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Your Questions About How To Discover New Things

Maria asks…

Can someone find out your real name plus other personal information?

How can they discover things if they only know your email ?

New Niche Finder answers:

There is so much information you can get online. There are people search sites that can yield information about a user with the phone number. With this said, it is possible for one user to get details about another individual with the e-mail address. There are several ways: people search sites (as mentioned earlier), social media sites, e-mail you sent to people (with your name), etc. It is important to take note of the trails you leave online.

Sharon asks…

How many people does a girl have to sleep with to be a slut?

Okayy, well, I’m a young girl and i’m discovering things ya know? I was just wondering how many people it took to be considered a slut.

New Niche Finder answers:

It doesn’t really have a lot to do with how many sexual partners you’ve had, as much as how well you’ve known those sexual partners. If you’ve had a different boyfriend every year for the past ten years, well, you’ve had sex with ten people, but that doesn’t make you a slut. It might make people question your taste in men, or your inability to find one willing to commit, but it wouldn’t make you a slut.

Now, if you’re hooking up with random people that you’ve barely met and having sex with them, well, you’re just a slut, whether it’s two or twenty.

Donald asks…

how can i start making my own programs on pc?

from where should i start?
i need something classic, and easy. i am a fast learner and i love to discover things and create stuff like that.

New Niche Finder answers:

I started out with BASIC, its a great beginners language. And it used to be easy to find a copy of GW-Basic or Q-Basic or TurboBasic which were all pretty similar. For many years, I used PowerBaisc which is a basic language with a compiler to create .exe file from your basic programs. Most recently, I’ve been using Dark Basic Pro which was created for designing 3d games but I use it for its multimedia and graphical features.

If I was new, I think I would try to start out with Visual Basic Express 2008 (if you have Vista) or 2005 if you use XP.

Visual Basic is an “object oriented language” which means you create an interface by dragging and dropping buttons and so on… And then you write little bits of programming that tell the computer what to do when you push a button (or whatever else you have on your interface). Its far more useful to learn somethinglike that now than old style linear basic.

I don’t know for sure but I’ve been told theres a version of visual Basic Express that available from Microsoft as a free download. Chek out this link:


Chris asks…

Gender and sexuality studies in relation to science. Please help me figure out how to combine them?

I love science and would love to have it geared at a specific topic of study
i love biochemistry and neuroscience the most
Is there a way i can use science to study things such as gender, sex and sexuality
Maybe genetics? Idk
I want to take courses and have a job that involves science but science that reveals or works to discover things about gender and sexuality
so think more in terms of genes or brain chemistry rather than psychology or sociology

please and thank you!

New Niche Finder answers:

Not sure about sociologists, but many psychologists today rely on brain studies in their work, so don’t knock out some research just because it was carried out by a psychologist. Most studies that focus on a part of the brain involved in a certain activity use PET (positron emission tomography) scans, which can take minutes to capture a single image. In terms of sex, minutes can be, well, just a few minutes too long. But some studies have emerged in the last decade or so, some also making use of a technique known as fMRI.

Check out a 2003 study by Serge Stoléru, a neuroscientist at Pierre and Marie Curie University in France (see second source). They showed a series of pictures and films, including erotic and ordinary ones, to 15 men in an experiment. They scanned their brains during the viewing of the pictures and movies. In general, there was a definite difference in the brain recruitment between men who had “ordinary” sex lives and those who suffered from a condition that makes them experience sexual desires and fantasies much less than average people. Is that the kind of research that you’re interested in. Maybe a trip to France is in order. :-)

Generally, we know in the brain, sex and the sexuality response seem to be located in the temporal lobe, which is too big a site to say we know much more about it than we did before we knew the temporal lobe was involved. Specifically, the amygdala seems to put together the emotional response, and the hippocampus takes care of memories (associating sights and smells with past experiences). Also, some studies have also revealed that higher centers (those normally associated with understanding other people’s intentions) also kick into gear.

Donna asks…

Is omission considered lying and if so is it worse that telling a blatant lie?

I got married a few months ago and discovered things about my wife afterwards that would significantly have affected my decision to go ahead. She claimed she didn’t mention them because she thought I would never find out, but now that I did – it’s become a very uncomfortable situation. Your thoughts….

New Niche Finder answers:

I just know, the cruelest lies are said in silence.

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