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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Chris asks…

How will future generations discover or learn or culture?

Will they still do digs to find remains or will they trying to hack into some old outdated piece of a hard drive looking for info or pictures or any data
sorry , the title should say “or learn our culture” forgot the u

New Niche Finder answers:

By reading history, what else. Just like we learnt about the culture of our ancestors.

We are leaving behind a hell of a lot of information compared to the people of past centuries, learning about us should be not problem

Carol asks…

Transferring videos to external hard drive and lost sound?

I transferred all my videos to an external hard drive. When I went to play them, I discovered that I lost the sound. I have both the .file and .mod files in folder but still no sound. Any ideas?

Incidentally, I also transferred Music files and they all work fine
please explain how I check codecs?
Noticed that when the video loads it says “aquiring codec” and then plays but no sound

New Niche Finder answers:

Check whether u have proper codecs….

Helen asks…

Why doesn’t my computer recognize my DVD Writer when I put a blank DVD in?

Everytime I put a blank DVD in the DVD Writer, the computer stops recognizing it as a DVD Writer and calls it a CD Player. As a result, I can’t burn files from my hard drive to DVD. Please help. I am using Windows XP, if that makes a difference.

New Niche Finder answers:

I once bought a 100 Pack of blank DVDs and they were all defective. Fortunately, the store gave me a full refund. So, try a DIFFERENT “trusted” brand of blank DVD, before you jump to the conclusion that your DVD Burner is defective.

And, if your sure your blank DVDs are good, by trying them on another PC, MALWARE may be the real culprit.

Use the Discover TAB above to learn all about Malware, and how to remove it.

George asks…

Can the police be prevented from searching a HDD if it is encrypted?

I hear of stories where people have had there hard drive searched by police to find evidence in a case, but if a hard drive was encrypted would they be able to search it?

Do they have anyway of hacking?

So for instance when USA killed bin laden and took HDDs and flash drives, if they were encrypted what would they have done?

New Niche Finder answers:

First off, all encryption (including encryption at the Operating System level = ‘bit locker’ etc) depends on ‘passwords’ and ‘keys’ … Any that are non-trivial will be far too complex to be remembered and will inevitably be written down ..

Next, bypassing OS encryption is typically just a matter of logging in as Administrator and ‘taking ownership’ of the files ..

Finally, without being too ‘paranoid’, just remember, WHO’S SOFTWARE are they likley to be using ???

(I would, like to bet that anyone using a Microsoft OS will discover that it has kept ‘history’ that includes their keys .. Just like MSIE keeps a list of all your internet accounts & passwords ..)

PS In UK (and many other countries) it’s a crime in itself to refuse to give up the decryption key when ordered by a Court to do so ..

Robert asks…

Is Xbox 360 hard drive data still recoverable?

My Xbox 360 ran into a problem and discovered it was Error 68. Which I need to replace my 120GB hard drive, I am going to be getting a 250GB sometime tomorrow and also a transfer cable. Will all of my data on my hard drive still be there, if not, what will I lose? Will I still keep my DLC, or will i have to redownload? Will I still have multiplayer progress for games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield 3?

New Niche Finder answers:

You will have to redownload everything but not pay for it again. Multiplayer progress is saved on their servers so you won’t lose that.

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