appearance, much like Na and K, other members of the alkali metal series. It reacts with water, but not as vigorously as sodium. Lithium imparts a beautiful crimson color to a flame, but when the metal burns strongly, the flame is a dazzling white.

Since World War II, the production of lithium metal and its compounds has increased greatly. Because the metal has the highest specific heat of any solid element, it has found use in heat transfer applications; however, it is corrosive and requires special handling. The metal has been used as an alloying agent, is of interest in synthesis of organic compounds, and has nuclear applications. It ranks as a leading contender as a battery anode material as it has a high electrochemical potential. Lithium is used in special glasses and ceramics. The glass for the 200-inch telescope at Mt. Palomar contains lithium as a minor ingredient. Lithium chloride is one of the most lyproscopic materials known, and it, as well as lithium bromide, is used in air conditioning and industrial drying systems. Lithium stearate is used as an all-purpose and high-temperature lubricant. Other lithium compounds are used in dry cells and storage batteries.
The metal is priced at about $300/lb.
1.00000 Gram = 0.00220 Pounds

Paul asks…

How do you predict the number of electrons in an elements outer orbit?

Here is the question:
A new element has been discovered and you know it is an alkali metal. Predict the number of electrons in its outer orbit.

New Niche Finder answers:

All alkali metals have 1 electron in outer orbit


ions let that electron for stabile configuration
that is why their ions have valency of 1+

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