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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Joseph asks…

If you discovered a new species of animal in your own back yard and were offered to name it. What you call it?

Lets say you were given an option to give a scientific name as well.
Let’s say the animal looks like something of cross between wolf and wild cat. But it is neither and it is it’s own species and You alone just discovered it. The high ups come down and personally meet you and give you an option to name the animal what you name it? And if you know about scientific names as well what would be it’s scientific name?

New Niche Finder answers:

Scientific name: Hollynusaurus.

Simple name: Back yard beast.

Mandy asks…

What are 10 extinct species that have been found on seperate continents that support Wegner’s theory?

I would be ever so pleased of some kind soul out there would list 10 species of extinct plants or animals of the same species that have been discovered on separate continents.(ex. fern fossils have been found in Africa AND South America) The findings of such species shall be used to validify Wegner’s theory of continental drift.

New Niche Finder answers:

You have to be careful of the dates involved and the organisms. Most mammals evolved too late to be affected this way and can be explained by island-hopping and geologically-reasonable land bridges.

Stick with fishes, amphibians, and reptiles and with links between Europe and North America or Africa and South America, for the most part.

Distribution of the lungfishes could be explained by continental drift — or not.

There are fossil snapping turtles in Europe and in North America (where they are extant) but not in Asia. That would seem to be a good argument, except that the line may not be old enough.

Ruth asks…

What star wars species were already discovered at 6000 BBY?

I need this information for a little project and just wanted to know what species were already discovered during this time. I already know the Miraluka were so please do not include these if possible. Thanks :)

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, quite a few were involved in the Galactic Republic by that time. Here’s a short run-down/timeline.

27,500 BBY-Alderan was colonized (by humans).
25,100 BBY-The Hutts conquer the warlord Xim the Despot.
25,000 BBY- Galactic Constitution ratified. Galactic Republic established on Coruscant. The Jedi order is also formed around the same time.
20,000-17,000 BBY-massive amounts of expansion/colonization was done by the empire, leading to many species becoming known (sorry, but I don’t have a full list of them).
9000-8000 BBY- expansion continues, under the leadership of a Hutt as Supreme Chancellor (showing that aliens were already considered equals).

So many species were known, but the most prevelant were obviously the Human and the Hutts. You could check specific details on www.starwars.wikia.com but I don’t know if you’ll find any specifics. You could look into it further by glancing at some character lists of the game Knights of the Old Republic. It was set around 4,000 BBY, but has many aliens integrated heavily into society, so many of them were probably there in 6,000 BBY as well.

Lisa asks…

What is the evolutionary future of mankind ?

Considering the evolutionary history of hominid species, what is the future of man. Will the species be a deadend or mutate into another species; and what are the possibile mutations?

New Niche Finder answers:

Evolution is based on variance within the population allowing adaptation to fill new environmental niche. Fortunately for humans we are the most generalized mammal on the planet and as of such have found a nearly universal sucess throughout most of the environments that we encounter. That said it is difficult to imagine an environment that would be different enough and that we would habituate for long enough to allow natural selection to act upon the effected population for long enough to create any kind of significant visual change in our species. At the same time we as a species are truly defeating the few acts of natural selection that were acting upon us with advances in medicine. With this in mind the changes that might occur could be much like your thanksgiving Turkey, a creature who has been put under so much unnatural selection that it no longer is capable of mating due to humans artificially breeding them for nothing else but size. If humans were no longer present to do this service for Turkeys, they would go extinct. Through “unnatural selection” humans are doing very similiar things to themselves. Undoubtedly a woman who goes in for infertility medicines has a greater chance of having children who would require the same, children that have severe enough allergies/asthma that may have killed them in the past will now grow to a reproductive age with the assistance of asthma/allergy medicines will also produce offspring who have higher occurances of asthma/allergies. This is a bit of a concern, seeing as at the same time we are making ourselves more susceptible to asthma and allergies we are also taking actions that are converting the environment that we will have to adapt to, to containing more contaminants. If it gets serious enough those who are persevering with the assistance of medicine may be the first to become too sick to be reproductively successful such that the power of natural selection might overbear unnatural medical selection once again in this area? Some areas where medicine is making slow progress, like cancer and Aids, there will be a continued evolutionary process. Already there have been a few case studies that have shown a truckstop in Africa where the prostitutes, despite an alarming exposure rate, are not catching or dying from Aids suggesting that natural selection has already discovered a variant within one ethnic group that appears to have white blood cells which are not as susceptible to the AIDS virus, much like sickle cell trait does the same red blood cells resistance for Malaria. As this gene now becomes more prominent due to the pressure of AIDS we may also see the advance of a new genetic disorder if a person is born with two recessives, much like two recessive copies of sickle cell results in anemia instead of trait. So if people do begin to die from a worse environment that causes worse Asthma/Cancer/AIDS, undoubtedly natural selection will find many variants within our population which now far exceeds 6 billion people and will come up with the needed solutions to combat these problems so that enough people make it to a reproductive age and then go to the doctor to get their fertility drugs. If there is also enough disruption in the sociopolitical structure such that medicine is no longer readilly available, at least to the poor, then natural selection will also reclaim the realm of fertility and those who can’t naturally, won’t. So that is what our environment has in store for us…

But what about technology, if it is allowed to persist and becomes an enpowered agent towards our development. If on top of the fertility drugs, people take medical-engineering so far that they also have their fetus’ genetically altered to bring out the “preferred” characteristics. Well it sounds great on the surface, this is actually a dangerous game of Russian roulette. First of all, if the procedure becomes too widespread we would in essence be eradicating variability within our gene pool. It is this same variance which is the mobilizer of natural selection that gives us our ability to adapt to new environments. Now lets say a bacteria or virus evolves to exploit a now homogenous niche that our scientists have now placed in EVERYONE. Not a single person will have the variance to counteract that virus/bacteria… Whoops. Secondly, if genetic altering is only a thing for the rich, then we might find that if two genetically altered children were to fall from the economic status of their parents that either they could not have children at all as they have so many recessives combining inutero that the fetus is continually rejected, or if a new baby is conceived without the same genetic tinkering that the parents underwent, that the resulting child may have severe genetic defects, again by two recessives that matched up in the new baby for the fact that that recessive with a different dominant in both parents had allowed a benificial trait in their parents genetic engineering procedure. Simply put, genetic engineering may create a circumstance where it becomes a neccesary procedure for genetically engineered people to have healthy offspring and the Human race would be up the creek without a paddle if we somehow lost the ability to continue the procedure, once started.

So what is the evolutionary future of mankind… What environment are we heading towards and how will our biology enpowered by natural selection and our sociopolitical and medical progress, which cheat the processes of natural selection, shape our evolution, our sucess within this new environment? This is the question. The answer is everything above.

Richard asks…

What is the long-term ethical treatment of meat animals?

Suppose everyone became vegetarian. It seems likely that the various species of farm animals would become extinct, or nearly extinct—after thousands of years of breeding, they can no longer survive in the wild, and few if any will continue to be raised by humans if it is not economic to do so.

In other words, suppose you were an intelligent pig or cattle, and where faced with the choice of: (1) living for a while, then being killed and eaten or (2) having your whole species go extinct. Which would you choose?

New Niche Finder answers:

Would you want to live under those conditions? Or would you rather die? Think about being locked up in a small cage where you can barely turn or lie down, being poked and prodded, overfed, underfed, etc etc etc etc etc..Do you think these animals feel one moment of contentment in there sad and short lives? It has more to do with the fact they arent living for awhile and then simply killed to be eaten. They are barely living at all, the conditions in which they are kept are horrid and uneccesary.
I think nature has a way of working itself out. It is for sure that domesticated animals such as cows, pigs, chickens would soon go extinct as a result of what men did to them. And soon nature would take its course, as was meant to be. We ourselves have been avoiding the rules of nature since the day we discovered the use of tools. Just because we are an “Intelligent” species does not mean what we do is right. Which can make you wonder what our role here is to begin with. Are we meant to dominate and consume everything in sight and within our ability, or are we meant to use our intelligence for what we deem as good and just? You tell me how you feel on that, because I already know the answer. My intellect is not present in order to destroy, and at this point needs to be put to some real use, as everything has been far to neglected for far too long.

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