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Your Questions About How To Discover New Things

Jenny asks…

How to ask really good questions?

ones that will help people or trigger useful thoughts or help people learn or discover things or cheer them up or …?

How to ask really good questions?

New Niche Finder answers:

A bit of LATERAL thinking …

To train yourself to do this, whenever something happens, work out 5 different things associated with that.
Then, what is one aspect probably overlooked by others?
Or, which of the 5 things is most uplifting and inspiring to the other person.
eg, While selling, I was taking down an order for a lady and asked what name.
It was unusual.
It sounded like a punchline to a rude joke.
She must have had a lot of problems at school, etc with that name.
I couldn’t hide my suprise when I heard it, so i had to say something …
“WOW! Your Mother must have really loved your father to take a name like that!”
She got so excited that I got such a positive impression from her name.

Sandy asks…

Should a man who has dedicated life to his own learning abilities be praised any less than a college student?

I mean, we all like to discover things. Should the discover of one be compared to another through grades and levels? Is there a way to serve those with learning abilities that do not excel in our current design of schooling? Why can’t we observe and segregate people who show obvious signs of learning styles and abilities and segregate them from the regular school system as a regular normal practice of life?

New Niche Finder answers:

Most schools already have a grading system. And some schools you cannot get into, unless you have good academic grades,

Lizzie asks…

What is, if it is possible to explain it briefly and simply, the string theory?

I would like to know what are the basic concepts of string theory, what works have been made around it (like did we discover things? were there experiments yet related to it?) is it popular?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well you no how there are atoms? Those atoms are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. Now each of these is then made up of even tinier particles called quarks. Now string theory comes along and says that these particles are made up of tiny, tiny loops of filament or strings that vibrate, and depending how they vibrate will determine what particle they make. But for this maths to work string theory says that there must be not 3 dimensions+ time but instead 10 dimensions+ time.

Over time physists have descovered different force these include: gravity, electricity and magnatism, strong nuclear forces and weak nuclear forces. But originally there were thought to be a lot more forces and over time physics has consolidated these forces and have discovered that for example the forces responsible for electricity and for magnatism are actually the same thing. Now one of the thigns that makes string theory significant is that it says that these 4 forces are also the same thing.

There are two main types of physics now Quantum mechanics which deals with the very small things like atoms and general relativity that deals with big stuff liek stars and planets. The problem is that althought both of these types of physics work by themselves we have big problems when we try and mix them liek in the case of black holes and the big bang where u have lots of mass in a tiny area. Striong theory also claims to have a soloution to this where this problem can be resolved.

The problem with string theory is that it is very difficult if not impossible to test for 10 dimensions and the tiny vibrating loops. However, the large hadron collider in switzerland is hoping to test for this by smashing protons into to each other at very high speeds and detecting all the energy and smaller particles that fly off. The hope is that a particular amoutn of this energy disappears, and it can give evidence for string theory, the idea being that this energy goes into other dimensions.

Look up brian greene on youtube if u wanna learn more, he is very gd at explaing it.

Susan asks…

What is the movie called about a girl who visits her unlce.?

During her visit she tries to discover things about her dead mother’s past. She died in Russia while on a secret mission as a spy. The girl also falls in love with her soon to be step- cousin. Her father doesn’t let her shave or get her ears pierced, but she does anyways. She discovers some things about her mother and returns home happy

New Niche Finder answers:

My girl 2 and no she didn’t die in Russia she died giving birth

Robert asks…

What is the acceptable standard of beauty in Los Angeles?

What is the acceptable standard of beauty for women in Los Angeles? I recently moved from Cincinnati to LA. I am horrified to discover things like my roommates’ company, where: I – at 100 pounds – would be at a middling sort of weight; everyone seems to have new, trendy clothes; everyone goes to “beauty clinics” for expensive procedures like tattooed eyebrows and collogen; everyone wears their hair in a style; etc. Surely, this is not the norm! Please tell me I’m right. It is too expensive, too fake, and too horrifying. What is the “real” standard of beauty here?

In Ohio, I don’t have to do very much to be considered pretty. I’m thin with blond hair and blue eyes. As long as I am dressed appropriately for the situation – a business suit at work, for instance – no one is going to judge me harshly based on my appearance. Here, I feel like I have to turn my life upside down every day just to go to the supermarket. What is the minimum with which I can get by without being judged harshly?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, LA certainly is not Ohio. You know what? Just be yourself. Maybe that would be refreshing in a plastic society. You might even get discovered.

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