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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Betty asks…

What are wild turkeys Environment, scientific name, family, and species?

Also, please if you know what Lewis and Clark said specifically about it and what their thoughts were on it, where they first discovered it, and anything else useful!!

New Niche Finder answers:

You seriously can’t Google this for yourself? Start here, but you should do your own research instead of relying on strangers:

Daniel asks…

How do you stop a horse just eatin leaves?

My friend trains show jumping horses. Recently he has discovered his top horse wasn’t eating at all. He figured it out after a while the horse had been eating nothing but leaves from a adjoining field. He wont eat anything now expect leaves and refuses a horses normal diet.He gets violent if you refuse him leaves.The vet says he wont last long but he’s still with us.

New Niche Finder answers:

I would try to keep all leaves picked up out of the field – there are some species of tree that can be very harmful for your horse to eat!

Check out this site for more info on poisonous trees:

Mary asks…

Would you still be religious if we discovered advanced life on other planets?

And what if this advanced life was far more powerful than us, but they were friendly, though they had different religious beliefs, or none at all. Would you still believe that Earth is the center of the universe (figuratively,) and that we’re an important species?

New Niche Finder answers:

Ummm…I think you are making a false analogy. That if I am religious I think that me and the earth are the center of the universe. Too bad. Cause your original question was intriguing.

Maria asks…

What are some of the falsafiable theories behind evolution?

What do evolutionists say that, if discovered, would prove evolution to be false?
The only one I know of is if we can prove the earth is not billions of years old, then evolution has to be false.
What are some others?
The only one that really understood what I was asking was rhsaunders.

In order for a theory to be a theory, it has to be falsafiable.
In otherwords if we find…then the theory has to be thrown out. Like the example of age that I gave.
I think that Darwin said in his book that if intermediate life forms are not discovered, then the theory has to be thrown out. (However don’t quote me on that) I’m just trying to give an example, because none of you answered the question.

What are the falsafiable statements of evolution theory?
I would agree that those processes are necessary for evolution, but they don’t prove the theory to be true. However, that’s off topic and unrelated to my question.
I do have some compelling material that supports a young earth if you’re interested in hearing it.

Actually, I would like an evolutionist to listen to it and provide their opinion. Every one so far just dismisses any evidence before listening to what people have to say. I find that rather disturbing. It’s as if they don’t want to hear any other posibilities.

I have been listening to the two major sides for a while. I’ve tried to get all the information I can from each. I feel it’s the only way to get an education. Otherwise, you are subjecting yourself to indoctrination.

But, let me know if you would like a link to the material I have. I need an opinion from an evolutionist on it. A creationist will automatically agree and I need objectivity.

I tried to contact you but the link said your email is not confirmed.

If anyone else is willing to provide me with intelligent objectivity to my material, I will provide it. Just contact me.

New Niche Finder answers:

There are only two elements required for evolution to be true:
– There must be variation. This is established; essentially every commercially important plant or animal is a variant of the original wild type, in some cases to the extent that the variant is no longer cross-fertile with the wild type — i.e., it is a new species.
– There must be a selection mechanism. Natural selection has been around since things began; artificial (human) selection has been around since the beginning of agriculture.
Refutation of either of these would, of course, make evolution impossible. Since no other elements are required for evolution to take place, these are the only concepts to which refutation applies. You are, of course, right about the necessary age of the earth; if the earth were young, evolution would not have had time to produce the variety of life now present. But there is no evidence to support such a notion.
My hat is off to you for asking the right question.

Robert asks…

Do you think that science has discovered all the secrets of nature?

nature has a lot of secrets that science is unable and incapable to discover them why?very weak to The greatness of the Creator.. BUT No one denies the extent of human intelligence and the findings of his discoveries..

New Niche Finder answers:

Hundreds of new species of sea life were just discovered in the depths near the antarctic. It’s not that we are unable or incapable. In fact, about 80% of what science knows has been discovered only in the last 100 years. Until the 20th century we had the theories, but just didn’t have the tools to substantiate those theories. Life should be full of learning new things to make us complete.

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