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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Steven asks…

Is there anyway to find out where a keylogger originated from I did a scan and found the STARR keylogger?

It was on my external harddrive how can I find the person or company.. I removed it but Im very afraid because I dont know how much they know like personal information

New Niche Finder answers:

The most important thing after discovering a keylogger installation is removing it and next changing all passwords to any accounts that you may have (if and while you may still have control of them) and contacting all credit card companies about initiating some possible fraud security on your credit cards…

If you had a lot of information for them to use, assume the worst.

Who done it? Well, this is after the fact…get your important things secured first, then worry about ‘mr. Whodunnit’.

Also good to note that, if you are a teen you may take into consideration that it was possibly your parents who dropped this software onto your external drive. Only you would know if that were a possibility, but, one to consider.

Did your malware scanner also indicate that the Starr keylogger was successfully removed? This keylogger runs in total stealth mode and is password protected from removal, so I think I would try a few more scans with an anti-rootkit detector before I assumed it to be gone.

You might want to scan with this GMER Anti-rootkit-
It is one of the better ones.

The only real way to be sure an anti-rootkit is completely gone is to format the drive a few times to wipe it clean…

Good luck!

Use protection,
your computer will thank you.

Laura asks…

I got a SATA to USB adapter but I have to reformat my disk?

My desktop recently blew up and I’m going to sent it to HP for them to repair it. However, I want to back up my data before. I bought a SATA to USB adapter and connected it and a power source to my harddrive and connected the usb to my (HP) Laptop. My laptop discovered the disk but when I tried to explore through the hard drive, it says disk G: is not accessible Data error (cyclic redundancy check) Any ideas?

New Niche Finder answers:

Chkdsk will fix somewhat problems but i can’t really guarantee that you’ll be able to recover the corrupted files or Bad sectors! Hopefully the files wasn’t damage during the explosion!

Lizzie asks…

What are the following Drivers and where can I get them?

Hi, I recently had to do a clean Install of Windows 7 after my Hard Drive died and I got a new one, I have an Alienware M14x R1 and the windows disc that came with it is extremely basic so I had to hunt down all the drivers and install them my self, but I’m having problems with three in particular:

-PCI Device
-SM Bus Controller
-Unknown Device

I’m guessing the last one is not important but I’m pretty sure that the first two have to do with chip sets and video cards, so any help in this matter will be appreciated thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

Here is a link to the drivers for your laptop.


I wouldn’t worry about the unknown device until you discover what device is not working.

John asks…

Where to Find the Macintosh LC System Folder Files?

I have a Macintosh LC and It’s hard drive died. So I need to run System 6 Off a 1.44MB Floppy. I need the System Folder Files does anyone have those for a Macintosh LC System 6?

New Niche Finder answers:

Even if you could find the original Floppies on eBay, they would have long since lost the original files.

And, as you already discovered, you can’t even BUY a replacement hard drive for it these days.

Sorry, but, this ancient Mac (Circa 1988) belongs in a museum.

Thomas asks…

I have a new external hard drive. Should I sync files or back up files to it from my other computer?

My old hard drive has a capacity of 6 GB.
My new hard drive has a capacity of 60 GB.
I am trying to transfer files to the new drive and solely use that one. Along with this, I want to set the computer to automatically
use the new drive instead of the smaller one so I save space.
I have a USB port hub with four USB ports for all that I will hopefully just need.

New Niche Finder answers:

I would just leave the 6 GB in as the boot drive. (If it was me, I’d put in a larger internal drive. If there’s a IDE capacity problem – like you’re using an OS older than XP-SP1 – then I’d put in an IDE-controller and the biggest HD I could afford).

But, if you insist….

I will assume you have an install CD. I will assume you have XP (though 6GB drives make me wonder if you have Win 98 Second Edition)

Check in your BIOS to make sure you can set a USB device as a boot device. If not, you can’t. Set your first boot device to your CD.

Put install CD in drive and reboot.

Run the installation program and install the OS it on your external drive. Once that’s done, transfer all the other files you want from the old to the new drive.

Go back into BIOS and set boot priority to use USB drive first. When you exit BIOS the computer will, hopefully, boot from the external drive. (I never tried it as I never really considered it. I think the transfer speed might be slower through USB 2.0 versus ATA 133)

I have “cloned” boot drives into larger drives in order to have more storage. Western Digital and Seagate drives come with pretty good utility programs for this. I still had problems with XP’s “Restore Point” program afterwards. (funny story, the first time I did it, it took awhile to discover that “Restore” no longer worked. Six months later I needed an even larger drive – by then I had a 120GB and a pair of 200GB drives in the computer – so I replaced the 120 with another 200. Some time later, I went to see if I could repair “Restore” and found that the second “cloning” had restored “Restore” to operational. Go figure.

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