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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Robert asks…

How to prove a new species is discovered?

So i was wondering, lets say you believe you found a new species of plant (one that was miscategorized)… how do you go about showing its a new species and deserves a new name, I suppose some DNA tests can be done on the two species of plant that some call by the same name, but this only proves that they are different, not that one is a new species… anyone know any papers of something similiar or know how to go about proving you found a new species? please help
im asking for scientific advice, i do research, just never attempted to prove a new species, i want to do this myself and was wondering what tests/research can be done to “prove” and name the new species

New Niche Finder answers:

Well the first and foremost important thing is to speak to an attorney about this. You need an attorney to make sure that you will get the credit for it, also he/she could guide you in the right direction to the proper scientists or whoever this needs to go to. I wouldn’t take the chance by any other way.

I would call every attorney in your area and get a free consultation.

George asks…



1. The classification system developed by Linnaeus in the early 1700s divided living organisms into plant and animal kingdoms. Today, that has been expanded into five kingdoms. Which of the following inventions was most responsible for creating the need for the additional three kingdoms and why? (2 points)
-Fossil fuel-based transportation made it easier to explore and discover new species.
->>Genetic engineering created new species which then needed new kingdoms.
-Microscopes made it possible to learn more about single-celled organisms.
-The Internet allowed scientists to discuss differences between organisms easily.

2. If two organisms belong to the same phylum, they both must also belong to which of the following? (2 points)

3. Why might knowledge of the gene and protein sequences of a species be useful in classifying that species? (2 points)
-It would allow more accurate naming of the species by basing names on genes rather than appearance.
-It would keep the species from being interbred with any other species that might appear physically similar to it.
->>>It would make it possible to compare that species to other species at a level deeper than outward appearance.
-It would prove that all the members of a given species were genetically identical to each other.

4. How are viruses different from bacteria? (2 points)
-Bacteria are heterotrophic while viruses are autotrophic.
->>>Bacteria are living organisms; viruses are not.
-Bacteria have a membrane bound nucleus while viruses do not.
-Bacteria are multicellular; viruses are single cells.

5. A single-celled organism is found living in a deep sea vent at the bottom of the ocean in extremely hot water. If it is examined further, which of the following is most likely to be found within it? (2 points)
-It will have a cell membrane since it is likely a member of the domain archaea and the kingdom protista.
-It will have a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles since it is likely a member of the domain eukaryota.
-It will have DNA and RNA, as well as a cell wall, since it is likely a member of the domain bacteria.
->>>It will have DNA that is not contained in a nucleus since it is likely a member of the domain archaea.

6. Binary fission is a characteristic of kingdom ______ and is most similar to the cellular processes of ___________. (2 points)
-protista; meiosis, because the two rounds of cell divisions result in haploid cells
->>bacteria; mitosis, because the cell replicates its DNA and divides into daughter cells
-viruses; transcription, because the DNA is copied exactly
-fungi; translation, because proteins are made using the copied segments of mRNA

7. The processes of transformation and transduction are important to which kingdom and why? (2 points)
-protista; Both processes are steps in the process of putting the protista into the endospore state -which provides protection from harsh conditions.
->>>bacteria; Both processes provide the bacteria with new genes that might provide new ways of dealing with environmental changes.
-fungi; Both processes would allow fungi to form physical connections to other bacteria so they could trade genes useful for survival.
-viruses; Both processes would help a virus strain produce flagella to move away from difficult environmental conditions.

8. Which of the following bacterial cells would best be able to survive an attack by an antibiotic? (2 points)
->>>a bacterial cell that had a cell membrane made of ester-linked fatty acids
-a bacterial cell that lacked receptors on its surface for that antibiotic
-a bacterial cell that used its toxins to alter its DNA and resist the antibiotic
-a bacterial cell that was going through binary fission when the antibiotic appeared

9. How are the autotrophic protists different from the heterotrophic protists? (2 points)
-The autotrophic protists can photosynthesize, while the heterotrophic protists cannot.
->>>The autotrophic protists eat by endocytosis, while the heterotrophic protists use pinocytosis.
-The heterotrophic protists can all move around, while the autotrophic protists are immobile.
-The heterotrophic protists reproduce by spores, while the autotrophic protists form eggs.

11. Which of the following accurately compares the stolon and mycelium in fungi? (2 points)
-The stolon contains sporangia, while the mycelium stores water and nutrients.
-The stolon releases enzymes to break down food, while the mycelium provides structure and support.
->>The stolon transports water and nutrients, while the mycelium releases spores.
-The stolons of two fungi connect to form gametangia, while the mycelium is made up of hyphae.

New Niche Finder answers:

I’ve given each choice a number, and written the correct one next to the question number, so 7) 2 means the second choice is correct in question 7.

1) 3
2) 3
3) 3
4) 2
5) 4
6) 2
7) 2
8) 1
9) 1
11) 4

Which means by my reckoning you got 6/10 correct, well done!

Ruth asks…

Why do people attack Christianity with such voracity?

Is it because they know deep in their being that one day they will have to answer to the God they profess not to believe in?
Some follow the big bang theory. But is it possible to have an explosion in a total vacuum? Some subscribe to the theory of evolution. Where is the missing link? Did Darwin truly discover new species of animals or did he just discover different variations of the same species? Are the different races of man variants of the same species or are they different species all together? If as some believe, God cannot be proven to exist. How can He be proven not to exist? And if He doesn’t exist then why even worry about whether or not someone else believes in Him or not?
These questions were asked not to be judgemental of your beliefs. So I ask that you answer in the same spirit.
Interesting how some used the first question to determine that I was being judgemental. It was a question not a statement of fact. I don’t know you and I don’t know what you feel is true in your heart of hearts.
One person stated we should leave you the hell alone. But if there is no God then there is no Heaven or Hell. So that statement makes no sense.
Of course the one that started of by saying here we go again. Why even bother to answer questions that you find redundant. Surely the 2 lousy point you get aren’t worth your time.

New Niche Finder answers:

I never attack Christianity…but so often I am attacked by Christians because I’m an atheist. Shouldn’t the respect go both ways?

I don’t know if the Big Bang THEORY is correct or not, so I will not answer to that.

Not so sure that evolution is the answer either, so I won’t answer that portion of your post either.

God cannot be proven not to exist since one cannot prove a negative. The burden of proof is upon the person postulating the existence of something to provide proof as to that thing’s existence.

I don’t care who believes in him or who doesn’t. I merely come here because of questions that are directed towards atheists. Are those not invitations to me to answer??

Perhaps a better thing would be to share how you define the word “attack.” I receive thumbs down, even to simple yes/no answers, merely for BEING an atheist.

“These questions were asked not to be judgemental [sic] of your beliefs…” Were that truly the case, you would not have started with this: “Is it because they know deep in their being that one day they will have to answer to the God they profess not to believe in?” Being an atheist, I know no such thing. Do you think that just because I don’t believe doesn’t make it untrue? I could turn that same belief around on you – just because you DO believe doesn’t make it true.

Sharon asks…

I’m trying to decide what job I should look into & I need help! I love traveling, and helping people!?

I planned to go into something such as dermatology or cardiology, but I was thinking about how much I love to travel and I do not mean in the U.S. I would love to go to other countries and study abroad, but I don’t know what job I could do that requires this. I want to go into a job that possibly includes trying to discover new species and things like that.. or if that is to much to ask for, I would accept a job going to other countries and looking for things to create new medicines to help the people. Here are the things I love to do: traveling, helping others, blood does not bother me, and I love discovering new things. Help me out, please!
Also, I want a job that makes a good bit of money but for a good cause. I am also planning on minoring in spanish, so I will be bilingual

New Niche Finder answers:

Helping people around the city

Mary asks…

I want to become a marine biologist when I’m older,a couple questions?

Ok when I’m older I want to become a marine biologist,so I have some questions. 1.how much will college and univirsity cost? 2.what are the most affordable colleges and univisitys in toront,kitchener,ottawa,london ontario,and price per year? Ok so I want to travel around the world in a boat and visit the oceans and discover new species of fish and do research on mermaids.what exatly would I need to do that? Please try to use as much detail as possible and if you could,links to the schools websites,please? I’m 11 and I’m just trying to get a head start on my career,thank you for any answers!

New Niche Finder answers:

You have plenty of time to figure this all out! You’re only 11 after all, and I’m sure your career choice will change in the years to come.

However, I see that you’re Canadian. The most affordable university in Canada would be Memorial University in Newfoundland. The government does a good job at subsidizing tuition costs, because it happens to be the only university in the province!

If you want to start getting ahead of yourself! Read books about life, any life, being a marine biologist not only entails an understanding of aquatic life. But it also requires knowledge of life in general!

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