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Your Questions About How To Find A New Best Friend

Lisa asks…

How to report someone who is not your friend on facebook but he is insulting your family?

My friend has been insulted by someone who is on his friends list,so How to report him? Although he is not my friend.

New Niche Finder answers:

AFAIK, you cannot report the person who has not done any harm to you. However, your friend can report him.

Tell him to go to the person’s profile page. On the left column below the Friends’ list, click on ‘Report/block this person’ link and select ‘This person is annoying me’ or ‘This person is bullying or harassing me’ as a reason for reporting him/her. Additionally, he/she can block the person by checking the ‘Block ‘ checkbox in the same dialog box that appears wile reporting the person.

However, you can block the person by clicking on the ‘Block ‘ checkbox only.

Charles asks…

How does the wii friend code system work?

So one of my friends and I where wondering how the friend system works. If I give my friend code to a friend and that friend registers me as a friend do I get a request?

New Niche Finder answers:

The Friend Code system runs on a mutual friendship deal. You & your friend must exchange friend codes for the game that both of you have (or your “Wii Number”, for systems). Both of you must enter your friend’s friend code into your friend’s list.

Once both people have registered each other, you’ll be able to play together online (for Wii games) OR send messages to each other (for Wii Numbers)

Jenny asks…

How can I get a new friend in the middle of the school year?

My best friend or so called is fake and I want a new friend, but I can’t just go up to someone and say lets be friends. But it is weird walking around my old best friend because she is now friends with my enemies, this is weird and it hurts my feelings!

New Niche Finder answers:

There’s a few things you can do:
1. Introduce yourself to people that you know, but aren’t exactly friends with
2. Maybe try sitting with another group or table at lunch, this will help you meet new people, and for others to get to know you better.
3. Try to find some old friends or used-to-be-close-in-2nd-grade friends to hang out with.
4. If your school has Character Awards, think about who won some of them (i.e. Fairness, Citizenship, ect) and maybe go up to them and introduce yourself. If they’ve won some Character awards, they are probably pretty nice people.
5. Try to ignore your fake best friend, that friendship is over.

Hope this helped!

Mandy asks…

How to tell the difference between a fake friend and a real friend?

I am having a hard time knowing who is a real friend or a fake friend till later in a friendship. Like what are the traits and personality. I would like to hear how you know someone is real or fake.

New Niche Finder answers:

Honestly i dont know….

But thats the thing. You cant exactly find out whos your real friend until they betray you….

Yeah i know my answer sucks but its the truth…

Chris asks…

What happens when your best friend likes the boy who likes you?

Well my friend likes this boy who likes me! What do you think?

New Niche Finder answers:

-dont go out with him unless you want to be seen as a macho jerk to your best friend
-try to get him interested in her
-if he asks u out say a loud “NO!”
-if you are going out with him (read the first thing) BREAK UP
-talk to her about him so she doesnt think ur secretive
-if u like him back she might not see u as a best friend and she might gossip about u
-poopy tastes good….is that the friend? Obviously shes funny so bring out her funny!

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