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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Daniel asks…

My USB flash drive (Jump Drive) is not working when I plug it into my computer.?

My flash drives or more commonly known as jump drives won’t work on my computer. Now I’m most certain that it’s my computer’s problem not my actual Flash Drive. I know this because it works just fine when I plug it into any computer at my school but not at my home computer. I’ve tried two various flash drives neither work but the computer does recognize them as being there. This is a recent problem and the Flash Drives WERE working just fine. Usually the way it would work is I’d insert the Flash Drive with is a small device that, when plugged into a USB port it acts as a separate drive that can hold information. I’d normally just insert the Flash Drive and then go to Start then My Computer and then I could see my C:/ Drive my D:/ Drive which is my back up drive and finally my E:/ Drive which is my CD/DVD drive. Now whenever my Flash Drive was plugged in I’d normally see a new drive in this section called the F:/ Drive and it’d usually either be called “Lexar” or something else because that was just the brand of Flash Drive it was but now whenever I plug it in the computer recognizes that there’s something plugged in but all that happens is that a new little icon appears in what I think is called the “Task Bar” just left to the clock in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It makes a ping and the new icon is a “Safely Remove Hardware” one. It’s not recognizing it anymore and I need help on getting those precious files on that Flash Drive onto my computer and more files on my computer onto that Flash Drive. Please help. I don’t have any clue on what I should do and any help at all would be very helpful please please please if you have any idea please leave a comment and as much detail as you can on the subject and I’d like to just know what is happening and how I can fix this. If it does help my computer was recently reformatted but this wasn’t a problem until a few weeks after the reformat. I have a Windows XP Compaq Computer. It was designed for XP but Vista Compatible and was bought around the year 2006. It has just under 500 MB’s a Ram. Roughly a 200GB hard drive and currently has a Vista Theme installed making it look as if it were Vista Made. (This is only a theme with Skins. It’s not actually Vista it’s XP only a Vista Look Alike). It has two USB ports in the front and two in the back if this helps in discovering the actual computer Model and such. Well I really hope that someone can help me please feel free to respond and I’d appreciate the help that I can get from any of you. Thanks again. And please be serious.

New Niche Finder answers:

Go to: Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware Tab > Device Manager > navigate down to USB Root HUB (all of them) > Right Click > Properties > Power Management Tab > Un check “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

Retry your USB Thumb drive…It should work now…

Good Luck!

Lizzie asks…

Is it worth it to spend ~230$ to upgrade my Xbox 360 20GB with no HDMI to an Elite?

Hi folks,

I am hesitating a lot because it’s quite a bit of money. The thing is that my hard drive is nearly filled up with my saves and games and as I wanted to know how much a new hard drive would cost, I was disgusted to discover that microsoft (nearly) triples the GB price on their machine.

Despite that unsatisfying new, I called my Shop to ask “how much for an old vs new exchange ?”. Results: ~150$ for a premium 60GB and 230$ for an Elite 120GB.

Should I spend my money in the Elite knowing that I live in Switzerland and the 120GB Hard drive costs only 50 bucks less than the elite exchange?

Thanks you already.
I have an HD Ready 720p Samsung TV.
@skelator240: I am less interested in the graphics than in the hard drive and system performance/stability.

New Niche Finder answers:

Could you find a used hard drive online cheaper, perhaps? I know that they are effin’ expensive, as I was debating on upgrading my hard drive myself. 20 gigs is just not enough space to install games on the hard drive.

Sandra asks…

How do I fix my laptop’s USB 3.0 ports?

I recently had to replace my laptop’s hard drive. Once I had the new hard drive in and the computer running, I discovered that my USB 3.0 ports no longer functioned. In addition, only one USB device could be recognized at any one time and my Zune is no longer recognized my computer. I had something installed on my laptop called Renesas USB 3.0 Host Controller Utility. When run, the program displayed an error message, “Host controller not found.”
I have tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it to no avail. Is there something else I can do or is there something that I am missing?
And what do I do once I get there, George S?

New Niche Finder answers:

Hint: Device Manager – Universal Serial Bus Controllers – Expand – ..

John asks…

How do I get iTunes to refresh its database?

After installing iTunes and loading up my new iPod, I discovered that my id3 tags were a mess. I used an external editor to do batch changes (the godfather), and things now appear to be much cleaner.

However, iTunes does not reflect the changes that I made.

Can I force iTunes to re-scan the music files on my hard drive?

New Niche Finder answers:

The only way i can think of is to “delete” the songs in the library, without deleting them from your computer and then import them back into itunes.

Maria asks…

Computer will only go to Compaq screen.?

Here’s a copy of what I have posted to my class discussion board. Maybe one of you will figure this out before my computer class can!

Maybe one of you has an idea on how I can fix this problem I am having with my old computer.

Recently I dug my Compaq Presario 5838 tower out of the shed to play with. I wanted to upgrade the memory from 128 MB to the maximum, a whopping 384 MB of RAM via the 2 expansion slots.

I also have added an old 13 GB hard drive I had lying around.

Here is what happened.

I opened the case and blew it out with some canned air. Second I plugged in the slave hard drive (data and power). I had to reverse the cord so that the center plug in was able to reach the new slave hard drive. Then I installed 128 MB into each remaining port.

When I plugged in the computer I received the message enclosed in the attached file. I did a little research and discovered that the error “0232 extended RAM failed at offset 1C” might have to do with either incompatible, faulty, or improperly seated RAM.

To try and narrow down the problem I first removed the 2 new sticks and turned on the computer. When I did this I could not even get video to go to my screen. I removed and reseated the stick twice with the same result. Then I removed the stick and tried one of the new sticks. Now when I start the computer, I get to the screen that says Compaq but it will go no farther. I have tried disconnecting the new hard drive, but this does not seem to be related to the problem.

I have also tried to reinstall XP just to see if that would fix it. There is power running to the disk drive but it will not do anything else. It’s just a screen that says Compaq.

If anyone has any suggestions on what may have went wrong or what I can do to fix this problem, please feel free to post it on here. I’m stumped

Second Post:
I put the RAM that was giving me no video feed into the second slot and now it will bring me to the compaq screen, but I still cannot go any farther. I have tried different configurations of the sticks and still cant get past this screen!

Third post:
Somehow I have gotten the computer to get to the Compaq screen with the memory sticks in the original configuration. Not sure if this helps.
I don’t think my keyboard is even working when it starts up. At first the lights go on for a second, but then none of the commands (F8, escape) will do anything. It is a USB keyboard that came with a disk. The disk info was installed when it was working but I’m not sure what could be preventing it from working now. I’m really stuck because I can’t even try to disable the splash screen or anything.

New Niche Finder answers:

The first thing I would do is figure out how to disable the splash screen so you can see the POST messages. There is a keystroke that will get you into the BIOS – usually tab, delete, esc or an f key. It may say on your screen which it is.

Look for some startup options and see if you can disable the logo screen. Then you should be able to see the RAM count and POST info when you start up. This will give you more info about what the system is halting for.

There may also be an option in the BIOS setup called “halt on all errors”

You can disable that so it won’t ask for input every time something isn’t quite right. I would wait on that until you discover what the problem is and then only disable halting if there is a minor error that you can live with (such as “no PS/2 input device detected” when you are using USB HIDs).

After this, you may have more info to go on that will help you figure out what needs to be fixed next.

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