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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Carol asks…

What is the newest discovered Animal on Earth?

Just a simple, random question. I just want to know what the newest animal species discovered is. thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

People are discovering new animals every day. Most of them are insects. In some rainforests, you can gas a single tree, and catch whatever bugs fall out of it, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a new species in every tree.

Some of them aren’t bugs though. I went to a presentation of a student who recently went to an area near the Polynesian islands, and he discovered a new species of lizard, and was the first to photograph several more lizards that have not yet been described by science (i.e. Someone discovered them, but it isn’t official yet).

So the short answer is…. Even if I could find out what the most recent animal discovery is, the answer would change every day.

Ruth asks…

Are humans the only ones in the universe who are sapient?

It would take thousands of years for humans to discover or wait for another sapient race to be found or contacted by in these times, and I am beginning to wonder if the other sapient species might be powerful enough to crush a human like it was comparable to crushing an insect under your foot.

Maybe its better that we don’t discover other species but live by ourselves and then wither away when the world is inhabitable or when the neighboring star in the bright sky explodes.

New Niche Finder answers:

Personally, think the chance of intelligent life elsewhere is very high. Had they the technology to contact us or – worse still – reach us physically, then I don’t think they’d be very accommodating. We, surely, must possess a veritable paradise in our (observable) region of space; natural wealths (water, plants etc) too great an opportunity to pass up on.

What would you do if you visited Earth as a sentient other-being? You could perhaps mutilate/ kill a cow, crush some pretty patterns in a corn field, abduct a mid-West farmer or decide that YOU need the resources available on this little planet.

You can bet your bottom dollar that, if they had the capacity to reach us, they’d have the capacity to control/destroy us. It would simply depend upon how much they needed the resources.

James asks…

What percentage of the species that have gone extinct were the result of human activity.?

OK class, this is a test. This is your first midterm exam in Environmental Science 101A, taught by Mike.

Your test will be a closed book, closed notes exam. Also you may not use the internet to look up your answer. This will be a short essay exam. Show your work and your calculations where appropriate.

Your exam question is:

Of all of the species that have ever existed on this earth and have gone extinct, what percentage of those extinctions is due to human activity?

And remember, show your work.

New Niche Finder answers:

Since 99.9%+ of all species that have gone extinct, went extinct before man even discovered fire…

Less than 0.1%.

Sharon asks…

That tv show about giant fish things that could emit electro magnetic pulses?

It was a show on a few years ago, about these scientists who discover this new species of whale like things that were huge, and could emit electro magnetic pulses. Just want to know the name of it, I only remember a couple of episodes. Thanks, I guess…

New Niche Finder answers:



Charles asks…

Can you find 10 different species darwin discovered on the galapagos islands?

i need just ten species he discovered on the galapagos islands. i don’t need any info on em or anything. just the species. pleeeeease. and thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

Marine Iguana
Blue Footed Boobie
Frigate Bird
Sea Lions
Sally-Golightly Crab
Giant Tortoises
14 Species of Finches

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