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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Linda asks…

what are scientist called who’s job is to discover new species?

I was wondering because I thought it would be a cool job to discover new species. (not a taxonomist though because they only classify new organisms)

New Niche Finder answers:

There isn’t a job where people discover new species. New species are usually discovered by accident by scientists that are usually working on another project (I am thinking of microbes). When a scientist finds a new species, he usually get the naming rights. But after that, the hard work begins. A lot of DNA sequencing and cell cultures have to be done to figure out what known species this unknown is most like.

Your best bet would be to study microbiology if you are interested in new species. Check out this page:


Carl Woese did a lot of microbio and is a pioneer in his own right.

Susan asks…

If you could name an undiscovered animal, what would you name it?

For anyone who follows Sourcefed, they’ve made videos recently about new species of animals being discovered, seven being new dinosaurs! So if you were a scientist and given the oppertunity to name a new species, what would the animal be and what would you name it?

If I could, I’d name a newly discovered species of reptiles after Steve Irwin.

New Niche Finder answers:

Severusticaus Snapetallium

Jenny asks…

How to discover a new species?

I know this may sound silly but I want t discover a new species and I also want to study reptiles when i’m older (6th grade) And also just because this sounds ridiculous doesn’t mean you should leave hate.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your chances of discovering a new reptile are fairly slim. It happens, but not often. On the other hand, study the parasites of reptiles and you will have your name on a few species before you get your doctorate. I used to take breaks with some of the parasitology crew at a major university. The conversation would go something like, “How’s it going?” “Slow day. Just one new genus and four new species.”

Betty asks…

What Would You Call This Type Of Person Who Works With Animals?

Someone who studies animals in their natural environment and tries to discover new species of animals?

Also What would you need to become one of these?

I am only 15 and I have wanted to do this job since I can remember.

Thank You! :)

New Niche Finder answers:

Probably a wildlife ecologist (also called an animal ecologist). Ecology has a lot of overlapping emphases though, and quite a few of them would allow you to do that. For instance marine ecology would include the study of animals (and plants and other things) in the oceans, and the search for new species there.

To become one of these you’d probably need at least a master’s degree in wildlife ecology, biology or some such related field. A doctorate would give you better chances of picking your own research topics.

Laura asks…

A scientist wants to assign a newly discovered bacterial species to a kingdom..?

A scientist wants to assign a newly discovered bacterial species to a kingdom: Eubacteria or Archaebacteria. Which of the following is the best question the scientist should ask?

A- Is the species an autotroph or a heterotroph?
B- Does the species have peptidoglycan in its cell walls?
C- Does the species live in an extreme environment, such as hot springs?
D- Is the species a prokaryote?

New Niche Finder answers:

Its C. Archae live in extreme environments while bacteria do not

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