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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

James asks…

A scientist wants to assign a newly discovered bacterial species to a kingdom: Eubacteria or Archaebacteria.?

Which of the following is the best question the scientist should ask?
A.Is the species an autotroph or a heterotroph?
B. Does the species have peptidoglycan in its cell walls?
C.Is the species a prokaryote?

New Niche Finder answers:

Which of the following is the best question the scientist should ask?
A.Is the species an autotroph or a heterotroph?
> Both the kingdoms are autotrophic and heterotrophic, so this option isn’t liable to group them.

B. Does the species have peptidoglycan in its cell walls?
> Archeabacteria contain cell walls lack peptidoglycan except methanogens, while eubacteria contain this composition in their cell walls. So this is the best option for grouping them.

C.Is the species a prokaryote
> Both of them are prokaryotes.

Laura asks…

A plant or animal that was discovered in the past 6 months or shorter?

I need to research one for a science project and all i can find are some Vietnam plants that were discovered in ’07.Animal searches are a bit weary as well.Please just tell me a plant or animal that was discovered no longer than 6 months of right now.I will search for it and all that,so you dont have to put a link.I just really need to know.My class starts in about 5 hours and it’s due.

New Niche Finder answers:

“Marine scientists have discovered hundreds of new animal species on reefs in Australian waters, including brilliant soft corals and tiny crustaceans, according to findings released Sept, 18,2008

Among the creatures researchers found were about 130 soft corals — also known as octocorals, for the eight tentacles that fringe each polyp — that have never been described in scientific literature, and scores of similarly undescribed crustaceans, including tiny shrimp-like animals with claws longer than their bodies.”

Helen asks…

Are some human species higher of intellect than others?

You may notice that the mongoloid are able to blueprint to replicate an already invented material, or able to understand and use a law involved anything that needed to know about, but those laws of physics, etc. have been discovered by European or Slavonic minds of people
Often Hindi people are also discover laws of the world that is not religion, but science by mathematically proven facts.
Also, who are smartest, Russians, or Europeans?
Just see most of the inventors are also Europeans or Slavonic.

New Niche Finder answers:

Of course some people have higher intellect than others….nothing new about that.

Jenny asks…

Do all the new species showing up recently have something to do with global warming?

Over the past year…. there have been several reports of scientists finding thousands of new species in several different places, even a fish thought extinct for thousands of years has been caught alive….. could this have to do with ocean waters getting warmer and ice caps melting after being frozen for thousands of years?
Or if you think it’s not global warming…. what is the reason for this surge in discoveries?

New Niche Finder answers:

Thousands of new species are discovered every year, and this has been going on for decades. It is thought that we are still ignorant about the majority of species on the Earth. I suspect that the increased reporting of new species in the news is the result of the increased public interest in ecology, which is in turn a result of the growing public awareness of global warming. So the increased reports are an indirect result of global warming, but it is a social phenomenon, not an ecological one.

Betty asks…

How do they discover new species?

I don’t understand. If there’s really 1.7 million discovered species, then how are you going to come across a new species and know it hasn’t been discovered yet? You can’t just take every weird animal you see and then look it up to see if it’s been discovered. So how do we discover something and know it hasn’t been discovered yet?

New Niche Finder answers:

New species are most often discovered by people who specialize on a particular group, because they are most familiar with the organisms and they are most likely to be able to tell if they have something new or not. Nevertheless, taxonomists often disagree and some people are downright irresponsible as they try to name just about every animal they find that may be slightly different as a new species, in the hope that they will get lucky and future scientists will indeed find evidence that one or more of the names may in fact represent new species. That way they get the credit but somebody else will be doing all the hard work of showing that it is indeed a new species. There is some safeguard available for this sort of irresponsible behavior, because editors of scientific journals may refuse to publish these reckless and useless taxonomic proposals. However the rules of the ICZN (International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature) does not require a name to be published in peer-reviewed journals to be valid. Therefore irresponsible taxonomy can still happen if an author can somehow get his proposals published.

Responsible scholars, however, will generally follow the rules (both written and unwritten) and try to gather evidence that will convince other scientists that they indeed have a new species at hand, not just a slightly different variant of an existing species. Nevertheless, different schools of taxonomy may differ as to what a species is. For example, some people who subscribe to the biological species concept may disagree with those who subscribe to a different species concept on whether a particular population should be considered a subspecies or a full species. Since the disagreement is philosophical, rather than factual, there is little hope that there could be a consensus on the status of some species.

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