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Your Questions About How To Discover New Elements

Carol asks…

What are the rules for an element to be considered an element?

Like if you discover an element what rules do you have to follow so i can be considered an element. I know there are 3.

New Niche Finder answers:

It can be its element as a single atom
Idk what else

Sharon asks…

How do we know that there aren’t more elements in the Universe other than those on the periodic table?

Is it possible that we only know a fraction of the elements in the Universe? If that’s true couldn’t life arise in an imaginably limitless amount of ways through reaction of those unknown elements?

What I’m asking is what process do we use to discover unknown elements that we haven’t even acquired yet, like the Nobelium?

New Niche Finder answers:

Honestly, it’ll take a long time to find out if there are other elements in the universe(which there actually are). When you think about it, the universe is a pretty big place and it is no surprise that there are at least a million different elements that we haven’t found. Heck there might actually be a cure for death out there, but what I’m trying to say is we don’t really know YET. And the only real answer that I can give you right now is time. Time will answer it for us. Soon…

John asks…

How is the element Chlorine important to life?

For my biology class we are discovering how elements are important to life I need [2] facts in relation to this element? Does anyone know how chlorine is important to life? Thanks 10 points best!

New Niche Finder answers:

The above answers are “right”, but not actually correct. While they are important uses for chlorine, they aren’t the real reasons chlorine is important. Technically, you don’t need chlorine in the pool, as a pool is not essential to life. Bleach is not essential either.

The chlorine ion is important to the functions of the human body at the cellular level.

For instance, in the kidneys, during metabolite re-absorption in the proximal and distal tubules, chloride ions are absorbed alongside the sodium ion transport to maintain a neutral charge during transport. The sodium is eventually reabsorbed into the blood, as it is a very important metabolite to our cellular functions.

Another example is in the digestive system. Chloride ions are transported from the blood and released into the stomach alongside hydrogen ions via gastric glands, to form HCl in stomach. This HCl is important, as it “transforms” pepsinogen produced by chief cells into pepsin. Pepsin is an important digestion enzyme that is used to cleave proteins in the middle and is a main component of the digestive enzymes in our stomach. The HCl also provides the acidic environment in the stomach for proper digestion to occur.

Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

What is the atomic weight of this element?

A newly discovered element has two isotopes. One has an atomic weight of 120.9038 amu with 57.25% abundance. The other has an atomic weight of 122.8831 amu. What is the atomic weight of this element?

A) 122.15 amu
B) 122.38 amu
C) 121.75 amu
D) 123.45 amu
E) 121.17 amu
F) 121.54 amu

New Niche Finder answers:

C) 121.75 amu

Mark asks…

What’s the probablility of new elements being found in space?

Do we think that we’ve discovered most of the elements that exist, either on the planet or in the universe? Since the earth is itself made up of space stuff, and space stuff is constantly arriving (via meteors, comets, asteroids, whatever), are all of the elements already here, or do we expect to continue discovering new elements? What if we were able to explore other planets in other solar systems? Would totally new and unknown elements likely be found, or would we find that they are all just different combinations of elements that we already know here on earth?

New Niche Finder answers:

Approximately zero.

There are no gaps in the periodic table, and we have no reason to suspect the existence of stable elements of atomic number higher than what we’ve already created on Earth.

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