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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Lisa asks…

Whats the difference between xbox 360 elite, and the normal one?

i’ve seen all the different numbers each has before, but what do they all mean to the casual gamer? do i really need 120gb hard drive and all the other stuff? etc
What is the HDMI cable?

New Niche Finder answers:

The main difference between the Elite and the Pro(normal) version is the harddrive. The normal 360 has a harddrive of 20 GB while the Elite, as you already know, comes with the 120GB.

If you plan on playing a small selection of games then you’re better off going with the normal version, where as if you plan on having a rather large collection and are interested in downloading games or music onto your system, then it’s a wiser choice to go with the Elite.

In the event that you do go with the normal version and you discover that the 20 GB harddrive is just not enough, you can purchase additional harddrives and memory cards.

And as the previous poster mentioned, the Elite does come with the HDMI cable. This is the cable you are going to want if you have a High Definition TV, it allows the picture to have a higher quality.

Joseph asks…

What programs can I use to detect if I have viruses on my computer?

We currently discovered at work that a computer had 600 viruses on the hard drive (not done by me but another co-worker). Is there a computer program out there that can inform you of a site that will give you a virus or spy-ware? I only use yahoo and listen to music over at imeem.com, so I’m a little concerned.

New Niche Finder answers:

AVG anti virus. It is absolutely the best… Trust me….

Go to free.avg.com for the free anti virus only version, or avg.com for the full version!

Good luck!

PS. AVG is a LOT cheaper that big brands like mcafee and norton. And Packs a punch. It is regularly updated every day and it the ultimate security tool.

Mandy asks…

Can police search a house for items not related to the reason of probable cause?

A girl’s house is searched by police on the suspiscion of illegal drug possession. They see her computer and begin searching the hard drive, finding that it has been used to download porn illegally. Can this be charged against her?

Sources cited please

New Niche Finder answers:

If the house is being searched on suspicion of drug possession, anything within plain view that is not listed in the warrant may be seized as evidence. In this case it would be to search for her sources of drug sales.
The plain view doctrine requires that the Officer be engaged in lawful activity at the time, the objects incriminating character is immediately apparent and not concealed, and the officer had lawful access to the object, and the evidence was discovered accidentally.

Sandra asks…

Can i watch movies straight off my external harddrive?

I recently discovered I can run my laptop through my 1990’s big screen TV so I wanted to get an external hard drive to put all my dvd’s on so I can just use my laptop as a media center for my TV. Is it possible to have stuff on a external hard drive run from the external hard drive, or does it just store it and you need to upload it back onto ur laptop to watch?

New Niche Finder answers:

It will work just fine running from your external – just make sure that it’s a decently fast external drive or else the playback may lag a bit.

Paul asks…

Can I swap my hard drive to another laptop of the same model?

My Gateway ML6227b died yesterday. I have discovered the hard drive just pops out like a battery. SO….Can I put my hard drive into another gatewayv of the exact same model?

New Niche Finder answers:

If hard drive is built in then swapping is not so easy yeah if hard drive is like connection via usb port or some other thing then you can swap it.

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