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Your Questions About How To Discover New Things

Mandy asks…

What do you guys think of this short poem I wrote?

This is called “A Story Of Love”

I’ve discovered your wings,
fly away with me.
Let’s travel over the sea,
and discover things.
We can be anything we want to be.

Let’s create a world,
where we can live, breathe… exist.
In our ecstasy, we’ll remember our first kiss.
We’ll sleep all day, laying curled,
and listen to love songs.

You are
my angel;
I am your dove.
And we…
we are in love.

New Niche Finder answers:

The first stanza is too generic
the second is alright
and the 3rd is just not very well structured or thought out. It doesn’t really look like it belongs.
Overall it looks like you kinda just rushed when writing this

Helen asks…

How many of you hate dealing with other parents?

I like to let my kids discover things for themselves to foster confidence, independence and learning. I try to only step in when they are in danger, loud, will not share, or will hurt other kids. I find that other parents often annoy the hell outta me. They will let there kid push my child or break her toys. They do not disipline, but when the shoe is on the other foot…they are the first ones to say something.

Example: my baby was hugging an kissing my friends son, I could tell it annoyed her, she wanted me to stop the behavior. My child is not even two, she was just showing affection why should I punish her?

Diff. Example: a 2 yr old boy pushes my 13 month daughter down and she knocks her head on concrete she screams, the parents say nothing to me or there son

I am scared about dealing with parents in the future. I don’t like confrontaion…and it seems kids are always doing something that could spark a fight between you and another parent. How do you deal?
There are so many different parenting styles! How do we all get along? I want to tell the passive people to disipline there children….and I want to tell the uptight strict people to ease up a little bit.

I guess I am more middle of the road when it comes to parenting, but it seems as though everyone is so one sided and close minded when it comes to there kids

New Niche Finder answers:

YES!!! I really do hate them most of the time. Astoundingly, many of my friends have become TERRIBLE parents.

One friend has a nervous breakdown at every get-together because her child a snotty “princess” who won’t share. Both our kids are learning to share but she takes it personally.

Another friend talks negatively about her children IN FRONT OF THEM as if they are case studies. She calls them “this one” and “that one” rather than their names. Plus she has one very disturbed kid who she keeps yo-yo-ing on and off of ADD drugs and in and out of school. It breaks my heart.

Oh and then there’s the friend who’s youngest has had a runny nose for 1 1/2 years and they no longer even try to wipe his nose, then the encourage him to kiss my daughter. I don’t think so!

Oh and the entire “princess” thing pisses me off. My daughter is special, unique, etc. However I do not fill her heard with princess, diva, ruler of the universe ideas. That’s just programming your child to be a BRAT in my opinion.

Sharon asks…

Science is discovering new things everyday. Do you think science knows everything already?

Science doesn’t know everything – just the tip of the iceberg. Discovers new things everyday. Its limited by our perception, our equipment, etc. Our reasoning is also limited to the knowledge that we have to date.

And humans with their five senses can see/hear only a limited range of frequencies. Even animals can see, hear, smell, taste much more than humans.

Who knows what exists at the higher frequencies and wavelengths? Above 20 KHz and 750 nm?

Why not keep an open mind about things?

New Niche Finder answers:

Science will never know “everything”.

And fyi, I have an open mind about a lot of things. But having an open mind doesn’t mean that I have to automatically believe.

Betty asks…

Is there a way to redeem a lost savings bond?

I won a 100 dollar savings bond when I was in the 3rd grade through an essay writing contest. My dad lost the certificate of the bond and I was wondering if there is any way I can recover it. I’m 23 now and I just recalled this because of some moving around and discovering things.

New Niche Finder answers:

Fill out a “Claim for lost, stolen, or destroyed United States savings bonds” at the website below.

Jenny asks…

How much to repaint my car hood?

Hello. I live in Utah and i discovered things are much cheaper here.
I was wondering an estimated average cost of how much it’d be to repaint my car’s hood.
I have an 94 Acura Integra. Nothing is wrong with the hood. I’m just trying to paint it black to make my car look cleaner.
Any help? Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

CHEAPER? Not at all.

Rent is a little cheaper than most areas, but not all.
Car Insurance is a little cheaper.

FOOD is outrageous! Food here (in the groceries stores) is much more than most I’ve ever been, including Las Vegas! I’d say that Utah grocery prices are about the same as Miami, FL food prices and that’s insane. Most items, even at places like Wal-Mart, are much more expensive in Utah than other areas.

Oil changes are pretty high, too. I haven’t had any other car services performed here, yet.

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