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Your Questions About How To Discover New Species

Carol asks…

How often is a new species found?

How often do we discover a new species? The world is a big and wondrous place.

New Niche Finder answers:

More frequently that we see in the usual news media. More new species are found than go extinct. There is a source for tracking new species:

The is one organization that tracks species. The IUCN.

I cant find any one source that has totaled them up. There are a lot. Thousands from the oceans. Hundreds from jungles. Even from desserts.

Susan asks…

how did noah find 2 of EVERY species of animal?

How could Noah have found them all, when some animals are indigenous to certain continents, and wouldn’t have been seen wherever Noah was.

Even today, we are discovering species of animals, how could Noah have got them all, so so long ago in the past.

New Niche Finder answers:

God sent his Angel, named Earl, to help Noah, and God gave Earl special powers to help him help Noah, and on the seventh day, Earl was through and went home to Heaven to rest and to avoid getting caught outside when the rain came.

Charles asks…

If a new species is discovered, do you think human society will make this newly discovered species extinct?

I always hear when there are news of when a new animal speicies are discovered…like a strange colored crocodile or a two headed snake. But a year later, I never heard of them again neither by research, safari T.V shows, news, media and such. I believe as soon they are discovered, they are quickly hunted into extinction.

If it’s true, then why are they quickly hunted down?

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s not true. It’s just not “news” any more.

Think about it — we don’t get news reports about cows every week, do we? Imagine what it would be like — “This just in: Cows still exist.” …The reason the news doesn’t do that is because…it’s not news. Cows aren’t doing anything new, really, they’re just….being cows, just like they’ve always been. So until a cow does something really unusual, or we discover something really unusual about them, we’re not going to hear about them on the news. But just because we don’t hear about them, that doesn’t mean they’re not there — you see them every day.

There’s a lot of ongoing research on any new species, but we don’t hear about it in the main media because the kind of research that’s going on would mostly be of interest only to zoologists (“Ooh, I just learned that the bat we discovered last year has a body temperature of 96 degrees!” “…Um, so what?”) — so you’d only be able to find it in scientific journals. But, just like the cows, the fact that we don’t hear about these new species doesn’t mean they’re not there — it just means that there’s no new news about them yet, and the people who would be most interested in them would be scientists who are analyzing them. If the scientists analyzing them find anything really unusual (“hey, everyone, remember that bat we discovered last year? Well — we just learned it can TALK!”), we’d hear that, but until then…the news has other things to talk about.

Helen asks…

What is your take on the “lost jungle” in Indoneia?

Is this the coolest thing or what? I find it comforting knowing there is a place on earth where man has not yet left his footprint. Dozens of newly discovered species of birds, butterflys, frogs and plants. They have said anyone entering will come out with a mystery.

New Niche Finder answers:

It is very cool that in our modern day world there are still parts of the are is still unexopled with many undiscovred plants and animals. I reminds me alot of Sir Colon Doyle’s lost world. This must have how it been when europeans founded the amazon and reported back to europe. I just hope they keep it nice and not let to many people go into it and explore it. Because if they they will probably destroy it or deminishing it’s beauty and that would be a crying shame. I will cross my finger and watch joyfully to new developments. With bad news around every bend it is good to hear something that will uplift my spirts.

William asks…

What are your observations of the species Simius Reporticus?

I’ve been studying this newly discovered, semi-sentient species, and would like to know your input on the subject.

So far, I’ve observed that their mating season is in August, and their mating rituals include murdering innocent questions to impress the females. They worship the god Yahoo! also known as Yamster, threatening with account suspension anyone who does not follow the commandments of this god. They seem to be a diurnal species, although some members are awake at night.

Is there anything I’ve missed?

New Niche Finder answers:

I am so glad you posted this. For a while now I have thought I must be seeing things, so it is good to know I am not going crazy.

Can you cast any light on the possible origins of this species?
Are they in anyway related to Trollus Patheticus?

Also is there any truth in the rumours I have heard about Yamster giving birth to a ugly little brat called Yapoo?


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