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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Donna asks…

How to locate all pictures on hard drive pc?

I was using real player and discovered old pictures from my ex and porn crap from him i thought he deleted. They are not in my current pic folder or video folder but somehow came back after years of him not using my computer. I then deleted them asap but wonder if there are other pics or videos i dont know about. These were scanned pics and the videos were downloaded. How to i rid my computer of all his junk. I have windows 7. Why would these pics and porn crap show up now when i thought i deleted them!!!!

New Niche Finder answers:


Open your hard drives page …. Like…. My Computer, or Computer (depending on what OS..)

and do a search for *.jpg

that pulls up EVERY .jpg on the computer if you search in the right spot…. I assume you have 1 harddrive, so everything would probably be stored on C: but you can search in MY Computer which shows all drives (if on XP) (Computer if on 7)

idfk what mac is..

But it still works on mac..

*.jpg and then *.jepg




it works for all of them…. * means ALL or ANY

Mandy asks…

Opened xbox 360 console now it does not work?

i opened my xbox 360 just to clean the fan and discover what is inside.. i also disconnected the hard drive and connected it again.. now it does not work! does anyone know what could be wrong ? is it possible that i didnt connect the cables properly?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, yes… Seeing as it won’t work anymore, it seems quite possible that you connected the cables incorrectly.

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know if your computer is fixable after you delete everything and reformat?

I have an Emachine and the windows crashed. I followed someones advice to reformat the hard drive. Only I did it to discover I didnt make the back up disks. I have bought a new Windows XP program but it wont load all the files. I also get messages that say there is no sound card, modem, etc. How can I recover all this without spending alot of cash? Is it even worth fixing or should I just buy a new pc?

New Niche Finder answers:

U should hav reinstalled the copy of windows that came with ur pc because it contains all the drivers for ur hardware as well as the OS. Buying a new copy of windows was a waste of money because the drivers and things for ur ps dont even come with it. If uv still got ur old copy of windows that came with the machine then id say reformat ur HDD (remebering to back up ur files this time) n reinstall it n hopefully ur drivers n things will also be installed. However if u lost it n only hav the new copy then uv got 2 look up the drivers u need on emachines’s website, copy them 2 a flashdrive and transfer them 2 ur pc n install them. And dont buy a new pc im sure that ur problem can b solved.

John asks…

How to transfer files from one mac to another?

I just acquired a G4. I have some files, mainly lots of itunes songs, on my G3 that I’d like to get over to my G4. I don’t have firewire on the G3. Can I just take the harddrive out of my G3, put it in the G4, and swap files from one drive to another? Is there an easier way?

New Niche Finder answers:

Transfer files from one Mac to another

Often, users will want to share a set of documents or media files between two computers. There are several options available, each suited to a different situation.
File Sharing using a network

Mac OS File Sharing allows for seamless sharing of files between two or more computers on a network. These computers could be in the same room, or they could be hundreds of miles away. One computer, a client, will connect to another, a server. To the client, it appears that all the files are on the local computer. In reality, files are transferred over the network in real time as they are requested.

For large files (over 50MB), users may wish to copy files from one computer to another before opening or editing. Users may see degraded performance for files of this size.

File Sharing has the following advantages:

* No synchronization is required. When a user opens a document under File Sharing, he is looking at the original. He does not need to move or copy any files.
* Networks are fast. If both machines are on the RIT network, sharing will generally be very fast, almost as if the files are actually on both computers. Even wireless networks can be as fast — under the right conditions — as the SCSI connections in older pre-G4 Macintosh systems.
* File Sharing is cheap. Every Macintosh comes with the necessary software to share files. Users do not need to spend money on hardware and media.
* No file size limits. You may already have a Zip 100 drive on your Macintosh, but what if you want to move a file larger than 100MB? File Sharing’s limits are much higher than that of most storage media.

Users should also be aware of the disadvantages:

* Security risks arise. If a malicious user discovers your password, they will have access to all of your shared files over the Internet.
* Modems are slow. Users connecting at home will not experience the same speed that that they see at RIT. File Sharing is much slower over a modem than over Ethernet.

If you are transferring between a Mac OS 9 computer and a Mac OS X system, you should turn on File Sharing on the Mac OS X side. Then, connect from the Mac OS 9 computer to the Mac OS X File Sharing server. This should give you the fastest and most reliable file transfers, and should prevent most problems with long file names (which can be used on Mac OS 9 but not on Mac OS X).
Target disk mode

Target disk mode is ideal for users that have a laptop for the road and a more powerful desktop machine in their home or office. Nearly all Macintosh models (laptops and desktops) that have built-in FireWire ports can be put into target disk mode; during this mode, they behave exactly like a removable hard drive. (Power Macintosh G3 blue and white systems do not support target disk mode, but can mount the hard disks of other computers that do support it.)

Target disk mode has the following advantages:

* Very fast. Firewire is very fast, and most users can comfortably edit any file size through TDM.
* Disregard Mac OS X folder and file permissions. When a computer running Mac OS X is placed in target disk mode, you can bypass the normal folder and file permissions that protect data on the hard disk. This can be helpful in certain troubleshooting situations.
* Works in Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. The computer in target disk mode can be used on any computer that has FireWire ports and is running at least Mac OS 9, and will act as an external hard disk. However, Mac OS 9 computers mounting the hard disks of computers that typically run Mac OS X may have problems with files that have long file names. Long file names are typical on Mac OS X, but are not supported in Mac OS 9.

Target disk mode has the following advantages:

* Disregard Mac OS X folder and file permissions. This can be a drawback when you need maximum security, which is why you should understand how to enable the Open Firmware password (and understand its limits) to protect your files.
* Long file names. Files saved with long file names on a Mac OS X computer’s hard disk will have truncated names when mounted on a computer that is running Mac OS 9.
* Not available on all Macs. Macs that do not have FireWire cannot be started up in target disk mode. Some older Macs do support target disk mode with their SCSI ports, but this is typically much harder to set up and use.

Follow these steps to enable target disk mode:

1. Reboot the computer you would like to place in target disk mode. Generally, this is the computer that holds the files you would like to access.
2. Press and hold the “t” key on your keyboard while just as the screen goes dark, before the Happy Mac/Apple appear as your computer starts. The blue screen with Firewire logo should appear.
3. Release the “t” key.
4. Connect the two computers using a 6 pin-6 pin Firewire cable. The second computer can (and should) be powered on during this step. The target disk mode Mac’s hard drive will appear on your desktop. Access it as you would any other drive, such as a Zip or CD-ROM.

To turn off target disk mode:

1. “Eject” the target disk mode drive from your second computer. For example, select the drive and choose “Eject” from the “File” menu, or drag the drive to the Trash.
2. Press and hold the target disk mode computer’s power button to power down the machine.

Intermediate disk or file server

Users may also wish to use an intermediate disk or file server that two computers can read or communicate with. Examples are Iomega Zip drives, USB disk-on-keychain devices, external FireWire drives, and FTP servers (such as ftp.rit.edu).

When you are saving to an intermediate disk or file server, you should make sure it supports Macintosh files. Not all disks or file servers do.

For disks, you should format them with HFS+, the most common and full-featured disk format for the Mac. (See further advice about Disk repair, how to Erase a disk, and Disk Utility application.)

For file servers, they should support the “AFP/IP” protocol if at all possible. This will help guarantee that your files are transferred quickly and safely, with all data intact.

Lisa asks…

I Transfered my Xbox 360 Hard Drive onto a new 360, and it won’t let me play stuff my brother bought?

So I discovered that the new 360 won’t let me play anything that my brother bought on his account, and vice versa, even though they’re on the same hard drive. So, for example, it won’t let me play the Halo Reach Map Pack because my brother bought it on his account. Is there any fix for this?

New Niche Finder answers:

While as the other person says, you can redownload the content, that won’t fix your problem. Your problem is that the downloads are not registered to your current system, thereby only allowing the registered profile to use the downloads. You can fix this using the once a year License Transfer tool though, found here: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/support/systemuse/xbox360/licensemigration/default.htm

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