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Your Questions About How To Discover New Music

Sandra asks…

What is a good resource for discovering music like Missa Luba or early call & response American gospel music?

I am interested in discovering early American and African music. Please point me in a direction.

New Niche Finder answers:

You are actually in luck.
Purely American / African American music such as Gospel, Blues, and early Jazz.
It’s highly documented and cataloged.

Check music libraries.

Public Libraries are EXCELLENT sources, especially the larger ones.

University Music Libraries.
….and many, many more.

You’ll need to do a little research on exactly who IS and who is NOT an “early” artist.
It’s too broad of a subject to discuss on here.

I found an awesome gospel album for you.
It’s an OLD Time-Life cover (Time-Life is the largest music library in the world).
There are some Gospel “treasures” on here.


Richard asks…

What is your favorite TuneIn Radio, Slacker, Pandora radio station?

Just wondering what other people like. I seem to get stuck in one radio station sometimes and would like to discover new music.

New Niche Finder answers:

I use TuneIn more (and work there), it has my local stations and all over the world plus internet-only music without commercials. Pandora does a nice job making for personalized playlist but tuning it with thumbs up/down is a hassle.

George asks…

Whats the best way to discover new music similar to my tastes?

i’m using spotify at the moment and loving it but it doesnt help to find new music, the radio is limited and plays 3 artists over and over….
Searching a type of music e.g Dance only brings up popular dance music like the top lists… im havign a hard time finding the less kn own music. please help thx
Pandora dosnt work in UK

New Niche Finder answers:

Hiya James C.
Go to CD Universe, type in your favorite artist(s) then scroll done and related types of music will be displayed. I found this to be an excellent way to find new music group/artist(s) related to the type of music I like.
Give it a try. I hope this helped, good luck on your music search.

James asks…

Are you a country girl or a city girl?

I’m a little bit of both. I love going to the cities, sleeping in luxurious hotels, going shopping, & discovering music artists. I also sometimes dress like a cowgirl, & I enjoy the small town festivals, like bull-riding, the petting zoo, riding horses, & the hayrides.

New Niche Finder answers:

City girl, all the way

but i drive a Jeep haha

David asks…

How can I develop a social life?

I’m currently a ninth grader in high school. I’ve been focusing mainly on my academics. In my free time, I’m usually on the computer trying to discover new music or writing. I feel like I’m missing something, especially when I see people and their groups of friends sitting together in the cafeteria or talking in the hallways. I don’t usually approach people who I know because I feel like I’m intruding.

However, I do try talking to others sometimes, but I’m really bad at engaging in repartee. The conversation usually dies after a couple of minutes and whomever I’m talking to usually leaves me to talk to someone more interesting. My ex-best friend actually stopped hanging out with me because she didn’t want to risk her reputation being seen with a nerd like me.

Usually when I talk about pop culture, it’s hard to find someone who has the same tastes as me. When it comes to music, I really enjoy symphonic, power, folk, gothic, thrash, and heavy metal, classical, and bands like Alice in Chains and They Might be Giants. I don’t watch much television or any new movies.

Okay, so enough of my complaining. If I ever get the opportunity to start a conversation with someone, how can I become more exciting to talk to? For the small talk, what should I say? And if I actually do become friends with someone, how can I prevent them from becoming bored talking to me or just not liking me?

Thanks in advance.

New Niche Finder answers:

I like metal.

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