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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

George asks…

Why are people worried about animal species going extinct read below?

Example when some animals die out tons of more species are discovered every year by us humans also after humanity either a. destroys itself or b.colonize the milky way galaxy and eventualy leave earth behind the planet earth and god and jesus will create lots of animals and plants in the future.

New Niche Finder answers:

Extinction is a completely natural occurrence..however humans have sped up this process to an alarming rate. We have no idea what the effects of wiping all these creatures off the earth in such a short time period will do. There are also only so many species of predatory animals which are very important to keep other animal populations in check. We have not discovered new predator species in quite some time as they are large, and live in areas that are easily explored by humans. Once we wipe them out ..there is nothing to replace them. We are most likely destroying species in the rain forests that have yet to be discovered..we will wipe them out before we even have a chance to. New species are not appearing on earth like you make it sound..every species is already here..some just have not been discovered by humans yet. We may even be killing off animals and plants that have medicinal uses and can cure things such as cancer, AIDS, etc. Also, if you do believe in God and the bible…I see nowhere that it states we will leave the planet. I do see that it states we are supposed to be caretakers or good stewards of the planet earth, not destroyers of it.

Joseph asks…

Where would I report a new animal species?

I recently have discovered a new insect species (I think); where would I report this?

New Niche Finder answers:

Unless you are a professional entomologist, it is very unlikely (but not impossible) that your find is a new species, especially if you are living in an urban area (and not the middle of a tropical rainforest).

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of insect species described, and most are not illustrated online or end up in field guides.

I assume you have specimens of your find… And not just anecdotal descriptions…. So you could show someone the actual (preserved) animal. Did you take digital pictures of the insect? If so, putting those online and letting us evaluate what it is might be helpful.

Check with your local University or Community College’s biology department to see if there is a staff member who is an entomologist that could help you. Also the vector control people in your area usually have entomologists on staff that could give you a professional opinion.

Good luck…..

Linda asks…

Coelacanths fish is the same species that shared the waters with prehistoric fishes? …or do y?

Do you believe that this fish-Coelacanths- is the same species that shared the waters with prehistoric fishes? …or do you think the assumption is based on a simple resemblance to the primitive fish? Explain your answer.

New Niche Finder answers:

Coelacanths are believed to have lived in prehistoric times during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras, going by fossil records. They were thought to be extinct however a live specimen representing the genus Latimeria was discovered in 1938 off the east coast of South Africa. Since 1938 they have been discovered on several occasions, however they are classed as a critically endangered species.

David asks…

How many species are there in planet earth?

How many species are there in planet earth?

New Niche Finder answers:

The National Science Foundation’s “Tree of Life” project estimates that there could be anywhere from 5 million to 100 million species on the planet, but science has only identified about 2 million.

“We’ve discovered just 10 percent of all living things on this planet.”

Helen asks…

Do you think humans are beginning to discover things they should stay miles away from?

Einstien discovered that time travel forwards is possible.
A guy a couple of decades later a guy discovered a theory for going backwards.
We’re mucking about with nuclear energy.
We’ve found out how to clone.
We’re doing some bits of genetic research that would be best left untouched unless it helps animals and humans medically.
Do you think we are beginning to explore parts of science that should never be explored?
I believe I mentioned time travel you fucking moron.

New Niche Finder answers:

Einstein did NOT discover that forward time-travel was possible…he THEORIZED it was possiable

Theories aren’t realizations. Time travel backwards should never become because we’d mess up our future dammit

No…i think we need to discover this stuff. Nuclear energy is actually pretty efficant….and WTF IS WRONG W/CLONING? If we can learn to clone organs CORRECTLY we can give organ transplants to people who need it for organs such as hearts, lungs, marrow(make more….) liver(yes, i know it grows back) ect…….

What’s wrong w/genetic reaserch? IT MAKES IT SO WE CAN FIND THE CAUSES OF DISEASES

Some people complain about space travel. “it’s not natural” HELL YEA its natural, we did it!
I say i’d love to meet new species of intelligent life and it’s wrong to hinder ourselves by the few who think we shoduln’t

EDIT: lol, i’m not mad..you can have your opionon..i just wanted MINE to be heard!

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