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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

George asks…

Could this be part of the missing link between humans and the sea creatures that they originally evolved from?

Scientists with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the University of California, Santa Cruz, have discovered a species in the Celebes Sea that could be the missing link between species that reside solely in the seafloor’s mud and those that live only in the water column.

New Niche Finder answers:

Like Pithdown Man

Sandra asks…

Where can I find pictures of the newly discovered ecosystem in Indonesia?

I saw on CNN and BBC News that scientists discovered new type of species and stuff but I didnt get a chance to see what they looked like. Would appreciate your help. The story was about a couple of months back or more.

New Niche Finder answers:

This was in the Daily Telegraph today, and may give you some search hints. It looks a fantastic place, I would love to go there. No doubt there are already plans to destroy it.

Charles asks…

A team of marines scientists is studying biotic and abiotic factors that affect the?

A team of marines scientists is studying biotic and abiotic factors that affect the astability of a deep-sea ecosystem.the scientis discovered a species of fish that eats other fish and decaying organisms. which of these does not describe the newly discovered fish?


New Niche Finder answers:

Producer. If it eats, it consumes. If it eats other fish, the other fish are prey to it; making it a predator. If it eats dead stuff, it scavenges too. All but producer.

Laura asks…

We lose species to extinction every year. How many can the planet lose before the whole ecosystem collapses?

Is this even a possibility. I know some people say that other species will fill a gap, but is it possible to create too many gaps and/or gaps that are too big to fill?

New Niche Finder answers:

No body truly knows when the true complete collapse would happen each extinstion can be compensated by another breed.
Just in the insect world are 920,000 “Known
species of insects and each division has countless numbers,
So just in the insect world different ones are more than any zoo on earth could show for exhibit.
Animal are just as complex over 15,000 and the comprise of countless know and unknown divisions. Just the fish of the oceans only a portion of them is discovered

Donald asks…

How many species are on earth this year?

It is estimated that the Earth is losing 4000 species of plants and animals every year. If S represetn the number of species living last year, how many species are on Earth this year?

New Niche Finder answers:

Described: 1.0-1.5 million (often quoted number: ~ 1.4 million species described, most of which are insects, particularly beetles.
Estimates range from: 4-40 (or up to 100) million, depending upon the method used for estimates.

We are sure that we do not know how many species are present on Earth: everytime that someone starts to study tropical insects, they find hundreds and hundreds of non-described species. With mammals and birds, however, it rarely occurs that a not yet described species is discovered; butterflies are also rather well known, as clear by the fact that rarely new species are discovered. Last year, for instance, a ‘new’ mammal (Laonastes aenigmamus) was described (only known from markets in Laos, sold as food, never seen alife in the wild, and it made all the major newspapers and TV stations (later it was found that this animal’s relatives had been described as fossils, but were thought to have been extinct for 11 million years).

Hope this helps.

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