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Your Questions About How To Discover New Hard Drive

Steven asks…

Whats a good external hard drive for casual use?

I just want a solid external hard drive for backup purposes. I have an iMac with a 1TB hard drive. I’ll never use that up, so somewhere between 640-1TB should be good. I want to be able to use it for quite a few years too. Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

“I have an iMac with a 1TB hard drive. I’ll never use that up, so somewhere between 640-1TB should be good.”

I have discovered a maxim about storage: ‘Data expands to exceed available space”. It is a corollary of ‘You can never have too much speed (GHz), memory (RAM) or (disk) storage.’ I remember when I got my first 3GB drive and had the feeling of never being able to fill it. I have more RAM than that now.

I would choose a good enclosure (from reviews like those at Newegg.com) and then choose an appropriately sized HDD for it. This will preclude you from vendor lock in like WD and Seagate have been doing with proprietary software in their recent all-in-one drives. This also allows you a simpler way of swapping out a dead or dying drive and reusing the casing. I have several generic enclosures that I use regularly as well as a drive dock, which is designed and built to eject drives with out opening the case (like a toaster). You might consider one of these as well.

Vantec NexStar NST-D100


Newegg’s listings for enclosures by rating:


Good luck.

Donna asks…

How to recover hard drive data?

I do have hard time in storing my data because every time there is shortage in current, i can’t access my data stored in my hard drive. I need help regarding this matter.

New Niche Finder answers:

If your problem is all about having hard time opening or getting the data on your hard drive, then I have the exact link for the site that I actually myself discovered it when i was about to look for my file and i can’t access my drive. I searched a lot and got this one. Http://recover-hard-drive-data.org.. Good luck and you may find satisfaction…

Helen asks…

Should I reformat my hard drive myself or let a professional do it?

I’ve discovered that I have a Trojan on my PC and was advised to have a Diagnostic and repair done by Geek Squad. If they can’t fix the virus then reformatting my hard drive is another option. Is this something I can do myself or should I have a professional do it?

New Niche Finder answers:

First I would consult professionals, not the Geek Squad. Most trojans or viruses do not require reformatting the hard drive to remove them and, in fact, reformatting the hard drive without completing certain steps still will not ensure that a virus that requires this level of removal will be completely removed.

Much of the time, malware/spyware/trojans/viruses can be removed somewhat simply with common tools by booting into safe mode. The problem is that a few viruses and the like may leave your computer inoperaple when they’re removed. That being said, I would attempt non-destructive removal first.

Get a 2nd opinion and let someone else handle reformatting your drive and reinstalling your OS.

Addendum: Be careful about backing up any program files as you can also be backing up the virus and make sure that the first thing that goes on your PC after the operating system is a good quality security suite with anti-virus and anti-spyware.

Ken asks…

How to reinstall software downloaded from the net, without buying it again?

After discovering a problem with my hard drive, I had to replace it, however it was possible to copy over all of the files.
I used to have a game called bus driver, and I think I still have the files but it can’t be used because the files have to be installed, and I don’t have a disk as I got i online.
I don’t mind having to start the game from the start, but I don’t want to have to pay for it again.

New Niche Finder answers:

Where ever you downloaded it from you should of had a username and password. Whne you go back tot hat webpage and put in the user name and password and go to your account it should show you what you downloaded. Just reinstall it.

Lizzie asks…

Will switching the hard drive on my macbook get rid of my kernel panic?

Alright, here is my logic, i downloaded an automatic update right before i got a kernel panic, so i figure that the update probably is what messed it up. So if i switch hard drives the update will be gone and then there shouldn’t be a kernel panic anymore. Can someone tell me why my theory is wrong, or tell me if it will work?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, sure it could work, but I don’t think that’s the solution. You should always keep your computer up-to-date, and sometimes new updates might cause problems. Usually these problems are fixed right after Apple discovers them. I’m guessing you’re using an older version of Leopard. I used to get constant kernel panics on Leopard with my MacBook Pro, but after 10.5.2 (I think) the system got far more stable, and I haven’t had a kernel panic in a very, very long time. Try updating everything and the kernel panics should stop.

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