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Your Questions About How To Discover New Things

John asks…

How to celebrate our first anniversary?

We are getting around to our first anniversary (yay!). We are more in love than we were the day we married. The problem is, we have no idea how to mark this occasion. People have suggested vegas or chicago or a second honeymoon in the Caribbean and that is all good but it just doesn’t seem to fit. We are outdoors people who like to discover new things. I can just picture myself in a remote area with fantastic views for a week with just him, me and nature. Any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

How about the Pacific Resort Aitutaki? I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves in this luxury resort on a remote island in the Cook Islands.

Thomas asks…

How do you break up with a girl you want to marry?

First year of college…I want to explore meet and discover new things, but a girl that is more in love with me than i am with her is holding me back. I love her, I can see myself marrying her but in the future not now, and what’s bothering me is that i feel married now…

New Niche Finder answers:

Let her go….as you are obviously not in love with her enough and are wanting different things….she will make her way…you will make yours….she may be waiting for you at the end….but maybe not : )

Joseph asks…

Do you think magick is silly and irrational?

I think people really don’t give the idea of magickal practice a chance. I believe magick is simply an energy conversion from one type to another. Take the way a company generates electricity, turbines are driven by fluid, some kind of water source(kinetic energy) which is converted to mechanical energy. As a result the turbines(mechanical energy) generate electrical energy. So this displays how we already convert forms of energy into useful sources. And this is just one of many examples of daily operations performed by machines, people, and companies. Magick works the exact same way, someone performing a ritual in a sense is converting ‘psychic energy’ to some other form of energy. A common practice that many people use is praying… and personally I believe that is a form of magick because you are trying to accomplish some kind of change using spiritual or psychic energy. I am not saying have seen or practice witchcraft but I don’t think it is as far out there as people claim. There are tons of scientific breakthroughs that have challenged scientific reasoning in specific time periods. Such as Galileo who observed that the earth was not he center of all others masses in the universe, that was not an accepted idea then now it is. Although I can’t remember his name the scientist (not john dalton) proposed all matter was composed of small building blocks and he was ridiculed so much he ended up committing suicide and he turned out to be correct. I believe just recently a professor Smith developed a material that bends microwaves around that material (not reflects or refracts actually bends around the object) which was always considered impossible and they are now pretty confident they can achieve this with light. I am just trying to suggest to keeping and open mind because we discover new things everyday and you just never know what might come to light next.

P.S. Yeah I know I should go to hogwartz
No i didn’t spell magick wrong, Aleister Crowley added the k to separate real magick from illusions practiced by magicians
yes I am stupid and retarded
now that we have those out of the way we can have a real discussion :)

New Niche Finder answers:

AS someone that has practiced various forms of Magic for a couple of decades I find it to be neither silly nor irrational (althought the use of the K is a bit silly. We had the word first let the illusionists change THEIR spelling.) And the thing that most people don’t realize about magic is that there are laws of physics that when combined allow for it (Quantum mechanics, Chaor theory, Particle physics).

Susan asks…

Ever felt the need to discover yourself?

I’ve been going out with my bf for 14 months today actually lol (just realised that). We love each other very much, We’re both 19 and started going out at the end of high school. We actually have similar views with quite a few things, but like any normal couple we don’t have exactly the same views. A few months ago I started feeling strange- it’s almost as if my body is present but my mind isn’t. I don’t know- it’s hard to explain. I’ve kind of felt down and nothing seems to make me as happy as it used to. It’s almost as if the old me is still inside but the new me is trying to take over. I guess what I’m trying to say is lately I’ve felt the urge to do things outside of my comfort zone- I’ve applied for new courses next year and possibly thinking of taking some time off to travel/ volunteer. My boyfriend is doing similar things next year. I think it will be good for us to both discover new things/ new cultures and be with new people. It’s also a good test to our relationship. Anyone else felt the need to discover themselves? Were you in a relationship? How did it affect this? Even if you wern’t in a relationship I’d like to hear your stories.
Thanks for your input. I’m not saying my boyfriend and I can’t grow together just more that I don’t want to be held back from doing things that I want. I know that being in relationships you sometimes forget about everything else- I guess I’ve just discovered that there’s more to life than being in a relationship (that’s all I used to think about). I love him immensly and I don’t want to block off all contact with him (tried it- we both pretty much died lol). In my opinion this is the best thing for both of us right now- we both want to see the world for all it’s beauty and we both realise this. Who knows we may decide to go overseas together for some parts of it. But being young we are discovering ourselves as individuals- I don’t think being in a relationship means you can’t grow as an individual.
Discover yourself”- I would say that’s fairly philosophical. The boyfriend part is just one of the things I’ll have to work out in my quest to discover myself. Similarly with my friends, family and where I live. Instead of saying “discovering myself” I guess I should put it like “growing up”- which is what everyone deals with. I understand that you never felt the need todiscover yourself” but I think many people do go through this in order to grow and develop. Just my opinion. You’re entitled to yours.

New Niche Finder answers:

I believe that what your feeling is natural for an intellectual individual which i believe you are, your getting older and soon wont be a teen, basically your truthfully developing yourself.

You mentioned that things you found interesting and enjoyed in prior day seem vague to you, no longer posses the spark it used to. I believe you should encourage these new ideals of yours. Like i said your reaching maturity and true adulthood, apart of that process an individual finds a need to find and discover themselves. Pursuit the things you mentioned in your question

I went through a similar scenario when i started college, i started to develop and acknowledge perceptions which exceeded me as an individual. That was my experience which led me to where i am now.

So do whatever you need to discover yourself, whether as an individual or as person in a relationship

Sandra asks…

Some thoughts on traveling the world?

One of my dreams is to travel the world and see many many countries, and discover new things. Unfortunately, people keep telling me how impossible it is because of money and other reasons. Can anyone realistically tell me how viable it really is to expect to see the world? Something tells me that these doom-sayers are over exaggerating… Basically I just want someone to tell me it straight: How hard is it REALLY to travel around the world?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you really want to travel around the world you’ll find a way to do it. I’ve managed to travel to other countries two weeks out of the year for the past 6 years (i’m only 23) because i’ve deemed it important to me. I save my money here and there (i don’t make much) and do cool stuff with it. Nothing’s impossible, whoever says so is a liar.

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