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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Jenny asks…

How do I re-inherit all of my files and programs on my hard drive?

I bought a used laptop which I thought would work much better than my Dell Vostro 1520, only to discover this laptop has an AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor clocked at 1.20GHz. My Vostro is clocked at 2.10GHz and it has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I discovered the laptop I bought was a budget line, which explains why it was so slow.

I’ve decided to use this laptop whenever I travel, since the battery and keyboard are good. The battery and keyboard on my Dell are no good, so I’m basically using my Dell as a desktop computer. Anyways, I connected the hard drive from my Dell into my new laptop and copied some files over (I copied various different files and folders and I clicked to gain access to those folders so I can view the contents).

Now all of the permissions on the files I copied and opened are set to my new laptop. How can I switch them back to my Dell? I’ve tried numerous times to inherit the files and switch ownership to my user account on my Dell to no avail.

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit.
I don’t think you’re understanding me correctly. I have Windows 7 installed on my Dell, got all my stuff on here (250GB hard drive, 11.5GB free). Lots of music, documents, videos and programs. I disconnected the hard drive, plugged it into an external USB enclosure, copied some files over to my Acer laptop and in doing so, I somehow screwed up the file permissions and ownerships of the files on my Dell hard drive. So when I installed it back in my Dell, everything’s been going wonky and programs and files aren’t opening or working correctly. I need to know how to reverse that. I can’t just put everything on a flash drive. They don’t make a flash drive 250GB in size (although it would be really useful due to its portability and large amount of storage).

What should I do?

New Niche Finder answers:

If both are running windows 7 just add the folders to the PUBLIC folder and transfer that way over the homegroup network Or slap em all on a flash drive .

James asks…

What in the world happened to my Hard drive?

this problem is a weird one. i will try to explain it the best i can. this is an external hard drive that i use for storage. i used to have a Mac and i used this drive for time machine as well as external storage. so i had two partitions on it. one NTFS, and one FAT for time machine. i sold My Mac for a windows workstation. so i formatted the entire hard drive to a single NTFS partition. this was 3 to 4 years ago. this drive has been reformatted probably 4 times since. ok so now i get a New Laptop. i install Linux on it. Ubuntu to be specific. NTFS still works fin ubuntu but its not optimized for it. but since i use windows and LInux and i have some very large files i decided to stay with NTFS. after a wile my drive started acting strange. for example, i would try to rename a folder on the drive and it would change. but the next time i open that same drive the folder name has reverted back to what it was before. after a getting frustrated i decided to go ahead and Format it using Ubuntu Disk Utility. i formatted the entire drive. not just the volume. so the MBR too. since the drive was acting so strange i wanted to be sure every part of it was like it should be. here is where things get weird. after erasing the entire disk included the MBR. when i created a new MBR and NTFS volume on the drive everything seems fine. so i copy all my data back over to it. after the data was copied i then discover that items within certian folders that i have deleted years ago wile on my mac have suddenly reappeared. all mixed in with my good current data. none of these files open. but the icons and directories for them are all there now. how the heck dose this happen? this drive has been formatted multiple times even went as far a rewriting the MBR. i don’t understand how something like this could happen. back when i owned the mac when i formatted it to use with my windows machine i selected wipe entire disk by writing zeros over the existing data. i did all that. so why are these files magically reappearing on this drive when they were deleted 3 years ago. this dive has been formatted probably 4 times since then. this is a whole computer as well. i have gone through 2 other computers since then. i just don’t understand how this can happen. i was hoping somebody could explain this to me. i was thinking when i formatted the MBR maybe the new partition table that was created was almost the same as a partition table from the past. and some of the old directories from the partition map are being read. dose that make since? that is the only logical thing i can think of. well semi logical. i had to go through the drive and manually delete all these old non functioning directories one by one. it took 3 hours. :-( after this happened i made a copy of all the good data onto another drive. then tried to run DBAN ( deriks boot and nuke ) on the drive in question but its a USB hard drive. i couldn’t get DBAN to see the drive. i figured since DBAN writes a series of zeros over the entire drive including the MBR this could help prevent this from happening again in the future. i might take apart the USB case and remove the hard drive from it. stick it in my computer just long enough to run DBAN on it. i’m not sure its work all the effort though. anyways can somebody explain to me how or why this could even happen? i have never seen something like this before. its making my brain hurt. LOL! Sorry for how long this was. but i didn’t know how else to explain it. :-)

New Niche Finder answers:

Try using Eraser, before formatting next time it will overwrite the data multiple times.

Sandy asks…

Is there a way to transfer xbox arcade games from one account to another using the same 360 and hard drive?

right ok im not any sort of hacker in the xbox 360 community but someone stole my friends account and he got busted. a couple of weeks later my mate make a new account but still under the same windows live id account and i wanted to give him a code for call of duty 4 maps. I went to recover his tag but it came up with the guy that stole his account that stole his account a few weeks back. so i went along my way and recovered the hackers account to see if there was anything that i could maybe transfer to my hard drive to use for myself. i though that if i downloaded the stuff again that i ewanted then i could use it all on my hard drive. however when it was all done i discovered that i couldnt use any of the maps that i got and the full arcade games that i got were now only demos. does anybody out there know how i might be able to get all of this stuff for free and use it on my account?

New Niche Finder answers:

The content you buy from the Marketplace are linked to both the gamertag AND the console that you first download it on. If you re-download it on a different console, you MUST be logged in to Xbox Live as that gamertag to let the content function.

Carol asks…

How can I erase the files on my Western Digital (WD) My Book Premium ES 500GB external hard drive?

For some reason, I cannot change any of the files in my My Book. I installed it, and everything seemed to work fine, but I noticed a problem when I created a new folder on the drive and tried to change the name of it. It wouldn’t let me, because “New Folder” is treated like a read only file. That’s when I discovered I couldn’t change anything on it or erase anything that was already there. I finally got frustrated, and decided to reformat the drive (I wanted it to be NTSF anyway), but it wouldn’t let me do that either. Now I can’t even sell the damned thing, because it’s got unerasable personal information on it! How can I get this to work?

New Niche Finder answers:

Here is a downloadable utility from WD that will allow you to clean the hard drive. The write zeros to the hard drive will completely erase the drive. Reformat, and you should be good to go.


Charles asks…

I have two hard drives and they seem to have swapped places automaticaly??

I recently bought a brand new intel pentium as i dropped my athalon 27000 and the repair cost was quite high.I kept the athalon box but had the computer shop install my 160 gig hard drive into the new pentium as a secondry drive.All was well until yesterday morning when i started up the computer and it started to do a few funny things at start up and i thought –this looks like my old computer??
I then noticed that a lot of the icons on my desktop were from the other computer.I initialy thought that all of the programs etc had somehow jumped over from the old drive wich is –d–into my main –c –drive.
But my wife opened up a new word doc and typed a few words and named the doc then saved it.Then she went to c drive and searched for it and discovered that it had saved it to d instead.–So we now think that the drives have somehow swapped places??-Can i reverse this so that c is the default?~~is this the problem?? or is it something else.~~theres no viruses how do i fix this??

New Niche Finder answers:

Either bring it back to your pc shop, or open the case yourself. It’s quite easy if your careful.
1) power off & unplug
2) Turn the case on it’s side (with side that opens up( face up))
3) Ground yourself (like touch the outside of the case or something else metalic to discharge any static.
4) Open the side of the case.
5) Look where your ribbon cables go (usually gray, about 2″ long and flat) There should be one end to your MB (motherboard). The other end, probably has 2 connectors, one at the end and one almost at tht middle,
6) Your original drive should be connected at the end, your 160gb drive should be connected at the middle. IF NOT, it needs to be switched.
Some people say you can just change the jumpers, perhaps this is your problem. Before you do anything, go to your hard drives(s) website, under support, for jumper settings

Email me with your HD make & info, if you would like and I’ll get it for you.

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