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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Donna asks…

I discovered through a remote access by a third party that my computer had several viruses on it?

Prior to finding this out I downloaded my pictures and other information to an external hard drive, now I need to download the pictures to a new computer. Is there any way to clean up the data on the external hard drive before putting it on a new computer, the new computer is running Web root and Norton Anti Virus.

New Niche Finder answers:

I strongly recommend you get rid of norton. Norton is not a good anti-virus, you could try
those i recommend in my years using norton i have seen that norton doesn’t offer as much protection as these other anti-viruses. Norton has allowed many viruses to enter my system. But when i finally deleted norton then added one of these and scanned my pc i have seen that it was LOADED with viruses. So i recomend you get one of these (right now i’m using AVG its very good) then scan your all your hard drives and from then if viruses are found you can clean your system and proceed with whatever you wanted to do. Hope this helped :)

Mark asks…

How do game consoles play games without installation?

It fascinates me that a game console like the Xbox 360 is able to read and display information from a game DVD instantly without installation, while a PC game generally requires you to install the data from the game DVD to the hard drive, and then the data is read from the hard drive when the game is played. In fact, you can install a “crack” which overrides the original game executable, completely eliminating the need for even having the DVD in the drive at all when playing.

I’ve heard that it has to do with file size, but I don’t see the logic behind that. I say this because I believe Halo Reach for Xbox 360 takes up almost 7GB on the DVD, while I can’t play Age of Empires II off a CD that probably has less than a GB of data.

So, how are consoles able to do this while PC’s cannot play games directly from the CD?

I normally wouldn’t ask this here, but I can’t find the answer anywhere else.

New Niche Finder answers:

A select few PC games are played directly off the CD. The original Diablo had a minimal installation, but CONSTANTLY read from the disc, at least in part because PCs discovered disc-based audio long before consoles discovered the joys of FMVs. The result was absolutely no battery life on my laptop. Just speculation on my part, but it seems like PCs are designed to read what they need from a drive, then shut it off. Consoles seem designed to constantly spin the disc. Not having to spin up the disc would give consoles a much better read time than PCs, which have long relied on faster hard drives. Also, relying on hard drives means you don’t have to switch out the disc to play the second part of a game, something I hated about the PS1 and PS2.

Also speculation, my guess is that consoles games aren’t compressed on their discs, which allows for faster playing from the disc itself. Most PC games I know for a fact are compressed on the disc, which potentially allows for fewer discs needed to install the game. Uncompressing data while playing a game is very taxing on a system. I don’t doubt that modern computers could easily play Age of Empires 1 or 2 directly from the CD, it’s just that the disc wasn’t designed for that. Last, during installation a program configures itself for performance on that computer’s hardware, and I imagine it’s better to do that configuring once than every time the game is run. Consoles on the other hand have only one configuration, so developers don’t need a program that can adapt to millions of different possible hardware setups. I hope my musings help a little.

Linda asks…

I think my hard drive is about to crash, how can I get the files off it before it crashes?

Every time I try to copy files, or even open folders on that hard drive, windows explorer takes ages to open each folder, stops responding for ages, then finishes discovering the files. When I try to copy files, it sits there saying “copying” but doesn’t actually do anything. I have tried copying files between the other two hard drives in my PC and it works fine, but this one will not. This hard drive has all my pictures, videos, a few downloads and documents on it. How can I copy these files off the hard drive before it completely breaks?
My computer was over £1000 in 2010 and was upgraded at the end of 2012 with newer and better components. It is not slow at all. That also does not explain it being slow when copying/opening files on one specific hard drive.

New Niche Finder answers:

You computer is probably slow, remove the hard drive and place it in another computer or go to a computer store to have the files backup-ed onto another storage device.

Donald asks…

Is there a program that you can download that let’s you know how much hard drive space you really have?

I have quite a few files that I wish to permanently delete from my hard drive to the point where it is impossible to recover them. This is just because I believe that even though I deleted the files, they are still somewhere on my hard drive because If I run a scan using a recovery program, I can still see them. I would like to know if there is a way that you can see the true size of the hard drive. Thanks:)

New Niche Finder answers:

There is no proper way you can delete a file “permanently” unless you give it to a specialized computer engineer, and even in that extreme case, forensic scientists can still discover what was initially on your hard drive should the material stored not abide by the law.

If you wish to check the amount of memory left on your hard drive, simply do the following:
My Computer> Right-click Local Disk Drive > Properties

And a new window should appear showing how much space you have.

Daniel asks…

What do I need to upgrade for FFXIV to run smoothly? [Comp specs/details listed]?

I was planning to play FFXIV with my friends when it came out (we had only recently decided to play it together, which is why this question is coming so close to the official release ><), and my knowledge of computers itself is quite significantly limited (and I only bother to read up and learn when I discover that I need to).

After looking at the system requirements and the official benchmark, I realized that my computer really isn’t up to par. I think the only thing that I have to upgrade is my graphics card, but I just want to re-check so I can see how much I’m going to be spending overall just to play this game, and if it’s really going to be worth it. Right now I have:

OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.60 GHz
RAM: 6.0GB

and Graphics Card: nVIDIA GeForce 9100 [Because of the official system requirements list and looking through some forums, I was thinking of just upgrading to GeForce 9600]

I’m certain my hard drive, sound, and internet connection are all fine, so I’m hoping the graphics card is the only thing I have to change, but suggestions on anything else, including what to upgrade to, is extremely welcome 😀

New Niche Finder answers:

Here are the min and recommended requirements (updated).

Your CPU is good. It could be better, such as an Athlon II x4 635, or a Phenom II x4. Overclock your Athlon if possible. Get as close to 3.0GHz as you can.

You’ve got enough RAM, but 2 options here:

1) I’d recommend you buy another 2GB stick and place it in your final slot so you can have 8GB. That way, you can run in dual channel instead of single channel, which will increase your memory’s bandwidth.

2) If you don’t want / can’t afford / don’t feel like you need the extra 2GB, I would just remove one of the 2GB sticks you have now. AMD AM3 uses dual channel memory, so having x3 2GB sticks is no good. You either want 2 identical sticks or 4 identical sticks. Since most computer users never need more than 4GB, the 6GB you have now is just wasting electricity and is probably slowing your computer down a bit. Moving down to 4GB will double your memory bandwidth, among other things.

As for the graphics, the minimum recommended Geforce 9600 will bottleneck your CPU. Look for a Radeon HD 5750 / 5770, or 4850 / 4870. They are the best bang for the buck GPUs around and will complement your CPU nicely. The Nvidia equivalents are the GTS 250 and the newly released GTS 450, but I haven’t heard much yet in terms of the 450’s reliability, power consumption, heat, etc. The highest I’d recommend is a Radeon HD 5830 or GTX 460 (but neither are worth the money in my opinion). Anything more powerful than these cards and your CPU might bottleneck you.

On a side note, you do not need a current generation GPU (Radeon 5000 series or GTS/GTX 400 series). A previous generation GTS/GTX 200 series or Radeon HD 4000 series will work just as well, since FFXIV only uses DirectX9. Only buy a current generation card if it is cheaper than it’s previous generation equivalent, if power consumption is important to you (newer cards tend to use less electricity), or if you plan on playing more games in the future.

Use the following chart to determine which card is more powerful, and which one is worth it to you.

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