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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Ken asks…

What would you do if you discovered a dragon?

What would you do?
1 : Keep it’s species a secret from science and the modern world.
2 : Reveal it to the scientific and modern world.
3 : Sell it to the highest bidder.
4 : Something else entirely.
This may also concern Eragon.

New Niche Finder answers:

I would reveal the discovery to scientist and educators. I would use multi-media to do the reveal w/ some evidence for DNA testing, etc w/o allowing harm to the animal. I would establish an underground system to ensure safety of the dragon using a series of dedicated, caring, trustworthy animal lovers, each only knowing two people in the underground system (the person giving them the information and the person getting the information from them). I would ensure that no harm was brought to the dragon by limiting knowledge of the location to one person. The dragon would be allowed to live in his natural habitat.

Wouldn’t it be kewl to have all the fairy tales validated? :-)

David asks…

Do you think there are never discovered species under the ice of Antarctica?

So Antarctica is a continent, not just a chunk of floating ice. This means that in times long ago it was part of Pangea and then part of either Laurasia or Gondwana. There had to have been a lot of animals on that continent, right?

Do you think there is a HUGE WEALTH of gold, resources, fossils on that continent?

We should dig under the ice and explore!

New Niche Finder answers:

There are almost certainly fossils and known mineral resources including coal and oil bearing rocks.

The recent exploration around the Falkland Islands has found – probably – some worthwhile oil fields but only full blown drilling will confirm/deny.

Small deposits of many minerals have been found but as only 1.5% of Antarctic land is accessible the extent of what is under the ice (up to 7km deep!) will remain a mystery for a long time!

This link gives further general thoughts:-
but all suggestions are “guesses”.

Antarctica is essential to our world as the “freezer” that stops us overheating.
If we mess with it and it starts to melt that will be the end of civilisation as sea levels will rise 200ft drowning most of our major cities and most of our food growing areas thus starving the remaining population.
Antarctica must be left alone!

Joseph asks…

A biologist has discovered and collected a number of plant species from a rain forest environment.?

Explain what type of evidence a biologist would rely on to determine if the plant species were new. Give specific examples of what the biologist would look for. What process would scientists go through to name a new species?

New Niche Finder answers:

You have to go through the literature and herbarium specimens to determine what you have collected. If there is no match, you might have a new species.

To name it, you would have to publish a description (including a description in Latin) and propose a name that fits the international rules of botanical nomenclature. The paper must be published in a duplicatable form.

Donald asks…

What If a Highly Intelligent Species of Slime is Found?

This is a weird question to ask, but what if man discovered a sentient species of slime? How do you think the “first contact” scenario will go? How would communication be made possible? Do you think that the UN will offer a seat to it/them? Or do you think humanity would try to destroy it/them?

New Niche Finder answers:

Everything we know about biology tells us such would never exist. You see, slime like organisms do their thing just without any nerves, and nerves are required for a brain. Slime couldn’t do anything with a mind. Only animals have minds (and even most animals don’t), and that’s because of their high level of interaction with the environment.

But to your question, it all depends on the finder. First we’d have to discover it’s intelligence (difficult, considering it’s slime). Once that’s done, we would have the method which to go about communicating with it. Some would seek to destroy it, others to preserve it. As it is not a nation, and possess no such powers, it would not get a part in the UN. It may end up with rights doctrines and protections, though, if it lasts through our fights.

Susan asks…

How many types of dinosaurs have been discovered?

Also how many types are there predicted to have existed even if not been discovered yet?

New Niche Finder answers:

About a thousand species have been named, but that number is being reduced as scientists discover that some of what they believed to be species are only juveniles of species described from the adult stage. No doubt many tens of thousands of species of dinosaurs once lived.

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