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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Lisa asks…

How many types of animal species are there on the planet?

IT’S hard to think of all the living animals that we know and those we don’t know. Every day, people are discovering a new type in the rainforest….how many are we at now?

New Niche Finder answers:

The short answer is, nobody knows – the definition of ‘species’ itself is subject to some disagreement, and they keep discovering new ones. Keep in mind that ‘species’ is a somewhat arbitrary definition based on human perception, not a tidy division that nature provides for our benefit. By any definition there are AT LEAST six million species, and likely twice that or more.

Sharon asks…

How do I discover genus speciies name of wood in African Folk Art so I can comply with the Lacy Act?

Purchases that include statues, shields etc. of African origin are about to arrive in the U.S. Now I have to fill out the genus species names for the wood in these items. Anybody got a clue how I can find this out. The company from which I bought these items is in Thailand and has no idea how to proceed

New Niche Finder answers:

Why is African folk art coming from Thailand?

Mandy asks…

What bird species sound good as character names?

I’m writing a fantasy novel and am currently trying to think of names. I recently discovered a few types of bird species that sound great as character names, and want to look for more. However, I realized there are so many species, I don’t know where to begin! Do you have any suggestions for specie names that sound good as character names (common, most likely), or genus’, etc. that have interestingly named birds in them? Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

I love the name Ren I think the bird is spelled Wren but Im going to call one of my kids Ren. (For a girl lol)

Raven, Blue Jay.

Joseph asks…

Which great civilization will last longer, Ancient Egypt of 5000 yrs or the United States?

this question can be rephrased will the United States civilization last more than 5000 yrs? or we would have become one earth civilization, or maybe even discovered other intelligent species.

New Niche Finder answers:

The ancient egyptian culture celebrated continuity and a lack of change, which produced a relatively static society. We today have the opposite condition – a reverence for change.

William asks…

Is it that the human species is the worst species ever to exist?

Think consumption of resourses, efforts to protect other species, our time here compared to that of other species. Are we actively telling the world to f*$k off??!! Give me your opinion, especially that of the other side! cheers.

New Niche Finder answers:

Broadly speaking, I think we’re just doing everything that is in our nature. It’s unfortunate for other species that we’ve discovered technology and tools and have grown to live on almost every corner of this planet to consume resources. In the end, we’ll either die off because we’ve finally tipped the balance too far or we’ll come to our senses and do something constructive for our planet.

If the latter is to happen, we’ll need some massive paradigm shifting and a more dynamic mode of thought.

Many people would suggest that greed and corruption is in our nature, but I feel our “purpose” is to overcome these “temptations” (and I mean that in an irreligious way) and work together despite our differences to solve huge world problems. Share information, share resources, live in moderation and stop embellishing our own self-importance. Humans should act to recognize their integral and dynamic role in our ecosystem (as well as other systems) and change in relation to that so that we can cast off the ancient and biblical viewpoints and no longer see ourselves as superior to everything and everyone else.

Or, if we all bring about our own destruction and the Earth eventually rebounds without us, I’m cool with that too. We brought it upon ourselves.

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