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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Charles asks…

If I find a new species of insect or animal do I get to name it?

How does that work? Does the person who first discover the species get to name it?

New Niche Finder answers:

You have to publish it in a paper and follow strict guidelines to naming the new species


Donna asks…

What is the most little known fish species?

I’m doing a school project for school and i have searched all over google, but, what are the most little known fish species? It’s really hard to find all those information, and maybe you know about them. Thanks :D!

New Niche Finder answers:

Deep sea fish are little known simply because not a lot of people can go down to visit and the fish don’t come up to say hello either. Since most the ocean is unexplored, especially at depth, there are a TON of fish that are unknown or little known. Yes, there are new species being discovered all the time! There are even a few species they thought were extinct for thousands of years and sure enough they find a live one!

Mark asks…

Why do people want to save endangered species?

Species die out all the time, and daily. It’s a fact of nature. During the last major global warming, tons of species died out. Come the ice age, tons more species died out. And now, with ice still on our ice caps, we’re still technically in an ice age, and tons more species are dying out because the globe is warming. What’s the big idea with us trying to interfere with it?

New Niche Finder answers:

People care for a few reasons:
1. Consider the horseshoe crab which for centuries was thought to be useless until it was discovered that medicines could be tested using horseshoe crabs to check authenticity and prevent false-labeled medications. For every species that disappears, humans lose another chance at discovery.
2. Money. Environmental organizations get donations.
3. Social reasons. People like being able to tell their friends about what they do to save the planet

James asks…

Can anyone help me identify a species of large bird that sits in a tree in my back yard.?

I discovered a large bird about the size of a duck with clawed feet, a white face with a black strip along the side of her face and distinct red feathers on the top of her head. Her body was black and she was white underneath her wings. She was climbing in our tree during the morning. We live in CT in a wooded area and we have never seen this bird before. Can anyone idenify this bird please. We have pictures as well. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

Maybe a Pileated Woodpecker.

* Size: 40-49 cm (16-19 in)
* Wingspan: 66-75 cm (26-30 in)
* Weight: 250-350 g (8.83-12.36 ounces)

* Large woodpecker.
* Red crest on head.
* Black body.

* White in wings, at base of primaries, and underwing linings.
* White conspicuous in flight; at rest shows only as small white spot at front of wing.
* Black and white stripes on face.
* White stripe extending from base of bill down neck.
* White stripe above eye and below crown.
* Throat white.
* Bill thick and silvery gray.
* Yellowish feathers over nostrils.
* Legs and feet grayish black.
* Eyes yellow.

Jenny asks…

What is a job where you go around the world looking for no species of animals to document?

I want to have a job where I got around the world discovering new animals. What would it be called?

New Niche Finder answers:

These people have fabulous programs all over the world. You pay your own way and work for free…but if you have qualifications in a field like zoology or Conservation Science the experience you will get here will be invaluable, as will the contacts you make.

I have done a number of projects with them both in Australia and overseas…frog counting mainly as this is my special interest. I am taking my kids along with me when they are old enough.


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