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Your Questions About How To Discover New Things

Steven asks…

What are some of the best favorite things you have came across? Anything Food,socks,gadgets etc?

Sometimes we discover things that we fall in love with. Anyway I want to hear about things of any nature you are glad you found but may have never come across.

New Niche Finder answers:

An egg cooker by Cuisanart. I love it. Put a little water in the bottom of it, wait for the timer, done, and perfect.

John asks…

Why do people call blind faith blind?

If I am in an airplane that is on fire it would take blind faith for me to bail out. I would have to trust someones parachute that may have never had to bail out.
“Blind” faith is the only faith there is. Anyonbe who says they have no blind faith is a lying dreamer.
Has anyone ever smelled a dream. Have people discovered things through dreams. Do atheists dream.

New Niche Finder answers:

They do not allow parachutes on commercial flights, you will land or die in the burning plane, jumping out with out a chute and thinking you will be saved is an act of blind faith, Useless……

Carol asks…

Seeing as humans are rather inept when it comes to nature, does this disprove darwinian evolution?

To get this out of the way, YES, evolution did occur, and it can be seen in fossil evidence that we have a lineage of prehistoric man. My question is that humans are completely inept and incapable of survival when it comes to being outside of our home. We are extremely slow, extremely weak, and have slow reactions (in comparison to the rest of the animal kingdom). With that in mind, how can we assume that, in a “survival of the fittest” situation, humans arise to the top?

Granted our brains are large, but we have only discovered things that give us an edge on animals like fire, spears, and stuff along those lines about 200000 years ago, and we have evidence that there were individuals that resembled humans well before that.

again, i am not saying i don’t believe in evolution, i just question whether or not Darwin’s theory is correct

New Niche Finder answers:

Darwinian evolution is correct, as you realise.
It seems you are confusing individual adaptation with evolutionary adaptation.
For example not many domestic animals would survive if they were suddenly released into the wild, despite having all the attributes necessary for survival. This is because they have adapted as individuals to a specific environment, in which they are fed and sheltered, not because nature sold them short.

Susan asks…

Is Chemical Engineering an interesting career?

I know its all subjective and down to what the person wants in life.
I really just want a career in science where i can discover things, do you think chemical engineering does this? and if not, what else is there?

New Niche Finder answers:

Science is a very broad field. You would have to specify what things you want to discover; because really, you can get a doctorate in which you would research/discover in the scientific subject area you are most interested in. Don’t be fooled though, because chemical engineering is definitely engineering and not physical or life sciences. If you want to make discoveries in industrial or chemical product area then go with chemical engineering. If not, there are many other fields in science.

Charles asks…

Isn’t it pathetic that so many people are worried about mini black holes in the LHC?

And then there are people who get god into the picture and say that we shouldn’t be discovering things and leave it all to god ! Come on !
I mean , after all these years of science, we have so many people who won’t think for themselves, but believe rubbish in newspapers. What’s wrong? Is the school syllabus wrong or what?

New Niche Finder answers:


Hehehe I actually hope some crazy shit does happen.

Something to break the monotony of every day life?

I have my crowbar at the ready…………

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