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Your Questions About How To Discover New Music

Mandy asks…

How to get noticed in the singing business?

Everyone I know has said that i’m a really good singer. They say my voice isn’t like most singers and that there is just something unique about it. I have this dream of becoming a singer and getting discovered in music. Anyways, back to the question. How do I get discovered/notcied in the music industry?

New Niche Finder answers:

You should make a YouTube Channel so people will give constructive criticism on your singing.
If you do have the voice, personality, and look— that’s amazing, record labels are looking for that.

To IMPROVE your vocals get LESSONS in-
*piano (or guitar)
*music theory

and if you want to be a “triple threat”-

Get local—
*birthday parties

Go to coffeeshops/ clubs and tell the owner you will perform for FREE— if they like you they will eventually PAY you to perform more :))).
Basically, get your name out to everyone.
Tell family & friends— spread the word.

Social networking sites are GREAT— PROMOTE your MUSIC and YOURSELF!
LEARN the music industry business to see what your getting into!

Prepare copies of your resumé.

Attend a recording session and produce a CD of your vocals and songs. Recording studios will charge you by the hour for studio time. You’ll need to record at least three songs for a good demo CD.

Make copies of an 8 x 10 photo featuring you (and your band, if applicable) singing. Professional photo duplicators such as ABC Pictures can produce great photos.

Audition for singing roles in local theater stage musicals and, if you desire, join your church choir. You can also audition in talent contests. Many clubs hold open microphone nights where amateur singers can compete in talent contests.

Prepare press kits. Kits should contain an 8 x 10 photo, news clippings, resumé, DVD of any of your performances, presentation folder, promotional materials and favorable reviews from print and video media.

Find a talent agent and submit your press kit by mail or via delivery. Although not required, you will be much busier with the assistance of a booking agency.

Locate record companies that you are interested in working with in the future. Call the record labels prior to submitting your demo package to make sure that they are accepting submissions. Most major record companies don’t accept outside submissions. “Songwriter’s Market” contains information about record labels and each company’s submission process as well as names of people with the record label who you should contact.

Submit your CDs and press kits to record producers and/or record labels. You should address your submission to the attention of the A & R Department of the record company.

Perform live as much as possible. Record company A & R representatives frequently go to clubs to scout and recruit new artists.

NEVER give up on your dreams :))).
I have faith in you ;))).

Have a BEAUTIFUL day,


Donna asks…

Can anybody give me the names of musicians similar to Robert Johnson?

I just recently discovered his music and I love it. I want to find more music like his.

New Niche Finder answers:

Wire gave you some greats! Add Lead Belly to his list of Delta Greats! And if you like that, you’ll LOVE Texas and Chicago Blues too! You might even like some of the modern Bluesmen:

John Lee Hooker
Muddy Waters
Sonny Boy Williamson II
Big Mama Thornton
Johnny Winter
Keb’ Mo’
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Derek Trucks
Canned Heat

Mark asks…

What year did scientists discover that music has a natural healing effect?

I’m writing a paper on music,
and Google doesn’t seem to be answering me right :
does anyone know?
Please Help.

New Niche Finder answers:

Ask your music teacher at school:)

Betty asks…

What are some hip hop groups/artists who use acoustic instruments, especially drums?

I’m trying to discover new music, but it’s a little difficult to do so all by yourself. Well?

New Niche Finder answers:


Carol asks…

Do you know a website that recommends musical artists from the submission of several other artists’ names ?

That would be just great to discover new music, especially if you submit two very different artists.
I know gnoosic already by the way but I did not have great results with it.

New Niche Finder answers:

I use this…


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