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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Charles asks…

Archaeological recovery of digital information in the distant future?

For a project I need to know how best digital information from our age could be recovered in about a thousand years from now.

What medium would survive best? CDs/DVD? FLASH? Magnetic (hard drive)?

Where would it survive best? Dry or wet climate? Hot or cold climate? Buried deeply or shallowly?

Any help is appreciated!

New Niche Finder answers:

Forget it. None of those would work particularly well. CDs would have the best chance of physical survival, but their encoding is so idiosyncratic, there’d be little hope.

In fact, though, this is a major area of study. Here are some links:

BTW, the movie studios have discovered that saving films in digital form is far more expensive than in analog form (i.e. On film):

Carol asks…

How do I remove a partition in Windows after loading?

You know when you start loading Windows, it asks if you want to enable the larger drive?

What happens if you’ve forgotten to enable it, loaded Windows and all your other software, but discovered that you’ve only got a 2gb hard drive cos there’s a partition there?

Is there any way of removing the partition without reloading everything again from the start.

Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated xx

New Niche Finder answers:

Hi, try partition manager 8.0. I’ve got a copy of it which i can send u. It’s soo easy to use. You can create more partitions or remove them if you need to.
If you want then i can send it to you…umm..its bout 80mb so prob have to transfer it over msn or summin.. Then i can talk you through what you need to do..
That’s going to be the easiest 😉 email me if you need help..x

George asks…

Where to start for becoming a linux master?

I have ubuntu 8.10 installed on my macbook and I am familiar with the gui as well as other desktop environments. But, I have no clue how to program, what a source code is, or how to build my own linux distro from scratch. I do know how to install several operating systems, how to partition a hard drive, and how to install hardware. I’d like to be a programmer someday and I want to know where to start. Thanks!
I don’t like kde at all.

New Niche Finder answers:

Check this out:

It guides you through building a distro from scratch.

Source code is basically the “recipe” to a program. A compiler converts source code to binary.

KDE wasn’t my preferred desktop environment at first either, but as I started using it and discovered how much more configurable it is and found some of it’s unique features (that the other DE’s don’t have), it became my favorite desktop environment.

But if you want to learn more about Linux, try using a distro that doesn’t try to emulate Windows. Using slackware has taught me a lot.

John asks…

is it okay to have your Hard Drive set in primary slave?

i let a computer technician fix my PC, though i dont trust him, i didnt have a choice..then i had just recently discovered when i went to BIOS settings to check some things then i found out that my HARD DRIVE is set to primary slave, shouldnt that be the primary master?

New Niche Finder answers:


William asks…

Is there any way to retrieve a forgotten password?

I changed the password and now I can’t get in to my computer. I know “Duh!” I am the “administrator” and cannot get on my files, pictures, music ETC. I have a Lot of pictures that I do not want to lose. But I am being told that the only thing I can do is scrub the hard drive and start all over. Some smart techie please help an old woman!

New Niche Finder answers:

1. Find a computer that has web access that you know you can get on. To recover the password, go to http://www.loginrecovery.com/ follow the steps there. This is the easiest way to get your password back(Only downside is that you have to wait two [2] days to get to your password for free, unless you pay, and then it will be discovered in 10 minutes).
2. Instead of waiting 2 days to get your password, instead of submitting the file to them, sign up for the forums here http://forum.insidepro.com/ and post your hashes on there. Someone will crack them for you very quickly.

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