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Your Questions About How To Discover New Things

Maria asks…

Did you ever marry someone whos just like your mom or dad?

You know the saying, _”You end up marrying someone just like your parents.” When did you realize the similarities between them? I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a year and have discovered things he says and does just like my dad now.

New Niche Finder answers:

You don’t normally make the distinction immediately. But sometimes its the similarities that attract you to that person, even if you don’t realise til later

Steven asks…

How to stop being a cynical jerk?

This is long because i went off in some random direction so please, bare with me.Lately I’ve been having problems hiding my cynical side of me. Ive always been a bit cynical and sarcastic but lately its been a real problem. I constantly point out the stupidity in the things people say and I’ve also been pointing out peoples flaws. I cant tell if its just that im extremely stressed lately or if its that im just more mature than a lot of these people around me. both of which are true. I’m never really a cynical bastard to my close friends because they are on around the same level of maturity im on. They are some of the few people I can have actually deep, controversial, or philosophical conversations with. Its always been a giant pain in the *** to get along with people for me because most of them just don’t get me. For instance, when I was younger it was really hard to fit in with all of the other kids because I couldn’t act like them. I cant be ignorant. I discover things that I cant erase from my mind and it haunts me. Just about a month ago I realized how valuable our lives are since they don’t last long. Its been haunting be ever since. a few years ago I was almost hit by a car. it stopped a few inches away from me but I just brushed it off without any lesson learned on how I need to live. to get back on topic, Its just hard to not point out the idiots or the people who ***** about nothing. There is one girl I know, lets call her sally. Sally is a friend of mine, but she says some really stupid things. She doesn’t shut up about how AMAZING twilight and hunger games are. She, along with all of the other dumb asses in my school say that anyone that does something weird is a “stalker” even when I tell them that doesn’t make any sense, and it pisses me off so much.( let me just say, I go to the 5th hardest school in the country and I still get idiots). its hard not to be mean to here because she makes it SO easy. Also theres this dipshit, lets call him bob. He comes off as someone who will grow up to be a mass murder. My English teacher taught us about genocide when we read the novel Night and that freak, Bob, laughed. he LAUGHED when we heard about two tribes in Africa murdering eachother with machetes for a solid month. He also goes up to everyone and says “im jewish” one day, and then hell say “im Satanist” or some other ****. Im trying to be nicer so can someone give me tips to ignore stupidity and just to be cheerful like I once was?

New Niche Finder answers:

I think you nailed it when you said you were just more mature than a lot of the people around you.
More than likely, that is the problem.
Let me attempt to try to flesh this out a bit for you.
Now this doesn’t mean that I believe you are any more mature than that of your peer group. What I’m saying here is that your possible dilemma is that you probably think you are more mature and, more than likely, you probably believe you are a lot smarter then they are as well.
Would that be a safe bet?
For the most part, cynicism, at it’s base level, is a manifestation of a deep seated inferiority belief. That, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing and in many cases, an inferiority complex can lead to a positive motivation for some people. Cynicism, while not necessarily the best way to meet and influence people is not a bad trait, per se, and should be tempered with a certain amount of empathy regarding your friends in order to maintain a balance in one’s life.

Try this….. With maturity comes wisdom. So try to be a little more understanding towards your fellow man and see how that works out for you.
After all, you are so much smarter and more mature than everyone else.
Isn’t that correct?

Mark asks…

I’m new to gaming and have recently acquired a ps2. Can anybody recommend good adventure type games please

I played Monkey Island on my pc a few years ago and loved that i also loved sonic the hedgehog in my youth. I tried playing Lord of the rings last night but got really bored so it looks like I’m not really into fighting games. I’d love a game that you get lost in where you can walk around and discover things and talk to characters and solve riddles maybe collect things. Many Thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

I’d love a game that you get lost in where you can walk around and discover things and talk to characters and solve riddles maybe collect things. Many Thanks<—Just from reading that right there,you want final fantasy X,my opinion that was the best final fantasy out,Great story line.

William asks…

Name a famous person who’s made a major impact on the world?

I’m writing an essay, and I need to have a famous person who’s impacted the world, such as by saving lives/cured illnesses/discovered things, ect.

New Niche Finder answers:

My balls.

Robert asks…

Why do I desperatly need sympathy or an apology from my childhood abusers?

My name is Maria and I’m an 18 year old student. When I think about the child Mia (the old me), I constantly cry. It’s hard to believe that she was once me. When I think about her or look at the old pictures of this ignored, scared child, it just looks like I died as a child. It looks like she died alone and I cry about it.
I’ve been so scared as a child. That is the only emotion that I could remember. I had memorable happy/calm moments during my childhood but they typically occurred when I was alone and discovered things about this world and about life. I was emotionally and ESPECIALLY physically abused for 18 years by my parents and foster parents. I was sexually abused (raped and molested) by my older brother for 11 years. I was harassed by people in my area for most of my childhood due to my nationality. I was always bullied at school and I never had or made any friends due to my nationality. I experiences racism, prejudice and discrimination by people who were not part of my family or community. I experienced sexual and physical abuse by members of my parent’s cult/community for 18 years. Despite all of my mistreatment that I experienced by individuals around me, I was always a people pleaser or a doormat. People used me and I knew that but it was good enough for me because I thought it was the only love that I could receive at this time. At least people are not ignoring me when they ask me to do something for them. I was always alone because kids and adults always thought I was not normal due to my abnormal behavior that was connected with my disorders but they sure did hurt me. I never had friends except my imaginary friends who constantly tell me to leave but overall, they were the only ones who truly loved me. No matter how much people hurt me, I always smiled and laughed, I never cried. I became anyone’s doormat because I hoped that maybe someone might love me or at least not hurt me anymore. I was so hurt, scared and lost when I was a child. I never stood up for myself or raised my voice, I just let people walk over me because I thought being nice would be the only way for me to gain love or respect but I received the opposite. I was so dead but acted so alive. It makes me angry!
The people who abused me (my family) constantly deny every abuse, I’m somehow ‘complaining’ or taking things out of context. I constantly try to make them apologize, I am desperate for their apology or sympathy. I just want them to understand how much I was hurt as a child or how lonely I felt, I just want them to feel bad but they DON’T UNDERSTAND!! WHY?!! WHY CAN’T THEY SYMPATHIZE OR AT LEAST RECOGNIZE MY PAIN?!! I have Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, and Schizophrenia. I am constantly suicidal. My parents tell me that I’m possessed by the devil due to my past ‘actions’; they are basically telling me that I caused all of this but IT’S THEM WHO CAUSED ALL OF MY DISORDERS! They only hurt me, never protected or loved me when I was a child. They were the ones who killed me when I was a child. They either deny or minimizing my issues. How do you think how I feel now? Why are they doing this to me? By them denying or minimizing my past makes me feel much worse, I would rather be abused by them again. I feel so crushed. I just want my past bullies or abusers to apologize or recognize how much pain I am currently in. This happened years ago but I cannot let this go, I just can’t. I remember it every day. Why do people hurt children? I don’t understand why people hurt others… I’m always crying because I just don’t understand what I have done to deserve any of this. I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

New Niche Finder answers:

People need closure, but I’ll never apologize to anybody because i’m the True Face of Evil.

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