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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Robert asks…

What is the easyiest way to move from one hard drive to the next?

I have recently discovered the internet and as a result windows has slowed down so that I can no longer compose music with my computer. I decided to buy a new hard drive and run a seperate operating system on it. My only problem is moving smoothly from one hard drive to the next. I have to turn off the computer, unplug the master hard drive, change hard drive in the bios and reboot. It worked fine at first but is now having trouble booting when I switch. I feel this is somthing to do with the computer becoming confused with the whole master slave thing.

Can anyone help me?

New Niche Finder answers:

I’m sure someone will help you but just in case no one does I am kinda hoping for the ten points?

Michael asks…

Which would be the best portable external hard drive for me?

I’m looking for a good portable external hard drive which I can use to back-up and store my documents, files etc. I only discovered external hard drives recently- hence, I have no knowledge in the topic.

So, I would really appreciate if someone could give me a few suggestions of which portable external hard drive I could buy- e.g. which company, what to look out for when buying etc.

Thanking you in advance…

New Niche Finder answers:

I have an Iomega 500GB portable hard drive. I brought it from comet for like £40-50.
Probably be a lot cheaper now, i brought it about three years ago. At that time it had more disc space than my PC.

I am currently using it now to upload photos, and you can barely hear it. It has a slick silver design and a blue LED light, it also has a stand.
It is also virtually indestructible. I have dropped it on numerous occasions and it still works.

Hope this help.

Just checked priced on Amazon and it is a wee bit more pricey that what i paid for (maybe mine was on sale). Just looked on Comet again they are doing a 320GB Iomega for £45. Just depends on how much disc space you want.

Helen asks…

How to maintain quality when converting video for windows movie maker?

I wasn’t sure where to categorize this so I put it here.
I am doing a class project where we film a scene from Harry Potter. The camera that my group used only takes MP4 Quicktime videos and I need to create a movie using these clips. The program that I will be using is Windows Movie Maker. WMM doesn’t accept MP4s so I downloaded Any Video Converter in hopes of converting my files to .avi .wmv or .mpg.
I’ve discovered that .wmv doesn’t work for me but the other two do. Only problem is they are very fuzzy and will not be quality at ALL once they are shown using the class projector.
What bit rate and frame rate should I specify? I am using an external hard drive with tons of storage and file size isn’t an issue. Is there something else I should be adjusting? Whatever creates the clearest conversion.
The project is due tomorrow and I am the only one who is tech savvy enough to work on it. Please help!
I have spent several hours looking through the internet and various yahoo answers but haven’t found something that is conclusive or works for me. This project is our 100 point chapter final. Any suggestions are appreciated!

New Niche Finder answers:

The way to maintain quality and really the only way is to not convert them at all. Avi files thats just a container for many different codecs. Forget WMV and MPG. There both no good. MP4, Vvid (in the AVI container) are actually part of the general mpeg 4 codec so stick with that.

The reason they use Containers like AVi and also MKV is to add things like Subs, Dual Audio. Always keep the original frame rates and resolutions once you upconvert them the pixellation gets worse. A video editor cannot make poor videos good, but it can wreck good ones. Never convert things more than once. You should use a Editor that works with Mp4. Thats the problem. Apple Vs Ms

Linda asks…

A PC continues to reboot. You try to solve the problem by booting from a Windows 98?

startup disk. You boot to the A prompt and look on the hard drive. You discover an unwanted command in the Autoexec.bat file on the hard drive. what is the source of the problem and how do i fix it?

New Niche Finder answers:

Removing the number from the front of your homework question is still a homework question. Instead of sitting here hoping for an answer open your text book and figure it out yourself.

Daniel asks…

How can I activate my windows 8 without the activation code?

I just recently wiped my hard drive and installed windows 8. The only problem is I installed the “Update” version. This version requires me to have a previous version of windows on my computer which I do not have because, as I said earlier, I completely wiped my hard drive. Since it can’t find any previous versions of windows, the activation code I received will not work. Is there any way I can either bypass the activation code or get a new one, without having to reinstall an older version of windows? Any help is greatly appreciated!

New Niche Finder answers:

There’s a trick you can use to activate without having to install another version of Windows first.


Use method #2. I can confirm that it works in both 7 and 8.


Like I wrote, it’s a trick from Windows 7 that I’ve confirmed works exactly the same on Windows 8.

Install Windows 8 and enter the product key like usual. It won’t activate, as Matt discovered. Follow the instructions from method #2, NOT the double install as in method #3. Method #2 involves editing a registry key then inputting a command that wipes out the product key used during the installation of Windows 8.

After rebooting run Windows Activation, input the product key, and activate as normal. It’ll work.

– Dominic

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